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Conversation between Adam and the Snake

mickey.gifHow's that happen since the snake don't have ears, so it means I can't hear Adam:?: :confused:


  • caporegime
    caporegime ilpadrino lite™
    No, you can... and I really need that Porsche so you can deliver to the Matrix. :D
  • well i didn't know that snakes could talk
  • Sacrosanct
    Sacrosanct Kegare Sawari
    my guess is adam ate some mushrooms before the alleged conversation with the snake took place
  • Im not so sure about this, but isn't it that the snake spoke to Eve, and then she to Adam?
  • oo nga, the snake spoke to Eve n not to Adam. the serpent is the devil, and the devil can disguise himself to anything just to deceive ppl to turn against God.
  • snakes are sentive to vibrations on the ground and chemical changes in the air. methinks it was able to understand eve enough to know that she was hungy and gave her some fruit to eat.
  • Mickey2000
    Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger
    mickey.gifsorry,my mistake :bonkself:, let me rephrase my question: how's the conversation between Eve and snake happen?
    Iscaramoochie:ok,so it's just an instinct from the snake, how about the temptation as well as how the snake convince her?
  • tindi ng tanong. hehe. paano nga ba? sa cartoons possible..

    maybe, Eve saw the 'snakes' as a cartoon character. so possible sila magusap.
  • or maybe eve just smoked the "weed of knowledge of animal-talk"
  • or how about may nakita si Eve na lumang grapes sa tabi-tabi na naging parang WINE and she was actually INTOXICATED?
  • Or maybe she was actually just "talking" with Adam through his "snake". hehehe.
  • haha. :crazy:
  • dakila7
    dakila7 - - - - - - 7
    Originally posted by Fenix
    Or maybe she was actually just "talking" with Adam through his "snake". hehehe.

    must have been... baka nga kumanta pa eh, kaya nya napakain ng mansanas :D
  • hindi na ko maka-relate sa conversation ha...

    what 'kumanta' and 'kumain ng mansanas' are you talkin about?
    what do you mean?

  • haha. ang kulit.
  • Huh? I'm innocent! hehe
  • caporegime
    caporegime ilpadrino lite™
    I bargained for Life with my penny
    but my penny got rejected all the more.
    However I begged every night,
    as they appraised its immodest, blasphemous score.

    For dear Life I fight yet for the same they flee,
    I get nay, nada, bokya whenever I ask,
    But once I shun 'em & ignore
    why, they're quickly on the top bearing hard the task..

    disgusting, huh? :D
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