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Sarah Geronimo

Hello guys! I know hindi pa ganun ka-sikat si Sarah Geronimo. She's the one who won sa Star for a Night hosted by Ms. Regine Velasquez.
I just really like this girl who has a powerful voice and a pretty face.. and for me, she has the potential of following the footsteps of Regine because they both started from joining singing competitions..
post naman kayo some info about her and why do you like her.. thanks!!


  • i think sarah's alright. she was my bet @ S4AN.

    But she has to minimize her voice modulation. Sometimes, I think she modulates her voice to sound like Celine's. She doesn't have to, cause I think she sounds just fine. Besides, she's still young, she can still go a long long way.
  • fan sya ni celine dion pinag aralan nya mabuti voice ni celine galing nya nagaya nya konti
  • ok boses niya! maganda, 14 yrs. old lang ha!
    ayoko na si nina, sigaw ng sigaw!

    go sarah!:cheers:
  • ganda sya...may hawig sya dun sa crush ko na tga holy spirit :glee:

    go sarah :rocker:
  • wen d first time I saw Sarah on star 4 a night, alam ko na na siya talaga ang mananalo kc bukod sa star na star ang dating niya, maganda pa and I vote 4 her also! I LUV U SARAH!!!!!!! :inluv:
  • LAST March 1, 14-year-old Sarah Geronimo was declared "Star for a
    Night' after competing with 1O other equally gifted contestants (she
    was finalist no. 11). Aside from pocketing a cool million pesos,
    Sarah also won a recording contract with Viva Records and a
    management contract with Viva Artists Agency. Clearly, the second-
    year high school student of the University of Santo Tomas- Education
    won't be a star for just a night. She's predicted to hit it big in

    But just like the success story of reigning diva and host of Star for
    a Night, Regine Velasquez, who did the rounds of singing contests in
    her hometown in Bulacan before she was able to build a career in
    Manila, Sarah's journey to imminent stardom has been difficult. After
    all, singing is every man's passion in this country and having an
    extraordinary voice is not enough to get you noticed. It's great to
    have luck by your side, but it's better if you know persistence, hard
    work, determination and optimism, as well as having supportive
    relatives and friends.

    Sarah agrees, and shares her story with StarStudio Magazine: For
    starters, music is in her genes. Her mom used to be a choir member in
    school, while her dad simply loves to sing. Sarah recalls her dad
    telling her that at age two, she started to sing - with the hairbrush
    as her microphone.

    When she turned five, Sarah remembers attending performing lessons at
    the Center for Pop in Cubao. Her family, meanwhile, has been long-
    time residents of Sta. Cruz, Manila.

    "Kaya mahirap at saka nakakapagod ang biyahe," she relates. "Gabi na
    kami nakakauwi. Pero masarap din." Smiling, she adds that she enjoyed
    learning how to sing and discovering new songs. She was still a tyke
    then but she was already belting out mature tunes like "Greatest
    Performance of My Life."

    The formal lessons would go on for the next few years, teaching Sarah
    not only how to sing properly but also to have confidence in herself.
    Thus, at age seven, her auditioning days began. (She was usually with
    her mom, she says.)

    First stop: ABS-CBN. Sarah underwent a series of rigorous and
    frustrating auditions. When she finally made the cut for Ang TV 2,
    the kiddie program was cancelled after a month. She had her first
    taste of show biz, a frustrating first attempt.

    Then, GMA-7. The tryouts were relatively easier, she recounts, and
    she easily got a part in the teen show, Next, which, sadly, turned
    out be short-lived, too.

    Sarah likewise tried the movies, appearing as one of Camille Prats'
    classmates in Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa.

    At the same time, she didn't neglect her studies. She stayed in
    school and became a member of the choir. She also joined singing
    contests in barangay fiestas, winning the top prize most of the time.

    In 2001, Sarah felt it was time to try her luck on TV once again, so
    she auditioned for the local version of Star for a Night that media
    mogul Vic del Rosario's group had scheduled for airing on Channel 13.

    "Three times akong nag-audition," she recalls with a sigh, adding
    that she also. thought of giving up.

    On the day of her third audition, it was raining so hard and she and
    her companions had to commute from their house to the audition
    venue. "Pero sabi ng dad ko," she says, "'Don't give up!'" So she
    braved the rains.

    Good decision. A few months later, Sarah got a call for a coveted
    slot in the competition. She sang one of Celine Dion's hits, "To Love
    You More," and impressed the judges and the audiences alike.

    Deep inside, though, Sarah felt like breaking down because of anxiety
    and tension. "Hindi ko ta!aga ine-expect na mananalo ako," she admits.

    She became doubly edgy in the semi-finals round. "The night before
    kasi sumakit ang tiyan ko dahil sa kinain kong salad," she
    explains. "Kaya hindi ako makatulog sa Bayview Hotel kung saan kaming
    lahat nagstay."

    Sarah nevertheless gave a dazzling rendition of another Celine Dion
    hit, "It's All Coming Back," and, in the process, earned a ticket to
    the finals, where she reprised her winning piece in the weekly round.

    Expectedly, her family and friends as well as her neighbors all
    rooted for her, with the latter trooping to the Geronimos' house
    after Sarah was acknowledged as the winner. "Sinabihan na !ang si!a
    na late na kami uuwi," she laughs. "Baka kasi mag-antay lang sila
    nang matagal."

    So, how is she going to spend her one
    million pesos?

    Without skipping a beat, the singing champion replies that she'll buy
    a house forher family. "'Di kasi kami nakakabayad ng rent sa
    inuupahan namin," she discloses.

    As for herself, she aims to become a successful singer-actress like
    Regine and at the same time finish her studies. If she were given the
    chance to have her dream concert, Sarah would ask her fellow Star for
    a Night finalists to perform with her. "Nakapagbonding na kasi kami,"
    she grins.
    So does Sarah feel like a star now?

    Part of their training in the contest, says Sarah, is the development
    of self- confidence. "Kailangan daw mag-feeling star kami," she
    points out.

    As we watch her effortlessly change outfits and emote. different
    moods for the photo shoot - dreamy in long-sleeved shirt and jazzed-
    up denims, expectant in an ensemble of silver bustier, gold pants and
    beige poncho, and diva-like in an orange gown accented with Swarovski
    crystals - Sarah, indeed, has the makings of a star for life.

    - showbizpinoy.com
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