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WHICH IS BETTER, 8110 OR 5110?

hi guys! curious lang ako, which is better regardless of the price?


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I own an 8110 and I have several friends who have a 5110 and my biggest gripe about the 8110 model is that its battery lasts for a very short time. And it's not because my phone has been around for a while. In fact, I just purchased a new battery some time back and the results were the same.

    The 8110 also has very utilitarian features. It has no games, for one thing, plus in terms of casing, it is much more flimsy when compared to the 5110. The only plus factor really for me is that the 8110 looks better than the 5110.
  • I don't really go for extras like games, that's why I prefer the 8110. It's different from what everyone else is using (..."stereotypical") and it looks really cool, a la Matrix.
  • 8110. Everyone owns a 5110 now. Know what I mean?
  • 5110. Casing can be easier to change. And the games? Heck, it's the only alternative to message sending failed... :-)
  • tell me all the features ng 8110 pls m planning to buy one para maiba naman ako puro 5110 and 3210 ang nakikita ko e
  • 8110? The banana looking cellphone that was used in Matrix? Is that a single-band or dual-band phone?

    I'd go for a dual band phone, so te 3210 is my choice. But I personally prefer Siemens. :)
  • suggestion lang kung gusto mong maiba ...

    bili ka nalang ng 8850 ... if yer budget is about 30 grans ... hehehe ...

    hands down kasi ako sa 8850 eh ...

    ganda rin yung yung latest ng ericsson, it has some nice features to go along with its small size and light weight! ;)
  • hmmm... di ko lam din eh. di pa ko nakakahawak ng 8110. pero ok naman din kasi 5110 eh.

    mag 8210 ka na lang. :D
  • 5110. easier to use with the navi keys
  • Same with nix, my only qualm with the 8110 is that the battery lasts for a short time. I usually have to turn off the lights and keep the ring settings to "beep" to conserve energy, but I still have to recharge everyday. :o
    Originally posted by ginoledesma:
    8110? The banana looking cellphone that was used in Matrix? Is that a single-band or dual-band phone?

    Yep, that's the one. :D It's a single-band phone, a relatively old model. ;) It doesn't even have games, a calculator or an address/phone book. :p But I'll never exchange it for all the 5510s in the world.

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  • I think people would say 8110 is better than 5110 because of its price. Today, the more expensive your phone is, the better simply because youre "in" or or you'll get more of that pogi points. But come to think of it, 5110 is more durable, you have more cute and colorful casing to choose from, battery lasts longer and it has better signal. To answer your question 5110 IS FAR BETTER THAN 8110. But people still choose to own 8110.
  • 5110. it's more reliable. kaya lang gusto ng mga tao ang 8110 is because if they are caught using an 8110, impression sa kanila is "wow, rich!"

    if you go for the look, 8110. if you go for quality, 5110....
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