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doc ira: question..

hi i have a question, is it normal na medyo marami pagnag urinate ako? im a guy btw. kasi parang mabilis maconvert ang tubig na naiinom ko to urine kaya kung nag-cr ako marami ang labas, (i drink more than 8 glasses a day),kaso la naman pain sa pagurinate .. i was just wondering if there's anything wrong.. thanks


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Depends on factors like concomittant symptoms, whether there's a change in the quality of the urine and the amount per urination, your diet, increased thirst, other medications, or whether you usually stay in a cold environment (e.g. airconditioned office) or not. If you drink a lot of fluids, urinating more frequently may be normal, although in some cases, frequency of urination can be a sign of diabetes mellitus, or even urinary tract infection. Get a urinalysis and a fasting blood sugar level, and post the results here if you want. That way we can rule out any concomittant problems.
  • just want to add to what dr. ira said. clinical experience tells me that there is nothing wrong with frequent urination as long as there is no pain accompanying it, no incontinence (uncontrollable urination to the point of getting your underwear wet everytime),reddish discoloration of urine, back pains or hypogastric pains, fever etc. if you are clear of these symptoms most probably you're probably ok. there's no harm however in doing the laboratory exams which dr. ira suggested.
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