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Consolidated SSS Questions Thread

Note from Moderator

I propose to make this thread the clearinghouse for all SSS-related questions. Any objections? There being none, the motion is unanimously approved. :bop:


i'd like to air out my complaints of this gov't agency.

I have been working almost 4 years here and my company is very diligent in paying my contributions. When I went to this SSS office here last Sept 2000 and asked for a printout of my contributions, it showed that I only have a total of 13 months contributions and this is not continous according to their print-out!! :boom::boom:

i checked with our company and was given all photocopies of receipts which i also submitted to their main office last Oct. I was given a receipt and was informed that it would be ok after 2 months because they still have to reconcile their records with their nat'l office.

BUT just last week since i have nothing to do, i tried to check and found out that there is still no results whatsoever in my records.:boom::boom::boom::boom:

So, in your opinion what can you say??? I say STUPID THIS SSS!! :mad::mad: Parang **** kasi ang tingin nila sa mga members. ganito ba sa ibang bansa ang mga SSS nila?


  • SSS still hasn't changed, ha? Maliit pa ako, marami ng complains about SSS. When I started working (and this was many years ago), I also had my share of SSS troubles.

    I was abroad one time and when I came home a year after, I was shocked to learn that I had a big SSS loan. I stormed their office and showed them my travel papers to prove I could not have filed that loan. Nahuli ko sila and told them I was gonna sue them if they didn't put the money back pronto. They put the money back and offered sorry profusely. If not for the fact that I was due to leave the country again, I would have sued those scums. Looking back...I should have done it, dang!

    Ms. Lickable, get the email of whoever is in-charge of SSS and start a crusade. Pera ng workers yun, yet mga workers mismo ay pinahihirapan. Email your senator/congressman and let them take up your crusade, too. That's what Americans usually do if they have complains. They don't have that kind of "social security" problem though. Their problem is they have too much collection and Democrats and Republicans are arguing what to do with it. :D Sa Pilipinas, very opposite. :mad:

  • sa lahat ng ayaw ko ay ang gaguhin ako.

    i also tried to apply for the first time a loan but was denied coz sabi nila may loan pa daw ako na hindi nabayaran. sabi ko, paano nangyari yon kasi wala pa naman akong na-loan in my five years being a member. i tried to ask then for my contribution list but found no loan in that printout. i was informed na baka na-credit daw sa akin yung loan ng isang member. buti na lang, this was cleared after i checked again. due to that experience, i didn't bother to apply for a loan from them.

  • council: i don't know how the remittance is done here n lapu-lapu city. :crazy:

    phantom: i dunno if any politiko will listen to me about it. kasi alam ko, busy sila lahat sa eleksyon. SSS doesn't even think about the members welfare, ONLY THE MEMBER'S CONTRIBUTION. :evilgrin: may rumor nga na lugi daw sila sa mga trade/stock investments nila sa panahon ni erap. baka totoo. kawawa na naman ang mga members.

    basta pissed of pa rin ako sa SSS!!:mad::mad:

  • So, what do you think is the best alternative, Lickable?
  • dear.....try calling the attention of a manager.....direct your complaints and your queries to someone from the top of the ladder........

    might as well harass them while you're fuming and waiting :)
  • It's in the news today that they're increasing employee contribution because of the loss of money they invested in several businesses. It's depressing!
  • see everyone, naging headline ng inquirer!! wala na talaga ng pag-asa ito. they also plan to increase the contribution to near 20%, this is to put-in addtional funds sa nagastos nila sa mga bad investment. uto-uto na ang memebers nito pag nangyari.

    phamtom: wala nga akong any alternative eh!! kung pwede lang sana, imbes na sa kanila pumupunta ang contributions ko, mabuti pa sa isang trust fund in a bank. it earns interest and i can withdraw it in times i need it most. we are required by law kasi..

    ma'am deli, may alam ka ba na e-mail ng nasa TOP?
  • I would advise every SSS member who doesn't have any outstanding salary loans, to borrow as soon as you can. Why?

    1) If you're worried about mismanagement of funds, you might as well take some of the funds out of their hands. The less funds they can mismanage, the less damage they can do.

    2) A member with an outstanding salary loan cannot borrow any more salary loans until the first loans get paid off. That's good for you, because "loanable member" records are vulnerable to fraudulent transactions, as what phantom has experienced.

    3) You will get cash which you can use to buy stuff. It's your benefit as a member, so might as well take advantage of it. If you're not in the spending mood, invest the money or put it away in the bank.
  • Matagal (more than 10 yrs) ko nang di ginalaw ang SSS and PAG-IBIG contributions ko. What do I do to get all my contributions back? Siguro naman napakinabangan na nila yan to the fullest. :D
  • I don't think there is such a thing as "withdrawing" one's contributions. If there were, every member would have done so by now.

    What you can probably do, in the case of SSS, is to retire and avail of your pension or retirement benefit. This assumes you are old enough to qualify.

    In the case of Pag-Ibig, the only benefits you can avail of are loans.
  • Thanks, Council and Lupus. (Sorry, Lickable, for piggy-backing on your thread).

