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RMH Teleservices Inc.

Any information about this call center? I've just heard of that...and who actually works there? Wala lang, curious lang ako, since from what I heard this is an inbound center which offers directory services.


  • kobe20kobe20 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ako applicant pa lang...nakaabot na ako sa last step pero wala pa akong balita....

    sana makapasa na ako....coz am really desperate to leave my present company....

    kung sino man ang nakapag work na sa rmh or currently working...post nyo naman kung ano yung process after ng berlitz

    kasi ang sabi ng hr nung ininterview ako magkakaroon daw ng long gap bago nila i-inform yung mga applicants kung nakapasa na sila kasi nga nirerenovate yata yung office nila sa abs cbn tower eh nahihiya naman akong mag-follow up..ok lang kaya yun???
  • they have this BIG ad last sunday at the inquirer's JOB MARKET. they are currently looking for 1000 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE AGENTS. im curious with this call center too. how much is the starting salary?:confused:
  • I also saw that ad, and by the looks of it nakaka-entice since it's inbound directory assistance nga, and the office/floor would be in the ELJ Center. The thing is, ewan ko lang kung magkano starting dun. If the offer is exciting, I might consider applying there since malapit nang mag-lapse ang contract ko sa call center ko ngayon and that mas gusto ko nang magwork in inbound calls, sunog na rin ako sa outbound. :)
  • my sister applied for that job. according to the person who interviewed her over the phone, it's an 8pm to 5:30am job. And since it's directory assistance, it's bound to be a very hectic job, na minsan daw even your trips to the CR would have to be very limited...
    I don't know how much the starting is but ELJ is very near our place so I guess kung distance lang, the commute won't be a problem.
  • Oh I see. Anyways as to the CR trips I'm pretty used with that since kahit kami rin naman dito pinapa-minimize rin yung mga ganun. And the shift time seems to be not a problem to me either. I just want to have a fallback just in case...and how much would be the starting salary there plus benefits?

    I'm just making a test drive on my part before I finally decide since a part of me still thinks that I don't wanna leave the company where I'm connected at.
  • i was one of the first few applicants, from the first batch pa. got a job offer, way back around may.

    back then, starting salary is 11thou basic. meron pa atang mga night differentials.

    im a fresh grad, haven't worked for a call center before so I don't know if this is good enough, though from what i hear baka mababa ito.
  • Actually, their starting salary is a bit higher than where I'm at right now. Are there other benefits such as allowances and stuff?
  • was one of the first few applicants, from the first batch pa. got a job offer, way back around may.

    back then, starting salary is 11thou basic. meron pa atang mga night differentials.

    im a fresh grad, haven't worked for a call center before so I don't know if this is good enough, though from what i hear baka mababa ito

    im actually working at ePLDT right now and ive been stayin here for more than a year already..im kinda getting bored with my stay here already so im planning to transfer to another call center. maybe ill try my luck there. 11k is high enough for a starting salary although there are other call centers which offer a more competitive starting salary and benefits. anyway sh888 could you give us more info as to whom your client is, what are the usual shifts, the working environment, etc. thanks!:)
  • sorry guys, i don't work there, got to the job offer then i didn't go back again. we were toured around the 7th floor i think of the ELJ Building in Mother Ignacia. Around may, the office was still under construction, wala pang tables or anything. yung buong floor walang laman, kahit flooring nga lang wala pa.

    Ngayon siguro ok na siya, i have to tell you the office is really big. ang laki ng floor space niya. about the culture, i don't know...

    good luck to u guys going to RMH, visit their office at the Eugenio Lopez Building in Mother Ignacia and try your luck :)
  • Would anyone know if this company is in the market for American Accent Trainers? Where can i send my resume to? :)
  • mgs pexers, san pwedeng mag send ng application? is there any email add to send my C.V.?
  • Checking JobStreet...

    Pota hindi naman pala gaanong stringent ang requirement pagdating sa age (the ad there said that the age/s preferred are between 18-30 years old). For this particular job, however, you should have good geography skills as well.

    And according to the same ad, they're hiring 120 agents/month.

    Kaso I don't have a particular e-mail address where one could apply there. I might as well try my luck; tutal by next week 1 month na lang ang contract ko sa amin and if ever I make it there I'll give a month's notice to my current employer.

