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Sharon Cuneta- The Megastar

I admit a person describing Sharon Cuneta must consider the superlatives to describe her.

To all those who love Sharon Cuneta- the Megastar, the Grand Slam Queen, undisputed Box Office Queen, the Multi-Media star, an Actress, a Singer, a well-loved, well-respected and well-adored Mass Icon, highest paid product Endorser, mega-mom and wife and many mega-paradox-- indeed, tantamount to a so-called Sharon Cuneta "Mystique"...

This thread is dedicated as a tribute to this amazing lady who, in the past 25 years has touched and has been part of the daily lives of millions of Filipinos.

To all Sharonians... this is our thread. let us make this clean. any messages, articles, views, comments, opinions, etc.- all for the love of Sharon.. POST NOW!


  • Wow! iIve been waiting for somebody to make a thread on the Megastar, and now here it is, i am planning to do it myself but i was always thinking of a any good idea how i start it and kudos to you mark_anthony you started it right!

    I think there was also a thread about Sharon here somewhere na super daming PEXers pero i think not here in the Movies and TV forum. I dont know if it still exist.

    I also like the Megastar and from now on count on me to post here that concerns her:)

    Am sure a lot of Sharonians out there will support this thread. Although, Sharon has her own website with the fan forum but will invite them as well here so that we can talk more about her.

  • The MEGASTAR's titles in her 25-year unparalleled and undisputed
    megastardom. To wit:


    -- Box-Office Hall of Famer

    The "ALL SOLD- OUT CONCERT QUEEN" for being consistently
    number ONE in the Concert Box-Office from average/CD
    concerts to Class A/AB performances.



    QUEEN OF PHILIPPINE ADVERTISING (having the most number of
    product endorsements in Philippine history

    adopted daughter of the City of Angels


  • uy may panibagong thread si Mega, sige join ako dito.

    Ito pa lang muna ang ipopost ko kasi wala ito sa web site ni Sharon. Galing ito sa Mega July 2000 issue. Kasali siya sa 10 Most Beautiful Women.

    “Thirty-four-year-old megastar Sharon Cuneta certainly needs no introduction. But the attention and adulation that has surrounded her for decades reached a new peak when she recently slimmed down and wowed audiences with her new svelte figure.

    But whatever the scales read, Sharon has always possessed a healthy self-image, thanks to her parents “ who thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world!” she said with a laugh. “I would hear nice things from friends and strangers, too. Though as a kid, I always wanted to look more like one of Charlie’s Angels!”

    “There are a million pretty girls around-Catherine Zeta-Jones, Madeleine Stowe, to name a couple-- and I do appreciate beauty,” Sharon said. “But it’s not all physical to me, definitely. A good disposition and attitude always shine through and add to charm and appeal.” Her own formula for beauty is simple: exercising on the treadmill, keeping her skin clean and wearing minimal or no makeup when she’s not working. “Just lip conditioner, lipstick, pressed powder, a bit of mascara sometimes, and concealer for dark under-eye circles on mornings-after-late-nights,” she said.

    Sharon is also very proud that only daughter KC made it to MEGA’s 10 Most Beautiful list this year along with her. “But I have always told her that physical beauty is not one’s be-all and end-all. Beauty that comes from the inside is much more valuable. There’s nothing worse than a drop-dead gorgeous person with an awful attitude and personality!”

    So what else is on the agenda for the woman who’s seemingly got it all? “To have a couple more children and to do well on my first try at recording for Asian release. And go on making movies, doing concerts and hosting my show! Hopefully, too, in the future, I’ll go back to school as well.”

  • thanks vipgurhl :wave:

    nice article about Mega, truly she is one beautiful person inside and out:)
  • Sharon, May Filmfest Movie
    SUNTOK SA BUWAN Ni Emy Abuan-Bautista
    Pilipino STAR Ngayon 08/28/2003

    Kailangang umuwi agad ng bansa si Sharon dahil sunud-sunod ang mga commitment nito bago matapos ang taon. May entry ito sa Metro Manila Film Festival titled Crying Ladies.

    Ito’y tungkol sa Filipino-Chinese culture na tatalakay sa ibang anggulo ng buhay na hindi pa napapanood sa pelikulang Tagalog. Makakasama niya sina Hilda Coronel at Angel Aquino.

