i'm always thirsty

diyossadiyossa I am milk... PExer
i know it sounds weird....but its been bothering me for the past 3 months or so. my thirst for water cant seem to leave me alone. i can drink 3 glasses of water in one go and still feel thirsty...the thing is i dont think im diabetic or anything.
I'd be happy to receive any medical knowledge regarding my concern. thanks.


  • bjmanabatbjmanabat Member PExer
    the worst scenario is that you have a disease called diabetis insipidus. this is a disorder of water metabolism cause by a deficiency in vasopressin (anti diuretic hormone). this is characterized by excessive feeling of thirst with polyuria. this is very different from diabetis mellitus which is due to lack or decrease in circulating insulin. diabetis mellitus is a disease of the pancreas while diabetis mellitus is a disease of the pituitary gland.
  • twigztwigz Satan Worships Me PExer
    hmm... u should reduce your intake of DRUGS. i suppose you shoot SPEED often. :evilgrin:
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    You can go to the laboratory after 8 hours of overnight fasting and request for a fasting blood sugar level. Just post the results here and then let's take it from there.
  • bAby_smiLeybAby_smiLey kikay ako! PExer
    hey i have the same thing.. sobra lakas ko uminom ng water since for as long as i can remember.. my mom told me na ang reason daw was because when i was 3, natapunan ako ng bagong kulong water, then nde ako kumakain puro water lang daw.

    i dont think yon ang reason.. sobra lakas ko lang tlaga uminom. tipong nanghihina ako pag nde ako makaka-inom agad. tapos parang ang init ng pakiramdam ko. pero pag uminom naman ako ng cold water tapos malamig din panahon, nanginginig ako... may problema ba sken?

    basta medyo yan prob ko, uhawin and because of that nagiging ihiin and nilalamig pag uminom ng cold water.. btw, because of me, nangangalahati ang 5gal. namin in one day.. i have 6 500ml bottles of water in my personal ref and twice to thrice nire-refill yon sa loob ng 24 hours.. is this bad?

    sorry dumami ata yon prob ko..
  • sweet_angel79sweet_angel79 Mommy Ni Maiah PExer
    that might be diabetes... see your doctor
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    How often do you urinate? Do you have a regular fitness routine? Are you overweight/underweight? Do you experience menstrual irregularities? How much water do you drink in a day?
  • bAby_smiLeybAby_smiLey kikay ako! PExer
    i urinate every two hours. but i drink a lot of water.. as in a lot... in one day, i can finish more than 2 gallons of water.. is it bad? madalas din gigising ako sa gabi just to drink water and to wiwi. then pag-gising ko sa morning, ref ang ina ko pinupuntahan and kaya ko umubos ng 500ml na water pag-gising ko.
  • bjmanabatbjmanabat Member PExer
    the best thing to do is to have a fasting blood sugar just to eliminate the possibility of having diabetis. anyway the way you describe your problem looks like more of a psychological thing. it just like you got used to it and you feel uneasy once you didn't perform that routine. i may be wrong so kindly update us once you have your lab results already.
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Have a urinalysis done too.
  • bAby_smiLeybAby_smiLey kikay ako! PExer
    ok.. i will do that!! thanks!!! i'll let y'll kno d results..

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