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Creme de la Mer: Costliest Moisturizer in the World - Would you buy it?

annieliseannielise sui generis PExer
I swear I have seen the results of this so-called "miracle moisturizer". During our office outing to HK, a prominent senatoriable (and a very rich lady to boot, she comes from an old rich clan) during the 2000 elections asked our office manager if she could buy two jars of this expensive cream. We then realized that this was her secret all along. She's in her mid-40's but she looks like she's just in her 20s. Her sister also looks so young!!! This was actually formulated byan aerospace physicist to help heal his burns. It actually worked. The catch is the price: P10,000 a jar that will probably last you a month.

Read this account:


modern miracle or overpriced nonsense?

Creme de la Mer is being lauded as a miraculous moisturising cream across the world. Fash mag slags will recognise the name from the numerous articles that have appeared in magazines across the world (if they're not already queueing at Brown Thomas for their jar), and celebrities such as Heather Locklear, Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez all use the cream. Even Victoria Beckham says that it's the one beauty product that she can't live without!

Scientific development
The cream was first developed by Max Huber, an aerospace physicist from NASA, who suffered serious chemical burns on his face and eyes after working with rocket fuels. During the course of his recovery, he went through a number of medical treatments and therapeutic preparations and then became obsessed with skin care.

The main ingredient in Creme de la Mer is sea kelp. As a keen environmentalist, Huber knew that sea kelp picked off the coast of California during certain times in the lunar cycle has excellent healing qualities. He then added other natural ingredients, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, lecithin and Vitamins C, D, E and B12, as well as extracts from sunflower, alfalfa, wheatgerm and citrus.

So what's so special about that? Well, Huber also invented a bio-fermentation process that is so precise that each batch takes three to four months to make. Yikes! The cream also goes through a process known as "sonic chemistry", which works by taking sound waves from the solar system and wiring them into the cream as it ferments.

Estee Lauder bought the company from Huber in 1994, but soon found that the cream had to go through exactly the same process in order for it to be effective. Each jar is still hand-filled to keep Huber's formula from being altered.

So what does it do?
Creme de la Mer locks in the skin's own water and provides continuous rehydration. It can even help calm the most sensitive skin from outside irritants. In fact, the press blurb claims that just a small amount of the product will help skin achieve a healthy balance and feel smoother, firmer and younger.

Although this description sounds like any other 'miracle' beauty product, it's worth bearing in mind that Huber originally developed this cream because he could find nothing to minimise the severe scarring he suffered from the burns. So it has to deliver a little something more.

So what's the catch?
Well, I wanted to keep this to the very end: you'll have to remortgage your house to buy even a little jar. The cream starts at £75 for a 30ml jar, a size that'll probably last you about a month. That's a lot of dosh for a bit of cream!

However, there are people who swear by it, and it's worth noting that there are waiting lists for the cream all over the world. In fact, it's so in demand that each batch sells out the minute it arrives in Harrods in London, and there is a huge queue for the limited edition 500ml jar, which costs a cool STG£900! Ouch!

Overpriced rubbish or modern miracle? It's up to you to decide, but I'd do it quick, as Brown Thomas is sure to run out of the stuff in a matter of days."

What do you say? Worth it?


  • sterlingsterling gorgeous girl PExer
    I've tried it. Your skin does feel smoother even after just three days' use. It works for a while, maybe a few months, then after that time,like most products,it doesn't become so effective.
    There is a lighter,less creamy formulation of Creme de la Mer,called Emulsion de la Mer, which is more suitable for a humid place like Manila.
    And it is probably not the most expensive cream around nowadays; I think Shiseido or Chanel or some other company has concocted something even more pricey.
  • deng2001deng2001 Member PExer
    nah...i've tried it. too oily. after using it for 3 days, i returned it.
    mas maganda pa oil of olay, yung oil-free. siguro nga mas maganda yung emulsion de la mer. parang water-based siya like oil-free oil of olay moisturizer.
  • annieliseannielise sui generis PExer
    Yeah, I heard it's only good for normal and dry skin, and when you use it during the winter. I heard it's not advisable during the summer but I guess it must be doing wonders to other people cos they're buying in droves!

    I haven't seen any other cream as expensive as La Mer though.

    Oh well.

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