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Hypocrisy and Discipline: the difference.

IMAlive [ reBoRnEmpoWeRed ]
im often accused of hypocrisy pero i know i'm just disciplining myself. :D

anyone knows the difference?



  • caporegime
    caporegime ilpadrino lite™
    By the looks and sounds of it, you're doing badly disciplining yourself imho. :D
  • IMAlive
    IMAlive [ reBoRnEmpoWeRed ]
    in some areas...


    pero in general di ba, let's think about it.
    lets say sa paggising ng maaga or pag iwas sa magagandang babae pag may girlfriend ka na, kasi guy ka you know how sex can be pleasurable sa pag-iwas di ba hindi naman hypocrisy yun?

    since you're the first one who posted here, enlighten me!
    here's to you sir caporegime..

  • Pasingit po. When you say hipocrasy kasi, you are acting against what you feel. So if you are disciplining your self, di ka hipocrite. Nangyari lang na ayaw mong malagay sa alanganin di ba? You find something that you need to change. :)
  • IMAlive
    IMAlive [ reBoRnEmpoWeRed ]
    di ba disiplina is sometimes acting against what you feel din?

    that is what i thought.
  • Sa ganang akin, pag sinabing hypocrisy, may kasamang paghuhusga sa kapwa yun. Pagpapaimbabaw, 'ika nga.
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