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low blood count

my blood test came out with below normal results for hemoglobin, hematocrit, wbc and rbc. i know that i have been anemic since i was 14, but this time the results were alarmingly lower than before.

my doctor says that the low blood count is due to excessive dieting, which i don't agree with, since i have a healthy appetite. sleeping earlier didn't do much to help either. i do have a heavy period (compared to other women i know).

would like to know the following:


  • sorry naputol

    anyways... would like to know the following:
    1. what can i do to improve my condition?
    2. is this dangerous? (i'm 26)
    3. if i get pregnant now, would there be dangerous complications? (for both me and baby?)

  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    How long are we talking about here, and what are your CBC/peripheral smear results?

    Your doctor's right--excessive dieting may cause iron deficiency anemia, because your body isn't getting enough vitamins and nutrients to create hemoglobin. I do not know your history nor your labs so I'm just going to speak in generalities here. If you are underweight, you can start eating the right amount of calories and nutrients for your height, and add more red meat, shellfish, leafy green vegetables, chicken, and iron-fortified food into your diet. Iron supplements will also help. Since I don't know what your Hb/Hct level is, I don't know if it's dangerous in your case or not. Generally, anemia causes poor circulation since your body isn't getting enough oxygen. Severe anemia can result in serious problems related to chronic lack of oxygen like heart attack, organ damage, congestive heart failure, etc., although mild anemia is generally harmless. If you're pregnant, depending on how severe the anemia is, it will affect the baby, since the baby also depends on you for its circulatory requirements. In severely anemic pregnant women, there is a higher risk for preterm birth and low birthweight, resulting in babies with a lot of problems after delivery.
  • hi doc ira! my hemoglobin is 90 and hematocrit is .281. i hope that's what you meant by Hb and Hct? WBC is 2.38 and RBC is 3.34.

    i have been anemic ever since i started having my. My weight is normal. I haven't been on any weight loss diet for 3 years now. (I have a healthy appetite) Am not a picky eater and i eat most of the food you mentioned. I have been taking Pharmaton and Iberet 500 (doctor's recommendation) but I have doubts if they're working since I don't see any physical results (I'm still pale as a ghost). I started taking vitamins this month and plan to get another blood test by September.

    The doctor also told me to avoid eating chicken days before my period as it er.. "promotes" heavier bleeding daw. Is there any truth to this? First time ko kasing narinig ito.

    Does my heavier-than-normal period have anything to do with this? If so, is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance doc!
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Is your doctor a hematologist-oncologist or an internal medicine specialist? What are your complete lab results? (e.g., MCV, MCHC, platelet count, TIBC, peripheral smear, etc.) Your anemia, while not really severe (I have handled people with hemoglobin levels of below 20), needs to be worked up more than just occasional CBCs just to rule out more serious problems. It's most probably due to your heavy menses, but maybe you'd want to have it worked up more by someone who specializes in blood disorders. There is absolutely no association between chicken and monthly periods.
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