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Ano na ang nangyari sa mga dating 5andUP kids?

la lang...naisip ko lang...

of course si chynna, you know her, maxene magalona was once a 5andUP kid then...


  • atom araullo ... that cute kid... when i was still in UP Diliman, he's taking up Applied Physics. he's quite lanky but he's so athletic and such a cutie! :*) i dunno if he already graduated...

    he has appeared in several globe ads and also several articles on him were written, esp. in the Young Star mag.

    i saw him once in a Lakbay TV feature on a southern province... he was with Zak Yuson (the other wiz kid in 5 & UP).
  • SubwaySubway PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ah...si zak saka si atom nakita ko nga sa lakbay TV...

    meron pa yata ibang 5&up kids dati, sa show sa abc-5...yung THE OLLY and JOLLY show (i'm not sure if it's still on air)
  • CKCK PExer
    Chynna - Click, Love to Love, Habang Kapiling Ka, SOP

    Maxene - Love to Love, DaDeDiDoDu

    Jolly, Olly and Enzo - Brain Freeze ???

    Jessica - bsta may commercial cya ng Johnson & Johnsons...

    Zak & Atom - oo nga...nagkaroon cla ng docu sa Lakbay TV...


    si Atom nga did that Milo Commercial...and was in the cover of Youngstar...tpos he's include din in last year's Cosmo's Bachelor List :) Tpos he's an SC member in UP...he also writes for the college (Science) paper...tpos he's part of football varsity ata tpos he trains pa..kasi di ba he's with the national team...triathlon...at napadala pa cya dti sa Africa because he won in a writing contest...represent nya ata Philippines...
  • lupit pala nyang si atom
  • CKCK PExer
    oo naman..laht ata kya nyang gawin eh..he's also into music! he can play the violin ata! tpos he did act on some stage plays...:) for more info click nyo to:

  • yah.. i miss them.. especially enzo! cutie...
    i saw him in g4..

    i would like to see them on screen again....

  • delphic_oracledelphic_oracle PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Atom... My type of guy... :luvluv:
  • Originally posted by gratchie
    lupit pala nyang si atom

    yes... and don't forget that he also looks good! :yum: :yum: :yum:
  • crush ko rin si atom!!!
  • Naked_SalvationNaked_Salvation Moderator PEx Moderator
    si OLLY, meron pa siyang show sa ch. 5 kaya lang am not sure kung anong prog yun. malipatan ko lang the other night.
  • Prof. UmbridgeProf. Umbridge PEx Rookie ⭐
    Si Zak naging kakaklase ko last sem sa isang UP Econ subject. Political Science ata ang course niya. I think graduate na siya kasi 4 years lang naman course niya.

    Si Atom...ayun gumagala pa rin sa UP.

    Si Jessica, latest commercial niya yung Libresse with John Loyd. Siya yung girl dun diba?

    Si First Big Boss Diego ay graduate ng kursong music sa Canada. Pero, nasa Pinas na ata siya ngayon. Something changed sa kanya. Something that starts with a letter G

  • CKCK PExer
    Prof. Umbridge - nde yun si jessica ha...bata nman non...;) si atom nga pakalat kalat lng sa sunken garden...:lol:

    Naked_Salvation - Brain Freeze yun...
  • :rotflmao:

    I do remember liking Atom when I was a 5&Up fan back then.

    Kabataan ko nga naman!
  • itchy_scratchyitchy_scratchy PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    crush ko si atom non kaya lagi ako nanonood ng 5andUP kahit nungwala pa sila sa 7, sa 5 pa yata non. si atom nasa...basta isang show sa ibang channel, chan27 yata...anak sya ni boots anson roa...basta yung show laging may lesson kang makukuha...pinopanood ko yon kasi nandun si atom...hehe

    may 5andUp pa ba??? late na kasi ako magising.
  • anong pangalan nung 5&UP girl na nasa brain freeze?

    i think she's a little cute.
  • si enzo (belongs to a band ata..i saw him n a mag)...cute kid :D
  • kilala nyo pa c ian tugas?
    sa ateneo pa yata cya.
  • Prof. UmbridgeProf. Umbridge PEx Rookie ⭐
    Originally posted by CK
    Prof. Umbridge - nde yun si jessica ha...bata nman non...;) si atom nga pakalat kalat lng sa sunken garden...:lol:

    Hehehe...ang bilis kasi ng shot dun sa girl.....hindi ko masyadong mamukhaan.

    Gng_Tenorio: Yup...isang Christian band member si Enzo.

    blue_glazj: Si Ian ba yung naging Big Boss after ni Atom?

    tsiakhyie: Ang name niya ay OLLIE. Sa International School siya nag-high school.
  • kilala nyo ba si melvin abundo???? ala lang kabatch ko yun sa pisay e....... nasa up na siya
  • Red_WolfRed_Wolf PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by tsiakhyie
    anong pangalan nung 5&UP girl na nasa brain freeze?

    i think she's a little cute.

    The girl with thick eyebrows? Olivia Fernando, aka Olly, and yes medyo cute siya. If you notice the sneak previews for BrainFreeze, Jessica Gallegos was supposed to be on BrainFreeze, but when the show came out, didn't see her. Anybody care to tell why she didn't make it there?

    CK, The Prof's right. That's Jessica in the Libresse ad. Modeling-wise, she's on a roll. In the recent Free Gentext ad, she was one of the cheerleaders. She's the date in the KFC Smart Snacks ad campaign. I could tell you this, kahit nung bata pa yan, maganda na siya. Imagine now that she's 18 (debuted last March 27)...HOO-BABY. I saw her last December sa Rockwell the night of the MTV Youth Fair...she's the bomb. Nasa UA&P ngaun.

    Atom? Last time I saw his face was in a USC campaign ad.
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