question on L-Arginine?

Hi! Just wondering if there are any side effects on taking L-Arginine? what are the benefits of taking this amino acid?

I am thinking of taking this one as a dietary supplement for work out.

Thanks for the inputs and help.


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Known side effects include diarrhea, weakness and nausea. However, longterm side effects are still unknown. There is no clearcut dosage yet to avoid this, so you should start on the lowest dose possible then just increase it to the label's suggested amount every week. Stop increasing the dose when you develop side effects, even if the dose you're taking is lower than the suggested daily dose. Since most studies done on L-arginine are related to its cardiovascular and erectile dysfunction effect rather than its bodybuilding effects, its efficacy is still not established.

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