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Anyone hear of the Anime "The Last Exile?"

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Claus Valca lives in Prestale, a world within an endless sea of cloud where an enormous storm called Grand Stream rages on unceasingly in the sky above. Working in the carrier business as pilot on a Van Ship (flying boat) which his father had left behind, he dreams of passing through the impassable storm to reach beyond.

His friend Lavie Hed helps him out with the business as a highly skilled navigator and a mechanic, and she too, dreams of going beyond the Grand Stream. A ceaseless war has been fought in Prestale between two nations that occupy the world which involved flying battleships in occasional skirmishes, and for Claus and Lavie who live in a small town, the war has been a remote incident unrelated to their lives. One day, however, they witness a savage battle when they deliver a letter to the commander of a fleet of flying battleships. The incident marks a drastic change in the course of the war.

Because of their insatiable desire to reach beyond the Grand Stream, they inadvertently get involved in the war that is about to affect the lives of all people in Prestale.

I've seen the series and it's freaking awesome! I think it's the same artist that drew Anime series "Lain".

Toru Fujisawa's "Tokko"

Anyone here have seen Toru Fujisawa's new manga series titled "Tokko"? This is way different from what he did with the GTO. This time, a secret war is raging on between the humans and some kind of monsters in the streets of Tokyo or something. (I can't read Kanji you know?) It's like reading Genocyber with the Highlander series(swords and stuff) attached to it. It's pretty good but violent as well.

I'll scan some pics some other time.


  • I've seen the series and it's freaking awesome! I think it's the same artist that drew Anime series "Lain".

    Try Vandread.... coz "Last Exile" is Gonzo's 10th year Anniversary offering...

    And Lavie and Claus are siblings...according to the pictures, and the tranlation... interesting bit is the same picture of their father is also found in Alex Rowe's cabin on the Slyvanna
  • Nope LastEXILE art is not drawn by that artist. If you want try TEXHNOLYZE, that's the one drawn by the same artist who drew for Lain. Nevertheless it's quite similar.

    And yup LastEXILE is good and packed with a freaking amount of CG.
  • I was in Yokohama last week and I hafta stay up late at night just to watch the Last Exile. Gotta love the ship-to-ship fight scenes. :)
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