Blood Vessels In The Eyes

Hi docs,

I just wanna know if there are ways on how to remove the blood vessels in my eyes permanently, cos Its so ugly, what drugs or procedures should i take ? I first started to notice that that blood vessels on the white part of my eye had broken in march 2003, so i went to my GP and she told that it will go away , e it's been 5 months now and it's still there. Can surgery help or do you know any eye drops that will help, i've tried visine, patanol(the one that the doctor prescribed me) but it didn't work.


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    I hope eyedoc sees this thread...

    I think there are surgical/laser procedures available locally for this, depending on the extent of the problem. There are different types of eye redness, as well as different causes and appearances. It's not possible to say here what you have. But if it's not even improved for 5 months, it won't go away anymore no matter how much Patanol and Visine you put. Go see an ophthalmologist instead of a general practitioner and have yourself evaluated properly.
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    You have to seen an ophthalmologist, period. I cannot really judge online what caused your problem, so it's pretty hard for me to give you a recommendation.

    Dilated blood vessels could be caused by a myriad of conditions. We need to know the cause of it before we can make a good management for it.

    FYI, Patanol is an eyedrop intended for use in allergic conjunctivitis. It does not contain anything that directly addresses the red eye problem. So unless your problem is due to an ocular allergy, it will not make it go away.

    Visine, esp the one marketed for red eyes, contains a vasoconstrictor. This substance will make the caliber of the blood vessels smaller, thus making it appear less red. However, with prolonged use (more than 1 week), there may be increased redness due to the phenomenon of rebound congestion (blood vessels do not respond anymore to the vasoconstrictor, hence redilates and appears even more red). Morever, Visine does not address the cause of whatever caused your problem in the first place.

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