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The necessity of Radar Detectors.

f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
As I long drive often, I've found my radar detector to be very, very useful. It's saved my *****$ far too many times to count!

Anyone else out there own one. Share your experiences...


  • The wife was against radar detectors..... why should she get one? She seldom go over the speed limit. She only sped once in her life pero nahuli pa!!! She was fined $150 for doing 15mph over the speed limit kaya ngayon sya pa ang nagyayang bumili ng radar detector. We've been saved numerous times by our radar specially on one road na parang biglang naging 'U' tapos may pulis sa kabila :mad:

    Expenssive radar detectors are a good investment and should not be treated as an added expense. Go get one.....
  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    The latest Radar Detectors detect laser as well, now that cops rarely use doppler radar.

    The only way you can get caught is when they don't use any of their detector but match your speed. But there are ways to determine if one is around; the car traffic is slower than usual or if you see a car that looks like a cop car, look at their license plates. It won't be similar to your normal commercial license plate.
  • Dunedain
    Dunedain NINJAneer gone Indie!
    What's a good brand or rather what's a reliable one? I haven't looked into these things yet.
  • clawed_out
    clawed_out Banned by Admin
    here's my POV.

    if you drive responsibly, there's no need to get one.

    regardless of what vehicle you drive, what brand you have. you can get caught one way or another. the police can gun your car even when you're wuarter mile away from them.
  • Dom
    Dom Global Observer
    i never owned one yet. but i use my sense of smell to detect canadian police patrolling or catching bad drivers with their photo radars.

    but one day on my way to work int he morning, i technically deactivated my own radar (sense of smelling those *** holes) cuz iwas listening to 99.5 on my car radio, 100 meters more to reach my destiny, this cope pulled me over. and he accused me on driving more than 100kph when i wasn't ( i was actually slowing down changing to the right lane ready to turn right heading to my workplace). so at the end, he gave this ticket with 95kph only reading on it instead of 100, plus prior to that i asked him to give me the result of his photo radar to convince me, but he refused and couple of months later he didnt show up in the courtroom so i won. that was my first case of over speeding and first case dealing with police and ive gone so lucky.

    2 more times i was pulled over because of my lights and was only given a warning. then lastly, i was caught in beating a red light, and again i won for reasoning out that i wasnt the driver that time, and eventually when it was my turn to face the judge, that beautiful young female prosecutor dropped my case....... the rest was history.


  • aajao
    aajao Moderator
    what people invent to elude overspeeding tickets amuse me. :laugh: well, are they really that reliable?
    but i wonder, speed limits are set to avoid possible accidents especially on high ways, so why "escape" these pre-cautionary measures? :wondering:
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