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i love bea alonzo!



  • i heard na baka di na matuloy ang pagsama nina bea and jlc sa movie na first romance with heart and john..i heard na bibigyan na sila ng solo movie ng star cinema dahil nga they are doing great with the fans..and also parang di bagay..mas maraming natatackle na audiences sina bea and jlc dahil hindi lang sila sa mga pang teens pero sa mga mature audience pangit naman kung gawin silang pakilig effects kagaya nina john and heart..
  • Nalilito ako sa sine na 'to.

    The reports are contradicting. John Lloyd Cruz insists that Bea and him will have their own movie apart from John and Heart's movie which is First Romance. Since they have not shot any scenes yet... I'm still crossing my fingers (and toes) that it's a solo movie for JLC and Bea. Sorry to the John and Heart fans, I just don't wanna go through the torture of watching them in their pacute induced moments. It's a bad idea. The two "loveteams" have a different target audience. And I hate those kind of flicks, yung tipong FLAMES, parang tinitipid ako.
  • Wish ko lang sana solo movie talaga at drama love story na bongacious ang mga cast.

    Basta wag lang kasama si Heart at Unano grabeeee.
  • I heard from praning "please be careful with my heart" ang tentative title. quote ko lang sarili ko from praning...

    "please be careful with my heart?" "PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART"??? oh great. :rolleyes: bakit hindi nalang... "beautiful girl"? o kaya... "christmas in our hearts"? :lol: okay so maybe I'm being unfair (maybe lang ha, :uhhuh: ) at in fairness naman tentative lang naman siya...pero diyos ko naman...parang awa naman nila...

    the story seems interesting, though. lloydy as a vet? poor bea! I'm sure they'll inject a walking-the-dog-in-the-park scene somewhere! :D pero at least kung businesswoman siya she'll get to play a twentysomething person. good! :rocker:

    wish ko lang... sana may kissing scene!!! :kiss: heehee! :glee:
  • And I thought the title "First Romance" sucked...

    Please Be Careful With My Heart?!? :vomit:

    Please Lord, wag po, wag po.

    I think it's a pretty done deal na twin bill siya (yaak, that rhymed). Baaaad idea, Star Cinema :no: Some good news for a change: pero someone else said that aside from this one, magkaka-solo movie din sina John Lloyd and Bea so coolio. Two movies in one year (maybe)! Woo hoo! :rocker:

    :inluv: Be still, my heart.

    Hopefully first hour sila so I don't have to sit through the Heart&John part -- although I doubt it. :rolleyes:
  • Can you imagine the promotions?

    In the tradition of FLAMES the movie and Shake Rattle and Roll... we give you a kakakilig twinbill movie *cough* TIPID sa budget *cough*.

    -cue in-

    JLC-Bea *looking awkward as they force themselves to sing a Jose Mari chan song* Is this why Lloydy is taking singing lessons?

    While Heart and John will exchange gooey glances and Heart will be the spokesperson for the whole promo.

    Their posters? Remeniscent of those 80's teeny bopper flicks...they'll share a poster...noooo!

    It's such a BAD idea, I said it once I'll say it again...aaaaaack!

    "Sana may kissing scene." Hey we're over that...they already did it once there is no turning back!:D
  • Wala naman tayong magawa....but to support them so that the second movie which is a solo movie will soon tobe realized...

    The shooting will start on Thursday...our online friends will be there. Good luck then...
  • Well in one part even with the cheesy title, the ick ick co-stars (for me), the confusing plot...

    Philly and Lloydy have come a long way as an on-screen tandem. They were an "official loveteam" just last Feb. and look at them now shooting their own movie.

    More power to them. Rock on.
  • O_K you crack me up :laugh:

    Ohgod, I'm already dreading the promotions -- I'm sure nga si Heart and magsasalita lagi kasi shy yung dalawa. And what will the poster look like nga pala... :bonkself:

    Ang labo ng mga taga-Star Cinema -- hello, Jose Mari Chan was SO twenty years ago!!!

    The :kiss:? Been there, done that! *pounds fist on table* Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

    Grabe no, wala pa palang 1 year sila official loveteam (compared to some other pips we know na matagal na pero wala parin trust sa kanila to carry their own solo movie). Bea and John Lloyd have come a long way. Am so proud of them. :shedtears:
  • damnrightdamnright PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • Well kahit na kasama sina Puso and Unano, I'll definitely support their movie!!!
  • Originally posted by smarty_girl
    Well kahit na kasama sina Puso and Unano, I'll definitely support their movie!!!

    Very funny lol. :p :*) :p . masyadong maarte yang si puso - piling maganda talaga.
  • Originally posted by timidjock79
    Very funny lol. :p :*) :p . masyadong maarte yang si puso - piling maganda talaga.


    sana solo movie na lang ni BEA at JOHN LLOYD...
  • just wanna share...

    i read somewhere heart has her rendition of jose mari chan's song in her album, kaya siguro yun yung title ng movie nila.
  • It's a twin bill movie right? So dapat they should have 2 titles for that movie di ba?

    At saka it's so unfair naman kung ang kakanta eh si Puso ng movie nina Bea at JLC, after all Bea sings very well mas magaling pa nga s'yang kumanta compared to Puso ha.

    Mag isip isip naman ang Star Cinema. I hope Star Cinema will give a chance to Bea to sing the soundtrack of their movie para mas may dating di ba?

    Basta ako pag palabas na ang movie sa part lang nina JLC ako manonood ayokong parusahan ang sarili ko ano ng dahil lang sa walang kwentang loveteam nina Puso at Unano. For sure ihuhuli ang kay na JLC at Bea kasi alam ng Star Cinema na di malakas ang loveteam ni Puso at Unano kaya sa unahan sila para mapanood na rin ng mga fans nina Bea.
  • Sana unahin nalang nila yung part nina Bea and JLC no?!!! I dont like the other two loveteam!!! Nakakasawa na kasi eh!
  • oo nga sana unahin yung epi nina bea n jlc para namn pagtapos na yung part nila eh fans wouldn't have to suffer forthe next epi...
  • Ang Triad pala nandito ha!:laugh

    Anyway wala lang buhay ko lang itong thread na ito! Nov. ata papalabas ang twinbill movie na yan!:)
  • excited me na. hahahhahaha, kaya lang matagal ko pang makikita eh kasi naman nandito ako sa us of a.
  • TT BOYTT BOY PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    MOvie na nila ito.. twin bill...

    2 stories = 1 movie
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