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CHEVY Optra & Aveo

The Aveo is cheaper than the Vios & City while the Optra (1.6L DOHC) is also cheaper than the Civic & Corolla. They also carry the 100,000/3 year warranty. The Optra is manufactured in GM Thailand

I checked the GM Phil website and there's no specs for the two cars. Anyone here knows where I can get the cars' specs?


  • onwils
    onwils Critical Man
    I was able to check the Optra from other websites.

    Here's the Optra

    And here's the CIVIC for comparison

    Funny thing is that the Optra, even with it's DOHC 1.6L engine has about the same power as the 1.5L Civic. Plus the Civic is better in terms of fuel economy
  • i heard that the opel astra might be phased out because of the release of optra chevrolet..

    is this car has a better features?

  • bakit walang chevy optra o aveo d2 sa miami??

    d din kamukha ng optra yung mga model ng chevy d2
  • talipandas9
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    Originally posted by LoRdOfThEfLiEs
    bakit walang chevy optra o aveo d2 sa miami??

    d din kamukha ng optra yung mga model ng chevy d2

    I may not give an authoritative answer but from what I've read, the Aveo and Optra are GM's World Cars built for specific markets like Asia. Huh? Tough semantics (World Cars built for Asia).

    That's why I posted here a thread before asking for specific car models from USA's Big 3 (GM, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler) that we would like to see here in the Philippines since the Big 3 already offers their big SUVs here (and turned out quite popular too). How I wish we could see real Chevrolets like the Corvette (of course), the Malibu and even the Cavalier.
  • shun_sakurai
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    Make no mistake: the Chevy Aveo and Optra are rebadged Daewoo cars. GM bought out Daewoo's automotive unit quite a while ago (remember that Daewoo is a big Korean "chaebol" of 50+ companies), and now its cars are benefitting from GM's better engineering standards.

    The Aveo is sold in the UK as the Daewoo Kalos, while the Optra is otherwise known as the Daewoo Magnus. Both are new models to replace the old Daewoo Lanos and Nubira.

    I hear the European Kalos is pretty good for a comeback effort. They use the 83hp 1.4L gas engine there. Good interior space and ride comfort clashes with small trunk, high-speed understeer and engine harshness. Build quality could be a bit better too. Autocar UK rated it a 5/10.
  • malibu en cavalier is not that good in my opinion i think its gonna sell a lot in the phil. but the performance of those cars here are not that high...
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