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24 hours or Eternity

given only two options

1. to die within 24 hours.
2. to live eternally.

which would you choose?


  • 24 hours.....

    at least i will be sure that after 24 hours, i will find out the meaning for my existence... db? pag alam natin na mamamatay na tyo in 24 hours where do we want to be? db sa mga loveones nitin right? so there will be no disparity na. wala ng hiya hiya... and you will feel free that nasabi mu na lahat ng gusto mong sabihin. parang malaking load ang mawawala syo....

    however pag eternity nmn, nothing will matter nrin... d k na mamamatay eh. until the end of the world makakaranas k ng loneliness. dahil lahat ng mamahalin mu ay may hanganan pero ikaw wala.... mawawalan ng sense ang buhay dahil di m makakasama sila sa eternity mu....
  • 24 hours ... my life has no meaning anyway, why prolong the agony by choosing eternity?
  • Hyperion
    Hyperion sui generis
    to live eternally

    there is so much to learn and to do, even eternity might not be enough :D
  • gekokujo
    gekokujo Original Fire
    i suffered through an epiphany recently...

    24 hours.

    ...as long as I get to take everyone with me. no point getting off easily...leaving other people to endure this ****ed-up life.

    if i had my finger on the bomb that blows up the world, i'd push it.
  • aajao
    aajao Moderator
    where is that eternal life? here? i'd settle for the 24 hours.
  • caporegime
    caporegime ilpadrino lite™
    I formerly chose the former and I think I got the latter. Later, I think.
  • if i was given a choice rite now? i rather live. I aint ready to die. its a very expensive price to pay for deferring death, but its one i have to take. i still need to tell a few people what i really feel. and for sure its more than 24 hours. what ill do na lang is freeze myself when im ready.. so ill be unconscious while i am alive. or am i still alive when i am unconscious?
  • liberty
    liberty Queen of the Bums
    to experience eternity in twenty four hours..

    yea, thatd be good.
  • to live eternally but not grow old in the physical aspect
  • te3n_idol
    te3n_idol Banned by Admin
    syempre eternally. pero kapag nag the end of the world na eh gusto ko na mawala eternal life na yan.
  • 2.5 hours. (with Colin Farrell)
  • ahm... i guess... 24 hours...
  • aajo is right!!!! live here in this country eternally??? u have to be kidding me.. hee hee hee. i'd say 24hrs!!!!!
  • MEM
    MEM Banned by Admin
    I prefer to Die Another Day!
  • bobito_salonga
    bobito_salonga professional bum
    To die in 24 hours.

    at least that's one certainty i'll have...
  • eternity? ano yan duncan mccloud the highlander
  • Eternity - to witness the destiny of the human race unfold and participate.
  • *keyah*
    *keyah* On My Side Still
    24 hours

  • eternity against 24 hrs this time.

    kasi i havent found love. i'll endure the pain of eternity coz i might be able to find love the day after i die.

  • die n 24 hours...
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