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PAANO MAG-IMPOK? | How to Save?

povi_23povi_23 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
i have been working for more than 2 years na and i am earning a fairly big amount of money every month pero bakit hindi ako makipon? nahihirapan ako sa budget ko sa pang araw-araw minsan hindi ko pa maitawid yung sweldo ko for the next sweldo.nakakainis!!! any advice?


  • i've noticed that the higher my salary gets, the more i spend and the less i save. on my first job, i got a measly 7,000 a month but managed to spend only 2,000-3,000 a month. now that i get more than that, i find my ATM sometimes completely depleted except for loose change!! i mean, i average 6,000-8,000 in a month!! but i'm moving to another job, a better-paying one, and i hope i really get to save!!!;)
  • hmm when i was still staying at a really cheap apartment, i used to save almost half of my monthly income. now, my rent went up to 3x my old rent, so i'm just planning to save around 5 to 10 per cent of my montly income
  • And how much would that be, tr|n|ty? Hmmmm? :glee:
  • that's classified informaiton, SUX2BU. People might ask for money or draw up an extortion plan or worse, might ask for some PEX sponsorship.

    hehehe :glee:
  • sux2bu,

    how much is that info worth to you!? :)
  • Not even a dime. :glee:

    Hey, how about you? How much? Or do you even save at all? Hmmmm? :lol:
  • pwahahahahhahah ! :glee: not even a dime!

    well my savings rate is pretty small...

    a third of my salary is my savings rate...


    I work hard, so whenever I get a chance I enjoy my earnings!
  • And how much is that "a third of my salary is my savings rate"? Hmmm? :glee:
  • lets see... minimum wage is $6.75/ hr and I work 20 hrs a week...

    $135 gross per day

    $101.32 net pay

    $101.32 * .33 = $33.44 <---- may contain rounding error!

    Yep, I am a strawberry picker! Its hard being a migrant worker!

    viva ceasar chavez!
  • Whhaaa!!! :bigcry::bigcry:

    buti pa kayo. may nase - save sa monthly salary.
  • none... i even spend more than what im earning! grrrr...
  • same here .....
  • in my case.. only save if i rcvd my commission ... im into sales so the more benta the better ....

    pero sa monthly ko ... wala! ! ! as in non... minimum lang bayad sa akin e... newly grad... kaya tiis tiis muna... pero pede na yun kesa naman wala akong trabaho... mas masaklap yun....

    Isip mo yung gastos mo para sa sarili mo... tapos syempre konting libre sa mga kapatid ... pero oks na yun... basta masaya... kaysa naman madami ka kang money pero ende ka masaya... besides money... pagmasipag ka at kaya mong pagkasayahin kakapiranggot mong pera masaya narin...

    Pero sana manalo ako sa lotto hehehe :)
  • I think I'm fortunate that most of the time I get to save 100% of my salary. My husband's salary takes care of the expenses. Plus I think we're not magastos. Sometimes I even become kuripot despite having a gross annual family income of more than five digits (and that's in US $).
    I hope to save at least a million dollars so that my husband and I will have this big monetary resource when we come back home to set up a business.
  • I try to save about 2/3 of my salary. :). Or kahit na monthly income man lang regardless of overtime pay. And I've succeeded in doing that for the first year that I've been working... :).
  • my job just makes me enough to enable me to come back to the office everyday, plus a few basics. sheesh.
  • thanks for an additional 20% for all the hours i work if i do an extra weekend a month, which then gives me a savings of at least
    $1000.00 a month...more than that if i don't send money to my folks in the phil. hopefully by next year, most of my debts would have been paid and i'm trying really hard not to spend
    unnecessarilly para mas malaki pa ma-save ko. kailangan eh...
    tumatanda na...
  • errr, not much! :lol: i think i have to check into shopaholics anonymous. serious! :(
  • Originally posted by gfx-8
    none... i even spend more than what im earning! grrrr...

    thats either u are living with ur parents, or have a considerable amount of savings in the stash (and will be depleted rapidly if the habit goes on). live independently w/o someones support and ull learn it naturally hehe.. just like i did :).
  • Interesting topic hmn...

    Ako siguro roughly 50% post-tax. Maybe more I weren't paying for the tsikot at walang 401K.

    Kelangan mag-ipon.. there's a recession going on. The worst thing you could do is blow your savings on a brand new Bimmer tapos malalaman mo the next day e downsized ka na..
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