    The job description alone isattractive to me. At least hindi na sa telesales/telemarketing; I'm getting sick of it. :D
  • i just mailed my application kanina.r they conducting a phone interview?sana tumawag.
  • mgs pexers, san pwedeng mag send ng application? is there any email add to send my C.V.?

    u may send your resume at [email protected]:)
  • bad experience!

    pinabalik balik lang kami ng kasama ko! monday kami pumunta... out of 5 na nauna.. 1 lang ako na pinabalik ng 1pm.... after us... may ibang batch na.. i went to crossings to kill some time and eat lunch! I went back at 1pm.. and met 2 more applicants that were sent back at 1pm.... we thought it was paolo who will conduct the interview again... but he was not the one. we were asked to go up to the 7th floor just to be told at the 7th floor to go down. i guess that monday... we were asked to go up and down 3 times. and the girl there with the braces... carrying some resumes outside the office is so... uh... DUH! she should NOT BE THERE! she is so stupid!

    we told her that we were sent there by paolo upstairs in 7th floor to go down.. where the office is... and wait for him.... then this girl... doesnt have anything else to say but " HA?! then she told us to go back up... and tell paolo that she sent us there.
    and we have to tell her that paolo was the one who told US to stay put DOWNSTAIRS... then again.. this girl( looking so stupid!)
    and doing best in being stupid! will again say HA?! :mad: wew were asked to go back at 3pm same day only to be told that they do not have anymore slot that day!!!!!!!
    we were told to go back WED! AT 10:00AM

    again! this girl... the never ending never tiringHA?! asked us what we were doing there... ( duh!)
    paolo... told us this time to ask for gayzel and have the test already! when we get to the
    ha?! we told her that we are sent by paolo to get our test!

    all the applicants there are so confused already! they are NOT THE ONLY COMPANY THAT THESE PEOPLE HAD APPLIED TO! They were there because they NEED JOB! nakakaawa yun mga ibang tao... taga cavite pa... tapos ganun lang ang mangyayari sa kanila!

    and that GIRL! doesnt she have anythin to say but ha? parang parrot! iisa lang ang alam na syllable na laging yun at yun ang sinasabi!
  • Made it to RMH at least, passed the exams and what-have-yous, from the oral exams to the active listening exam. The thing is, this HR person (I forgot her name due to my tiredness yesterday) told us that although we're like good as hired, they can't give out the actual job offers yet; it'd take around 2-3 weeks before they give out the offers. So they'll get back at us through a phone call, that's why before they let us go they asked us to double-check our contact information as to where they could contact us once the offers are ready. To those who work there, ganun din ba ang nangyari senyo during your time na natagalan before the job offer was made senyo?

    As for the office...a part of the 7/F pa lang is constructed; hence the training room. Yung interview area naman is something similar to a bodega kasi nga hindi pa well-developed yung floor; if you're discriminating enough matu-turn-off lang kayo.
  • LOL..natawa ko sa kwento ni Boyish_chick..about the gurl na puro "Ha?" :D ive read in another forum na hindi lang directory assistance agents ang hinahanap nila ngayon. they are also looking for full-time CSR's and starting salary is around 14,500 ata? for the DA's, 11k lang basic.:p
  • Actually, last Tuesday morning I applied for DA but after half a day (enduring a sleepless 4 hours, halatang laspag pa ako because of work) I ended up making it to the inbound CSR shortlist (sabi raw ng nakasama ko run sa process eh accdg to her friend who works there, we might be the first batch of CSR's malamang for **** and we might start training this Sept 26, pero me aayusin pa ako sa contact center na pinapasukan ko ngayon coz me contract pa ako sa kanila till Sept 24). Pero if I made it lang as a DA, still it pays better than my basic sa current co. ko ngayon. Pero the fact is, we're still waiting for the offer from RMH it would take around 2-3 weeks (I guess that's a conservative estimate)

    LINGGIT^F are you a DA or sa inbound sales ka?
  • LINGGIT^F are you a DA or sa inbound sales ka?

    ay no im not working at rmh..i was supposed to apply there last month unfortunately my officemates and i changed our minds hehe. im from ePLDT.
  • alaina_05alaina_05 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    la lang..share ko lang yung kuwento ng brother ko kanina sa phone. (he just came from an interview sa RMH this morning)

    my brother called me few minutes ago here sa office (gov't employee ako but really wanted to work in call center due to financial reasons) and gladly announced to me that he just got accepted sa RMH..pero as DA muna kasi nag-i-start na raw yung traning for CSR. this morning lang sha nagpunta sa RMH and then yun, he was given series of exams then an interview. (he's from SMI callcenter and due to some "injustices" na nakukuha nya sa callcenter na yun..nagdecide na si shoti na mag-apply sa ibang callcenters..and sinuwerte naman sha dito sa RMH). then yun...he told me how everything went from the time he was interviewed then when he took the exams...kung meron man daw mahirap sa exams e yung sa last part lang..yung active listening exam. the rest were "chicken" (according to him), spelling, grammar exams yung ibang series. ok naman ang starting salary as DA..11k plus a night differential then an allowance of 350 yata....and yes beefeater..mga 2 wks from now pa bago ulit tawagan kayo to report. :)

    ..haaay, now i'm really having second thoughts on whether i'll stay here pa sa gov't office (i've been working here for 5 yrs na rin...and "underpaid" pa rin ako.) or whether i'll take a chance on applying sa callcenter..kasi financially talaga, i find it more rewarding e. ay bahala na nga si batman. :)
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