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To All Rap Fans help me!!!!!!!!!!

Hey can any body tell me we're can i buy some new cd's mixtapes,and other classic albums please tell me,yung here lang sa flipins ha..........please.I can't find eh!

Who is Selling their Nas "Illmatic" CD i'll buy it my fu-ken cd was stolen.I almost cried when i lost it.


  • good ;uck findin a copy ive searched everywhere ( im talkin different countries) for it and haven't been able to grab hold of one
  • anyone who has a illmatic cd wouldnt sell that ish!!! thats a classic and a collectors item... and you wouldnt find any copies here... my friend got one... orig and in mint condition... but i doubt it if he gonna sell it... you can always borrow and burn(copy) it... thats what i did...
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