Hot Pba Babes

SwingmanSwingman Member PExer
If you get to watch the PBA games live, you'll see them rooting for their respective boyfriends/husbands/dads.

mga magaganda sakin:
1. GF ni rob duat. da best pare!
2. yung wife ni olsen. pretty siya
3. mrs. jun limpot
4. yung tall daughter ni frankie lim. pretty!

mga showbiz chix
1. booba ni h-bomb
2. gf ni chris tan (sheri...something)
3. lana asanin ni cablay (pero sandali lang ata sila)

kaya watch na kayo ng live!


  • girl18girl18 Member PExer
    mga showbiz chix
    1. booba ni h-bomb
    2. gf ni chris tan (sheri...something)
    3. lana asanin ni cablay (pero sandali lang ata sila)

    diba lana asanin & kenny evans???:confused:
  • coydeleoncoydeleon Gatecrasher PExer
    Just watch TNT vs. Alaska games. On a side note, there's always this group of foreign girls na pinapakita pagnakaka-shoot si Cablay, sino kaya yung mga yun? :p
  • girl18girl18 Member PExer
    girlfriends/wives of the players :)
  • bronze33bronze33 go deep PExer
    wife ni ordonio :yum:
  • cuchcuch do i make you horny, baby? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    courtside reporter-mabel reyes!!!! mmmmmmmmmm!!!! arf!arf! i like!
  • DI10DI10 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ian escudero (kay limpot)
    patricia bermudez (aagawin kita kay vince!)
    chiqui roa (hot momma?) hehe
  • YouNG_BizKiTYouNG_BizKiT spot-up sniper PExer
    kadiri ka pare! bat ka mahilig sa matanda? siguro crush mo yung teacher natin nung high school tayo noh!

    si jannelle so parin nagpapainit ng aking levis!

    maganda ba yung mabelle reyes? dko na yun naabutan eh.. connected sya sakin sa friendster eh,nakita ko mga pix nya, ok lang, pero kay janelle parin ako!
  • jannelle so
    patricia bermudez
  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus PEx Legend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    What can you say about the PBA's Honey Shots?

    Sure, they are pretty and can dance but I think this is just a desperate move by the PBA to give some life to its already shaky existence. Remember, the PBA is supposed to showcase basketball, not scantily clad young women. I will also not be surprised if one of them ends up with a PBA cager one of these days.
  • eric21eric21 Banned by Admin PExer
    PBA brand of basketball doesn't sell nowadays...

    "Sex" may just help the league.
  • nastransnastrans m PExer
    yeah, but it didnt help the XFL, a football league formed by Vince McMahon in 2001.

    Tignin ko hindi rin nakaktulong yan honeyshots na yan, the fans want pure basketball at hindi yang mga yan. Although may attraction din minor lang yan.
  • SwingmanSwingman Member PExer
    PBA Honeyshots?

    They're more like -- PBA Huh?-neyshots!

    Ang papangit na mga boba pa!

    (Buti pa mga Vova Hot Vaves kahit papano mukhang mga ok)
  • two_eggstwo_eggs kanan at kaliwa PExer
    hmm.. honeyshots parang di bumenta. parang di nagcheer yung crowd ng nag dance number sila.
  • DI10DI10 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    post naman kayo ng pics ng honeyshots di ko pa nakikita eh hehehe
  • JasonFilAmJasonFilAm AUDI S5 PExer

    Her name is................................................................................................. Shai

    Good friend of mine too... Yeah, she's all that. Very HOT!
  • ShowMeTheMoneyShowMeTheMoney entrepreneur PExer
    Theresa or Therese? ng PBA Honeyshots. hehehe.

    Save the Music Industry. Support File Sharing Programs.
  • khakiskrtkhakiskrt wanna be wakeboarder PExer
    PBA Honeyshots were made not only to help get the fans to watch the PBA but also to help spice up the crowd. I think we need to give these girls a break, they practice twice a week for 5 hours each night just to give you people new dances... and some of these girls are still in school and have other jobs. We shouldn't judge them by their looks or have this certain stereotype about cheerdancers.

    Theresa is a good friend of mine. I know that she's one of the nicest and smartest people I know.. she is NOT boba.. and she works really hard to be a good student also to be a good dancer.

    By the way, for whoever said that one of these days, one of the girls might be with a cager.. there is a rule that the Honeyshots are NOT allowed to date the players...
  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink panda is going to eat you PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ok naman sila ah
  • theo78theo78 friend ng lahat PExer
    hey may 4 na bagong pba courtside...wala na sina george and gretchen :( sina pinky prieto, pia boren, stephanie camacho and joan bondoc...

    i miss lala doing courtside...well...
  • Big TicketBig Ticket Fortune hater!!!! PExer
    si tandang CHIQUI ROA buhay pa ba? i hope she's out of the pba forever!

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