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The Episcopalian Bishop

klapowciusklapowcius office ninja PExer
an openly homosexual bishop has been voted to be inducted as a bishop of the episcopalian church.

the guy left his wife and kids, and jumped to the other side of the fence, and joined his boyfriend.

he then campaigned himself to become a bishop in the episcopalian church.


some points that would be excellent to discuss:

1. the parallels or non-parallels of this and the catholic pedophilia scandals

2. *sigh* AGAIN, the homosexuality in the bible, although it would be great if we keep it at a minimum. there is a thread about this after all.

3. would you leave if you were episcopalian?

4. how does this affect christianity as a religion?

5. do you think it's all about the numbers, and the donations to attract fresh gay meat? (yes, the pun was intended)

6. do you think there's an agenda behind this?

okay. that's it for now. me going. *chinchansu, go alternick go!*


  • TessariaTessaria Fan Forum's Finest PExer
    Oy. Mukhang interesting ah.

    I have nothing controversial to contribute, but this looks interesting. :)
  • jetlanderjetlander physical THErapist PExer
    Human evolves dapat pati religion magbago para maka-agapay sa pagbabago ng mga tao........
  • JoulesJoules Registered User PExer
    Originally posted by jetlander
    Human evolves dapat pati religion magbago para maka-agapay sa pagbabago ng mga tao........

    I would agree doon sa isang article na nabasa ko about this issue: "People go to church for religion, and if's not religion that's being offered, they go to other places."
    Thus, sa akin, the Episcopalian heirarchy have decided that they would be okay to have a homosexual bishop in their church, so let them have him. That's how they want their church to be known, a liberal one. They will definetely alienate the conservative Episcopalians, who could freely leave their flock and just join the Evangelical churches. But this liberalization could also attract the people looking a more liberal and mainstream tolerant church. So no harm done, right? Is theirs still a "Christian" church? Well, that's another topic; kayo na lang ang mag-debate.
  • TessariaTessaria Fan Forum's Finest PExer
    Some articles I snagged off the 'Net

    Episcopal Church endorses Narcissism

    An excerpt:
    So the peculiar obsession of the dying Anglican church in Britain, America and Canada with homosexuality is a kind of transformation. Having lost the masses, the church has found a niche demographic, and it's desperately trying to re-package its old inventory. And, if in their need to endow their gay fetish with spiritual purpose, they sound a little loopy, bear with 'em. They're still fumbling for the rationale. The bishop of Maryland, for example, made a painful attempt to square the awkward Biblical strictures on homosexuality with Bishop Robinson's vigorous sex life. His line is that God isn't against gay sex per se, just gay sex practiced by heterosexual men. Really. ''We might say about the Sodom passage,'' he elaborated, ''that it is not really about a group of gay men behaving badly, but a group of heterosexual men behaving atrociously.'' Similarly, in Romans, Paul isn't objecting to homosexual men having sex with each other, just heterosexual men having sex with each other...

    Local Clergy Differ on Having Gay Bishop in Episcopal Church

    "We have gone through some more- and some less-serious conflicts before," she said, citing the church's decision 25 years ago to allow the ordination of women priests. "We will come out of this a stronger church."

    No it won't, said the Rev. Ronald Gauss of the Bishop Seabury Episcopal Church in Groton. Gauss, who called himself "a conservative" Episcopalian priest, said he is concerned about his church and has already felt the repercussions from the landmark decision.

    "I have already lost two families (who left the church)," Gauss said Thursday. "They (the House of Bishops) have opened Pandora's Box."

    Gauss said his parish is largely conservative and "biblically" or "scripturally" centered.

    According to the Scriptures, he said, the Rev. Robinson is living in "an unchaste relationship with another man" and therefore should not be ordained.

    "I am opposed to the vote for two reasons," Gauss said. "First of all, he's a divorced man. And secondly, he's living in a relationship outside marriage; that's not allowed, according to the Bible. Fornicating and having sex outside of marriage is not allowed."

    Local Pastors Fear Episcopal Split

    "Yes, I'm, sorry to say, I think that (the chance of a division) is very real," said the Rev. Howard Bowlin, pastor of St. Matthew Episcopal Church in Bloomington. "I think there are going to be people who will leave."
  • groundcaugroundcau I.B. Hamburger PExer
    Listening to BBC World Service (for those who have shortwave radios, you can tune in to it there), you would think there was a huge uproar in the Anglican world. And so there is--every day you get coverage on the whole hullaballoo in depth. Kind of puts everything into perspective.

    This morning's "Talking Point" took opinions from Anglicans all around the world, and a great divide showed: Africans were more solidly conservative, willing to take the Bible a whole lot more literally in its injunctions against homosexuality (not minding that St. Paul also forbade women from taking leadership roles in the Church, among other things). It's not in their culture to accept gay men. Western callers were somewhat divided--half more accepting of a gay bishop, arguing (correctly, in my opinion) that Christianity isn't about a person's sexual orientation but his ability to reach out in love (not only that kind of love, silly) to other people; half more bent towards the conservative tendency.

    My personal take on the whole thing: the people who are against Bishop Robinson's accession to his seat have been acting less Christlike than those who accept the good Bishop. Smear tactics, ostracism, It's so against the way of Jesus, who consorted with prostitutes, tax collectors, the worst of the worst (and from my knowledge of Scripture, His company was never conditional apart from the occasional call to "go and sin no more"). He loved everyone, despite their sins.

    But this is more telling. The only people He hated were hypocrites.
  • dudelishdudelish squeak. PExer
    here's my take on the whole catholic=episcopalian parallelism (scandalwise).

    not to condone catholic acts with the whole pedophilia thing, but at least with the catholic church, they viewed it as wrong. they mishandled the damn thing, but they know that it's wrong and they are shamed by what they do. plus, it was covered under the veil of pedophilia, a clinical sexual deviation.

    episcopal church in essence is saying that hey, homosexual acts are no longer sinful, when the bible was against it. it would've been better if the bishop was celibate, or that he didn't have a partner. at least they could use the argument love the sinner hate the sin. or, if people were not so PC, a clinical sexual deviation. but he has a boyfriend.

    i'd be very careful shaking his hand... :glee:
  • caotzecaotze Member PExer
    My daughter got this from another site:

    Why wouldn't Episcopalians make good chess players?

    Answer: Because they cannot tell a Bishop from a Queen ~
  • metropolitanmetropolitan the truth hurts, does it? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Matthew Parris
    The Times, August 9, 2003

    "It is time that convinced Christians stopped trying to reconcile their spiritual beliefs with the modern age and understood that if one thing comes clearly through every account we have of Jesus's teaching, it is that his followers are not urged to accommodate themselves to their age, but to the mind of God. Christianity is not supposed to be comfortable or feel 'natural' ... 'Inclusive', 'moderate' or 'sensible' Christianity is inching its way up a philosophical cul-de-sac. The church stands for revealed truth and divine inspiration or it stands for nothing. Belief grounded in everyday experience is not belief...

    "Like the [Anglican] church teaching on divorce or Sunday observance, the new tolerance gains its force within the Anglican communion from a fear of becoming isolated from changing public morals. Is that reason for a Christian to modify his own morality?"
  • raggsterraggster ghost in the shell PExer
    interesting indeed.

    personally, i think that the episcopalian church is headed into trouble. we could see the beginnings of a major split in that group. let's see.

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