    Consider this situation-- My friend hasn't given up his Filipino citizenship yet but has been working in int'l organizations overseas for a couple of years already. He has also stopped contributing to the Phil. SSS coffers since then and has no more plans of contributing anymore- as he sees himself working in non-Filipino organizations 'til kingdom come. :D He is certainly doing well on his own, even without all those Phil. "social security" assurances. (He pays Phil tax religiously, btw). Puede na bang mag retire sya sa Phil. and collect all his previous contributions or receive monthly pension na? It's his money afterall, and he has never benefited from it ever since (never applied for a loan or anything).

    Come to think of it-- if he gets all his contributions back (which is some money, after all those years!) and deposit in the bank, ang laki na siguro ng interest (money market, time deposit, etc). Afterall, hindi naman n'ya napakinabangan yan ever since. Mas iba pa nga ang nakikinabang, but that's ok with him as long as they'll give him back his money this time. What do you think? Puede bang early retirement na lang?

  • lupuSlupuS PExer
    Sorry to inject politics in this thread, but this may be one solution to our problems with the SSS.

    "Retirees in party-list elections, part 2"
    Monday, 26 February 2001, Philippine Daily Inquirer
    by Honesto C. General, "Questions of Policies"

    The Philippine Association of Retired Persons (PARP) is running as a candidate in the party-list elections next May 14 mainly because its friends in the last Congress, although sympathetic, seemed to have been more concerned with other issues.

    Planning to win the maximum three seats in the House of Representatives , PARP has drawn up its 8-point legislative agenda.

    1. PARP will seek to amend the SSS law so as to align benefits to the current needs of members, especially retirees. PARP holds that the present average monthly pension of P2,640, which is 65 percent below poverty level, is totally unacceptable.

    PARP will seek to install safeguards in the SSS law so as to place members' funds beyond the reach of greedy politicians and to use the funds solely for members' benefit.

    2. Similarly, PARP will seek to amend the GSIS law to align benefits to the current needs of members, especially retirees. PARP holds that, like SSS, the GSIS is owned by the members, who should be the sole beneficiaries.

    As in the SSS, PARP will seek to install safeguards in the GSIS law to keep its funds away from the clutches of greedy politicians.

    3. PARP will seek the total implementation of Philhealth's benefits program to include outpatient services and to expand operations so that the coverage of the indigent sector shall finally take off.

    4. PARP will seek to put more teeth in the Senior Citizens' Law to punish more severely and more quickly business establishments who refuse the benefits senior citizens are entitled to. The senior citizen's ID card is not a beggar's bowl.

    5. PARP will seek to implement the law, long passed by Congress but never funded, granting additional P700 monthly pension to any veteran who has reached the age of 70. If this law had been implemented upon enactment, it would have placed in the hands of qualified veterans almost P10 billion in pensions.

    6. PARP will seek to rationalize existing benefits for overseas Filipino workers, particularly the unregulated self-insurance schemes put up by mere administrative order. Hailed as the new heroes of the land, OFWs have been victimized by their own government.

    7. PARP will seek amendments to the Labor Code. For example, it should be illegal for an employer to retire an employee by reason of age.

    PARP will also work for cutting probationary employment from six months to one month. This should stop the practice of some employers of placing a new employee on probationary status for six months and terminating his employment before the probationary period expires. Within the first month of employment, the employer should be able to decide whether or not a new employee deserves a permanent appointment.

    8. PARP will work for the enactment of a law to rationalize the Armed Forces Retirement Program now managed by the Retirement and Separation Benefits System (RSBS). This should avoid the repetition of the RSBS scandal that ravaged the AFP Retirement Program.

    9. Tax exemption on interest earning of senior citizens

    10. Real estate tax exemption on family home of senior citizens.

    So, if you are a retiree of SSS or GSIS, or if you are about to retire, or even if you are far from retirement, when you fill up your ballot in the elections on May 14, write out in the slot reserved for the party-list candidate the four-letter word: PARP.

    (My email address: [email protected])

  • PARP will get my vote, and I'm telling all my friends about it. :)

    Thanks, Lupus.
  • HELLO EVERYONE!!:luvluv:

    ma buti nga siguro ang sabi ni Lupus na lahat ng member ay mag-loan na lang!! in that sense wala na silang malustay na pera ng mga members. isa lang ang magawa ko sa kanila at eto yun...:vomit:

    PARP will have my vote too!!

    ciao :dance:
  • lupuSlupuS PExer
    Originally posted by phantom
    What do you think? Puede bang early retirement na lang?

    I'm looking up the situations which will allow your friend to claim some benefits - any benefits as soon as possible. As of now the only answer I can give is the one I have in my head. To be able to draw a pension, a member must have a) paid at least 120 monthly contributions; and b) has reached retirement age (60 years old).

    I will keep you posted.
  • Ano ba ang benefits na nakukuha sa SSS? How much do you pay monthly ba? And do they have a website?
  • lupuSlupuS PExer
    Originally posted by KATKAT
    How much do you pay monthly ba?

    As little as P33.30 and as much as P400.00
  • chaicochaico PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    SSS Makati -- SAAN YUNG ECC Bldg???

    am planning to get my SSS number on Monday, problem is, i don't know where ECC Building is. Alam ko sa GilPuyat Ave. pero medyo mahaba yung Gil Puyat so i was wondering if anybody knows where it is ... anong other buildings ang katabi niya so it won't be that hard to spot ... thanks ... ;)
  • Across the street from the old Far East Bank building. Look for Petron Station at the corner of Gil Puyat and Makati Avenue.
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