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Audio Setup for a Pickup

What do u think of the practical audio setup for a typical double cab pick-up?

Please dont suggest to put a dozen subs in my flat bed :) hehehee....


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Being a pick-up owner as well, you can settle for a "decent" set-up over an "all-out" one if you want to maintain functionality.

    - Good Head-unit
    - separates at the front
    - amp (to power seps)
    - small woofer at the rear (there are some that can fit behind the rear seats)... this is optional though.
  • dekra3
    dekra3 Dayuhang Alien
    If i dont want woofers in the rear seats, what are my other alternatives?
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I dont know where else to put the woofers, you could probably concentrate on your front set-up with the seps (tweeters and midrange).

    Try checking out the Kotse Audio Club Website for more info on possible set-ups.
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