    Pagdating ni Sha ay magiging abala na ito sa dubbing ng movie.

    Katatapos lang nito ng Kung Ako Na Lang Sana katambal si Aga Muhlach para sa Star Cinema.

  • SIOPAO MANSIOPAO MAN PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Karen4

    Katatapos lang nito ng Kung Ako Na Lang Sana katambal si Aga Muhlach para sa Star Cinema.

    kelan kaya lalabas sa VCD ito?
  • nice to have a thread about the Megastar!;)

    i always visit her official site:D
  • To all pexers i'm glad many of you are posting. please invite also your Sharonian friends to post here...
  • you're welcome mark_anthony:wave:

    i am sure most of the Sharonians will come out and post their message here:D specially when she comes back from her holiday in Paris, there will be lots of news about her:cool:
  • Got this message from her website:

    watch "Sharon" on sunday...it's the launching of Sharon-Aga movie, "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana". Lets watch the full trailer...See ya! :)

    here is also another link for Sharon's website created by her loyal and adoring fans:)


  • hellowee. im excited with her new movie --- Crying Ladies. I heard na comedy sha. :) hmmmm.. interesting!
  • i am looking forward to that too, andie:wave:
  • thanks sa mga updates at sa mga articles na na-post ninyo dito. mark_anthony,thanks sa paggawa ng thread na ito. sana lang di pasukin ng mga aswang na walang magawa sa buhay kagaya ng nangyari sa thread na ginawa ni jolie.
  • Guys, visit mega's page at the famous UK site


  • thanks crediblefire, wow sikat talaga si Mega kahit saan:)

    yes, i hope na walang witch dito kasi this thread is for Sharonians only di ba?:D
  • SIOPAO MANSIOPAO MAN PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nasa Paris pa ba si Sharon ngayon?
  • OO nasa Paris pa siya pero uuwi na daw next week. Sana magkuwento siya tungkol sa trip nila.
  • Count me in as one of the true blooded Sharonians. Of course, I'm also a big big fan of Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales.
    Sige na nga Vilmanian na rin!
  • Unconventional role
    for Sharon Cuneta
    Posted: 10:40 PM (Manila Time) | Aug. 29, 2003
    By Rica Arevalo
    Inquirer News Service

    WATCH out for Unitel Pictures' "Crying Ladies" before the year ends. Mark Meily directs from a screenplay (originally titled "Bayan Luha") that won third prize at the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature two years ago.

    I met Meily, a successful TV commercial director, about a decade ago when he became my professor in cinematography. He would bring our class to his shoots and assign us to be clappers or video assistants. For our finals, he let us shoot scenes using a 35mm Panaflex or a Mitchell film camera. Although we never saw the rushes (the magazine could have been empty), he made us experience "real" shooting.

    Surprisingly, after not seeing each other for years, he invited me to see the rough cut of "Crying Ladies." He wanted to hear what the youth has to say about his first feature film. Jokingly, he wanted me to grade him. Our roles were reversed.

    The term "crying ladies" refers to women being hired to shed tears at funeral wakes. But this film is more than just that. Sharon Cuneta deviates from her traditional wife-y roles. Cunetas' character has served a term in prison for estafa and is struggling to gain custody of her son from her ex-husband (Ricky Davao). She is a gambler, liar and dreamer. From the beginning, the image of the stereotypical Filipino mother is forgotten.

    Eric Quizon plays the eldest son of a Chinese father who has just passed away. Upon the request of his mother, he hires Sharon to cry at his father's wake and funeral. Cuneta, desperate for money, accepts the job and contacts her friends Angel Aquino and Hilda Koronel.

    Aquino works for a religious foundation and keeps making the same mistake in her life, much to the dismay of the priest played by Johnny Delgado. Koronel's character, on the other hand, is a has-been actress whose biggest triumph was her having been part of the movie, "Darna and The Giants."

    The film is witty, upbeat and unpredictable. We see a different Sharon Cuneta and we are glad she accepted the role. And as for Meily, we give him high mark for a job well done.

    Let's hope "Crying Ladies" survives the box office competition in the December filmfest, so that more films like this will be produced.

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