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Consolidated BIR Questions Thread

brownpaubrownpau Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
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I propose to make this thread the clearinghouse for all BIR-related questions. Any objections? There being none, the motion is unanimously approved. :bop:


Is there anyone here who can help out with a TIN number problem? It's simple: I don't have one yet. I've been working for almost three years, am on my second job, and still haven't received my TIN number yet. I filled out all the necessary BIR forms and submitted it (through the acctg department of my first company, and they say it was filed), but I never received the number itself. I've been altogether too busy to go pick it up myself, and even if I had the time, I wouldn't know where to go or where to begin.



  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    The first step is to ask the payroll people at your first employer (if it still exists) if they have your TIN. Maybe they do, since they filed your application. If they don't, you should find out the RDO (Revenue District Office) number where your application was filed. Typically, it is the closest one to your first employer's office. You should then proceed to the RDO, endure the heat, smell, inefficiency, etc, and ask for your TIN. A valid ID (driver's license, for example) will help.
  • aticusaticus Laker fan for life PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    brownpau, if you still have a problem and KuyaDanny's suggestions don't pan out, then let me know. My mom used to work with the BIR, and she can help you out if you have no other options. Just let me know. :)
  • bagyoboybagyoboy Just do it! PExer
    What is it? How will it affect us?
  • dilbertdilbert an engineer PExer
    Same banana. We are following the U.S. tax system but innate graft and corruption in BIR/government is just wasting the people's money (middle/high income class). I'm all for increasing tax exemption (from 20K to 75K?, maski nga 150 OK lang) and willing to part with my hard earned money because as someone wise said that those who have less in life should have more in law but the very people who are making the law and enforcing it are the same people who are milking this poor old country dry. Darating din araw ng mga hayup na yan. Hmmmph. :angry:
  • lupuSlupuS Mabuhay ang mga... PExer
    It gives a tax break to wage-earners by raising the taxable income threshold.

    It will do nothing at all for those who are part of the "underground economy" or those who are very poor and do not earn their income from wages.
  • bagyoboybagyoboy Just do it! PExer
    "raising the taxable income threshold" = "raising personal exemptions" ??? By how much?

    no changes in withholding tax tables?
  • lupuSlupuS Mabuhay ang mga... PExer
    Current Tax Table
    Annual income range/Tax rate
    Not over 10,000/5%

    Proposed Tax Table
    Not over 75,000/0%

    I think they are also changing (increasing) the personal and additional exemptions but I do not know the details. Please keep in mind that the above rates constitute a proposal, which is subject to much debate and revision when it goes through the legislature.
  • gundamegigundamegi Member PExer
    Hello i would just like to post a query to people out there who is very much familiar with the Philippine law. I would like to know if the 13th month is taxable or not? From what i have understand the 13th month is non-taxable. Am i correct?
  • watlandwatland Member PExer
    P30,000 of your 13th month pay is NOT taxable.
    Any amount that exceeds that say, you get 45,000 pesos for 13th month pay... the 15,000 peso excess IS taxable.:o
  • gundamegigundamegi Member PExer
    okay, assuming you receive 45K and 15k is the amount that would be taxed, what is the percentage of the deduction?
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    The same percentage they use to determine your monthly withholding tax on salary.

    If you make 45K a month that would be (45K * 12) + 15K = 555K taxable annual income (before exemptions). That puts you in the top bracket and your withholding rate is 32%.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Add all your bonuses (13th, 14th, etc) and the 1st 30K isn't taxable. Anything more than that is taxable. Ehehehe, just asked our Accountant kanina.
  • rains_delightrains_delight Banned by Admin PExer
    Here is the BIR rule regarding employees benefits:

    1. 13th month and other bonuses- First P 30 K is not taxable. In EXCESS of P 30,000.00 is taxable.

    2. Vacation and sick leaves- If converted to cash, first 10 days is NOT Taxable but the EXCESS IS Taxable.
  • rains_delightrains_delight Banned by Admin PExer
    Originally posted by gundamegi
    okay, assuming you receive 45K and 15k is the amount that would be taxed, what is the percentage of the deduction?

