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Help.. CYST sa likod??

Hi.. any doctor out there.. I need your help..

It's about my mom .. meron ksi sya cyst na maliit sa likod and she had it for years na at nde lumalaki o sumasakit.. she called me up a while ago and sumasakit daw ngayon yung area around it... papacheck up nya to tomorrow pro ano sa tingin nyo ito? would it be cancerous? :(

Waiting for your reply and thank you in advance.


  • From your description of a very slow growing mass that has been otherwise asymptomatic for a long period of time, I would give a guess that the mass is benign. However, without even the benefit of looking at it or doing tests on it (esp biopsy), it's just a guess. The doctor who would see it would be in a better position to tell you.
  • i had it before. Its like half the size of marble or 'jolen'. And it doesnt even hurt. I observed if it will just naturally sink by itself, unfortunately it doesnt. So it took a year for me to go to our family surgeon.

    He removed it by a minor operation. Then he observed it if its cancerous, fortunately it aint. So, its better for your mom to go to the doc. But accdg to our surgeon, its actually harmless but it's safer to have it removed due that there are cases that it is cancerous.
  • Thanks for all the information guys.. I hope she'll be okay.. :)
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