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JCB paint shop

Hi any comments on JCB paint shop they have a shop here in t.sora ok ba workmanship nag canvass na ako sa kanila 2,500php daw PPG paint how bout the workmanship ok ba kase they would need to repaint the whole panel of the door of my car how there color matching ok ba ? thanks to all


  • I know a shop in proj 6(I think), its "DC Auto" they won the "best paint" in the last transhow. But they charge 3000 per panel. Im happy with the results and color matching
  • jcb is good...oks quality.....may pinasok dati yan sa carshow na galant...
  • JCB is near our place. I really can't tell if they're good or not but i guess they are coz i see a lot of nice cars being fixed there. I saw BMWs, Chedengs, and the ususal hondas and corollas.
  • Where is this located? How much kaya buble paint repair?
  • It's located in Project 8., General Ave. cor Visayas Ave. 2,500 per section. I'm not sure about bubles...
  • isnt jcb located in the corner of road 20 and mindanao avenue?

    fyi, they again have an entry/ies in the show this week at megamall..
  • OTEP R
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    My ex-brother in-law works there. Ok naman. Pero IMHO, for the same price, Allen Isidro will do a better job.
  • how much for a complete wash over ng sedan? ex lancer 97
  • do they also repair small dents and deep scratches. how much? thanks!
  • OTEP R
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    Yes they do. I think the going rate per panel is Php 3K.
  • their workmanship is good and they have no problem in matching your car's color. just look for the owner, his name is clint. he can give you discounts if you'll have more than 1 panels to be repaired.
  • OTEP R
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    Nagkita na kami ni Clint dati. He seems like an OK guy. And the cars in the shop are done up nicely. Even the collision repairs.

    Pero maganda lang talaga experience namin with Allen Isidro so I guess that's why we have loyalty to his shop. :)
  • i'm having my car repainted here now...maganda naman labas :) pulido pa gumawa
  • Originally posted by cynicaltongue
    i'm having my car repainted here now...maganda naman labas :) pulido pa gumawa

    dude, change color ba o wash over lang? magkano? thanks!
  • How much pa-install ng moonroof sa kanila?
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