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Trust Me, This Tryglyceride is GOOD for your Health!

Say hello to our resident John Mayer fan club President! :)

Hi Ms. Tryglyceride!!! :wave:

Are you taking summer classes at SFSU??


  • She better check in sometime this weekend! :lol:

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend Tryglyceride! :wave:

  • aww Jon :) you're rockstar! Thank you :D

    :lol: shshhhhhhh I'm no president of his fan club :D

    no I'm not taking any summer classes, I'm just working full time. Fall semester starts on the 27th for me though. What about you?

    hello everyone, hope you all are having a good day :)
  • Reena! *mwah*Hugz* Welps, As you know DeVry is tri-mester so I'm in my Summer tri. I'm walking at the end of this semester though, so Senior Project is really kickin mah *****$. Yah.. Fall sem starts at the end of the month. Didn't it seem like it went by too fast? Are you staying in Fairfield this summer though? or are you in the city?
  • hi Jon :) How was your weekend?

    I'm in Fairfield for the summer. Speaking of summer, how's yours so far? I can't believe I've only have a couple of weeks left...

    ok, I'm being extra slow today but, when you *said* you're walking at the end of the semester did you mean that you're graduating? If so, congratulations!!! :)
  • Triglyceride,
    hi there! i was intrigued with your nick so i posted here..so, how are you? mind sharing your asl? Btw, your name is Reena? hehehehe! that's funny..my name is Czahreena..:)

  • hey gurl! wassup? :wave:
  • Rheena: long time no talk!! Kailan ba tayo mag *phone* madami akong chika sa iyo.

    Jon: :kiss:
  • :wave:

    jaypogi here!...

    ate iwish..:kiss:
  • hey there reena...:D
    long time no holler dude...:glee:

    so wazzup...? hehe...whatever happened to the scary stories thread EB a couple of years ago...:glee:

    "Embrace The Darkness"
  • psttttt!!!!! :wave:

  • AbulugAdventureAbulugAdventure PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Heyow, Trigly, musta?

    Remember me? :)
  • hehe I know what to do!!! I'll post a link to this thread in the John Mayer thread.

    Reena, make the url for this thread your WWW link in your user profile! ;) hahaha...
  • Hellow! :wave:
  • :wave:

    Hi Reena. Do you still have crop circles in Fairfield?
  • :wave: Trigly, fellow Sienan! Hope you're doing great! :D
  • hey folks! :) thanks for dropping by

    Jon..you're a dork! :D

    Czareena - WOW! You've got such a lovely name! :) And I'm not just saying that because part of my name is in it :D Nice to meet you Czareena.

    hi Abby hi Irish hi Jaypogi hi Timo hi Abulug hi Chillybean hi Paul hi Hannah Aiken hi co_mang

    this is cool! I get people from my high school..my hometown in the Philippines and someone from the Bay Area and folks from the US..cool!

    Co_mang to answer your question..to date, I have no idea if the circles are still there. We did go there over the summer (yeah I'm a nerd like that)..even took pictures of it hehe. There were alot of people in the field that day and also met a couple of guys who had aluminum foil funnel hats (think Joaquin Phoenix and the two kids in the movie Signs) :D..it was fun...good times.

    Paul - anak ng tipaklong! I KNOW! hahahahahaa...hindi na matuloy tuloy yang ghost hunting EB na yan ah! :D Are you gonna do anything related to ghost hunting for All Saints Day?

    Irish my dear..I'll pm you my new number. I now live in Daly City.
  • naks na hannah aiken pa ako :p
    oy di nyo naman pinansin post ko sa john mayer thread :tampo:
    hmpf :tampo:

  • thanks Reena...Czahreena po btw...hehehe! sorry....usi..oci...(ewan ko ang spelling ) sa spelling ng name ko...musta? ang tagal mo atang nawala...musta na? mind sharing some info about yourself?

  • hi Hannah Aiken.....Hannahaiken....heineken...JUST KIDDING :p..please don't take that personally (John Mayer thread)...basta don't hesitate to join in my goodness ...ang dami kasing tao dun eh..ang i-hirap makita lahat :D But you're always more than welcome there...and everyone as well....:D

    CzaHreena - I'm always online, but my hang out is the music and radio forum :D

    hahahaha, info about myself? uhhh...I don't know what to say, I mean there's not much to say about me , I live a lackluster existence you know :D

    why won't you all tell me about yourselves hows that?

    ...wow...this is kind of fun :D
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