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creating your own traditions

dudelishdudelish squeak. PExer
what traditions did you create for your family? y'know, like dressing up for dinner friday nights, or "kain sa labas" on sunday (labas ng bahay as in backyard for bbq picnic), or ps2 tournament every weekend.

with the new kid and all, what traditions do you want to create for your child?


  • seasonseason work in progress PExer
    congrats about the new kid, dudelish!

    we've a two year old and well, have the following (simple) traditions:

    1. lunch at my mom's on saturday
    2. date with mommy (that's me!) either saturday mornings or afternoons
    3. christmas eve with my ILs
    4. christmas day with my family

    that kinda thing...are you planning anything? maybe i can pick up tips from you...:yum:
  • dudelishdudelish squeak. PExer
    well, right now he's only like a year old. but already we started taking him to the park every saturday for breakfast since his 10th month, before the sun gets too hot. we bring a full spread breakfast, and put him on his jogging stroller so i can squeeze in speedwalking. cujo our dog rides with him in his stroller.

    he loves the sun. he likes it when he doesn't have his shoes or socks on and he sticks his feet out in the sun.
  • Fairy_nd_meadowFairy_nd_meadow Member PExer
    Well, Fridays are usually movie-at-home days. My daughter enjoys us watching Filipino videos (most of the time) at home, with a bag of popcorn or pizza.

    Saturday is piano day for my daughter. This means she has to go to her classes, and we eat out afterwards, go to he mall, etc.

    Sundays are tidy-up days where she gets ready for the week ahead. This is also the day where we entertain or visit friends, go to the park for a picnic, etc.
  • pattybeepattybee Member PExer
    I can think of a few...

    Sundays are spent with my side of the family. The afternoon starts with a trip to the mall (where she usually coerces her Lolo to buy her a new toy). Then the day winds up with dinner.

    Night time (after dinner) is always spent either playing or watching tv together until it's time to go to bed.

    Every night, we pray together (with her reciting) and then after she prays, I tell her Love my baby and she responds with Love my mommy .
  • Mickey2000Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger ✭✭✭
    bouncymickey.gifSunday is a fun-filled day it's either...

    dine-out (kapag me $$$,sa mejo fancy na restaurant,kapag tight budget naman,dito lang sa local diner)


    watch movie together (minsan we rent children shows and we watch it with him.)
  • PennyLanePennyLane Almost Famous PExer
    Let's see:

    1. Every Sunday afternoon, we go to the cemetery and visit my father-in-law's grave. My son would "help" my husband light the candles.

    2. We usually eat out on Sunday night.

    3. Starting this school year, I took a picture of my son on his first day of school. I hope to do so every year so to keep a record of all his "first-day-of-school-look".

    4. My husband and I would watch CSI every Wednesday night.

    5. We would get a family picture every Christmas.
  • JdelaCruzJdelaCruz Place Avatar Here PExer
    What is the difference between "tradition" and "routine"? Just asking :)
  • dudelishdudelish squeak. PExer
    Originally posted by JdelaCruz
    What is the difference between "tradition" and "routine"? Just asking :)

    a tradition is something you have to put extra effort to make it happen.

    a routine is something that just happens. like sh!t. because sh!t happens. that's why bowel movement is a routine. of course i digress... :glee:
  • BuDwEiSeR#8BuDwEiSeR#8 DaleEarnhardtJr:Born2Race PExer
    :imu: TRADITION means yearly,ROUTINE is what you do everyday in a regular basis :)

  • ate germsate germs master showgirl PExer
    bump ko lang... nice thread.... other mommies might have other ideas... ako wala pa e kasi bagong panganak palang ako (last aug 1). pero gusto ko rin magpauso ng sarili naming family tradition hehehe...
  • camgraycamgray Member PExer
    ^Ate germs: ka birthday ko baby mo! :) Congrats!
    Our family traditions:
    1. Christmas every year with my side of the family in Baguio (hehe..not naman unfair.. his side of the family doesnt celebrate Christmas). Love baguio during Christmas!
    2. Cake and candle-blowing every birthday- whether may party o wala, all family members (incl. house helpers) get a cake on their birthday :blow:
    3. Pizza night - about once or twice a month.. My kids love cheeeezzy pizza.
  • DaNa8DaNa8 certified mommy PExer
    We go to mass every Sunday and go to the mall afterwards or just spend the rest of the day relaxing at home. We travel outside Manila once a year. First year, we went to Boracay then it was Davao this year. :)
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 Babae po ako ✭✭
    i used to celebrate xan's bday every week when he just came out, simple but special meal for the day lng, then it became monthly. minsan cake, minsan champorado lang, my mom's specialty, with the malagkit rice and gata etc...

    as a big family we go out of town, to a nearby resort for the holy week.

    for christmas, we all celebrate it at home. my sisters who are all married goes to our house.

    during the all soul's day we all troop down to the cemetery to clean up and visit my dad's grave. then we pray and eat and chat.

    am kinda looking forward to bringing Xan to all those traditions. ;)
  • rakeenarakeena Member PExer
    we celebrated their bdays each month until they turned 1. simple dinner lang with relatives & cake siyempre.

    1 major vacation every year
  • ate germsate germs master showgirl PExer
    camgray wrote:
    ^Ate germs: ka birthday ko baby mo! :) Congrats!
    belated hapi bday camgray!!!!
  • camgraycamgray Member PExer
    ^Thanks ate germs! Enjoy your new baby. :)
  • sweetwahmsweetwahm Just Another PExer ✭✭
    camgray, i luv the brithday cake and candle blow tradition! That's why we do it too, party or no party!

    Here's what hubby and I made up for our family (or rather, what I made up and forced hubby to follow :naughty:):

    - It was Christmas season the year we got married so it was Christmastime when we finally got to live under 1 roof. Since it was just two of us, we bought a tiny tree for our room and lighted it up together.

    - The Christmas after that, I was already pregnant and we still did the Christmas lighting thing.

    - When the next Christmas came along, our baby was 11 months old, and we "helped" him light the tree.

    - This Christmas and every Christmas after that, we'll do the Chirstmas lighting again. (The littlest child lights the tree :) )
  • camgraycamgray Member PExer
    ^Aawww, how nice! that's a good tradition to keep! Naiimagine ko yung scene, hehe.. syempre wild talaga imagination ko, nag fastforward ako to when you and hubby are grandparents na.. Wow! that would be a very grand event, the whole family gathered together to watch the newest family member light the tree.. Parang type kita gayahin, sweetwahm!:D
  • sweetwahmsweetwahm Just Another PExer ✭✭
    That's exactly how I imagine it too! Every year the youngest child lights the tree :D I think its so sweet and meaningful.
  • psychosonicindypsychosonicindy Banned by Admin PExer
    Halloween! EVERY kid shd be allowed to roam around in a ridiculous costume and gobble down as much chocolate as humanly possible....they outgrow it, anyway so...

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