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Tip for new computer buyers.

nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator

I always scored the pages of Buy and Sell, each time I wanted to look for something that I needed. Cheap kasi ang mga presyo doon. My desire to purchase a new computer, naturally led me to the same source. After looking through price after price, searching for the cheapest system money could afford, I visited my final choice and purchased a spanking new workhorse.

After just one month of owning the darned thing, I've had to return to the shop for one reason or another. Now that's not too bad considering that computers generally have a lot of compatibility issues and stuff like that, but I had to wait for several hours each time I made a visit. There were too many people who bought their computers from the same store as well, and nag-papaayos din sila. What's more, the customer service of these large discount computer dealers really sucks!

My advice is to pay the extra two grand or so, and buy the computer from a reputable looking store that doesn't have hundreds of boxed hardware lining the store. You can tell that a shop is bad news when you barely have any walking room because of all the equipment that is strewn around. Trust me, the initial purchase price isn't half the story, affter sales support can be non-existent.


  • Don't despair about paying the extra money in buying the computers. They are worth every cent. About the buy and sell ads, they may be deceiving at times (like the ad for a certain store inside it every week), but they are helpful. All you need to do by a scrutinizing buyer, do all your assignments and ask around about the reputation of the computer store you are thinking of buying from. But don't forget, buy only what you need for now and about 2 years - don't overspend or be overwhelmed with the choices out there. Also, buying branded components may also help (if you have the money), the support on the product may help you troubleshoot your system for it to run smoothly.
  • simple lang para sa akin...punta ka sa isang computer shop, ipakita mo na interesado kang bumili nga computer tapos pag may napili ka na, negotiate for at least 1 year warranty on parts, labor and services. 'pag ayaw nilang magbigay nga warranty lipat ka sa ibang tindahan...napakaraming computer shops di ba?
  • Since your buying a new PC, I assume you are a newbie. You don't know enough about PCs and stuff related to it. (Software/Hardware side).
    It doesn't matter if you bought the PC in a named shop/store or even small shop around a street corner. Support really sucks!!! here in the Philippines.
    My advice is to GET HELP from a experienced PC user. Someone who knows the trade, whether in building one or maintaining it. Yung marunong dumiskarte. Do not BUY by your own. Ask our Techies here for help in buying your PC. They are your Support..and they don't SUCK.. :p

    /me finds this ackward.?
  • Nix,

    My cousin Carlo works with computer animation, 3d studio max, rendering, video editing, and all this kick-***** **** . And so when I needed to get a new computer, I asked him what kind to get. He gave me the name of one of his chinese friends who used to be a Virra Mall vendor but saw the error of his ways. He realized Virra Mall vendors suck.. sell lousy computers and give even lousier service.

    He makes his own computers and the servers of some pretty established companies. Anything the problem, just give him a call, and replaces the part no questions asked.

    My cousin hasn't had a problem with his unit, and I'm doing quite well with my Athlon 650. He's a bit on the pricey side, but his computers rule. He even told me to come over to his house and watch how the computer was being put together, so I'd learn. He's cool. In the future, I want to get my computers from the guy.

    His tech guy, Ronnie, is cool, too hehehe
    The guy lives in Blue Ridge, and works from home.

    If you want to contact him, his number at home is 912-3152. Say you were recommended by Carlo or Vic. (We don't get a cut, and we provide this service free hehehe)!

  • good advice nix :)
    however, could u guys mention some of the many "thumbs up" computer stores here in manila? im thinking of getting a new computer but im torn between buying it from a reputable store or from friends of friends who sell computers but don't really own like standing stores.
    thanks in advance!
  • :?:? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It's very difficult to just judge computer prices and features.. since most computer related peripherals tend to become obsolete after a short period of time. What you bought today might become obsolete tommorow.

    The only thing that I can give out as an advice is just buy the things that you think has good value for your money. Don't go with the latest trends. That's all. :)

    so Such.
  • yugayuga PExer
    i've been to so many computer store in metro manila and i've learned how they sell their stuffs and how well they provide their customers with tech support. hence, i've placed them all in a neat website and rated them accordingly:
  • First, have a budget on mind. Then, this budget can guide you to know what features fit in that budget. Note, some stores in Virra Mall really suck! But some of the stores there are really good. Just like what happened to me. I just bought a new PC less than a month ago but my floppy disk drive was damaged due to incessant formatting (it's my fault). Well, I brought the PC back to Virra Mall and they replaced the drive for free (because I have a warranty!) So, the warranty is a must when you buy a new PC.
  • I used to head PC purchasing in my previous job, and I realized that locally, 1 in 10 PCs sold are really defective. That's a reality, even among reliable suppliers.

    Knowing that, the difference really lies in after-sales support. How quickly do they replace parts or service your PC?

    I've been a loyal customer of Labworks computers down in C5, Libis. The prices are reasonable, and the service is exceptional.
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