    Im sorry, I can't give you the exact figure, but the P15,000.00 will be included in your gross salary for the whole year. Here is the format:

    Gross salary ( for the whole year)
    P xxxxxx.xx

    13th month ( excess of P 30,000.00)P xxxxxx.xx
    Other taxable benefits xxxxxx.xx

    Gross Income P xxxxxxxx.xx

    Non taxable Benefits

    SSS, MCR, Pag ibig xxxxxxxxx.xx
    Insurance Premium xxxxxxxxx.xx
    Personal exemption* xxxxxxxxx.xx xxxxxxxxx.xx
    Gross taxable Income xxxxxxxxx.xx

    Income Tax Due ( use the table at the
    back of 1700) xxxxxxxxxx.xx
    Less: Income tax withheld ( for the whole
    year) xxxxxxxxxx.xx

    Tax refund ( due) xxxxxxxxxxx.xx

    * Single --- P 20,000.00
    Married 32,000.00
    dependent 8,000.00 each ( up to four child only, up to 21 yrs old only. )

    For married people, here is the rule of exemption:

    The husband shoulder the exemption of the children. But if the husband is abroad, then the wife will.

    The wife may shoulder the exemption provided she should have the waiver from the husband.
  • florenofloreno Miyembro PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by gundamegi
    Hello i would just like to post a query to people out there who is very much familiar with the Philippine law. I would like to know if the 13th month is taxable or not? From what i have understand the 13th month is non-taxable. Am i correct?

    Defenitely NOT

    For more info:

    Computation of 13th month pay:

    If you stayed for the company for the whole year 2001:

    its just 13th month = Basic Salary (incentives are not included)

    (Basic Pay x 12) / 12

    If you stayed for the company less 12 months...

    (Basic Pay x Months stay in company) / 12
  • noel_ickynoel_icky Member PExer
    if ever someone got your TIN card, what are the things can she possibly learn about me? or will she be able to do something bad using dat?
    my card got lost kse e. i was in my bf's house and i forgot i left it pala sa sala. and yung girlfriend ng brother ng bf ko was there. we're not in good terms, mainit dugo namin with each other. im not really blaming her but sya lang yung tingin ko na may motive. kse yung TIN card ko lang talaga yung nawala, nothing else. feeling ko, she's up to something. someone's been harrassing me thru my cell -- sending me business cards with bad words about me. and we (my bf and i) know it's her.
    hope u could help me. :(
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    I changed the title of your thread. Let's see if people will notice and give a reply.
  • pinaysrdbestpinaysrdbest kiwipinay PExer
    I guess there's not much data in the card, though. The best way for you to do to ease out your worries is for you to make an Affidavit of Lost TIN Card then secure a new one from the BIR regional office where you applied one. That way, if ever she uses your TIN card in an illegal way, you have proof that it was lost and had reported it. Good luck!
  • noel_ickynoel_icky Member PExer
    KD, thanks for the concern!

    pinaysrdbest, thanks for the advice. il do that asap.
  • lupuSlupuS Mabuhay ang mga... PExer
    About the only use the thief has for your TIN card is as a fake ID. Unfortunately, a TIN card makes an ineffective ID. It has no picture, so it's useless. And most important transactions require you to produce two pieces of identification, so a stolen TIN card isn't worth much.

    As for people finding out what your TIN is, well that's no big deal. Your TIN is all over the place - on your tax returns, maybe your pay slips, and even on your community tax certificate.

    You do need a TIN to transact with some government offices, but what possible government transactions can the thief do in your name?

    - renew your driver's license? (he needs the original)
    - register your car? (he needs to bring the registration, and the car)
    - sell your land? (he needs the title to the land)
    - borrow money? (he needs to know your SSS, Pag-Ibig, GSIS, etc account numbers, and those are not on your TIN card).

    So, at the end of the day, it's a (minor) hassle. Nothing more.

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