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sino may mga pet fish dito???

wala lang... i started having doing this hobby for about a week na... and i would like to know some useful tips kung paano mag-alaga ng mga isda... :D


  • I have a 50g tank with 6 Banded Rainbowfish:


    There are some other fish in the tank, including 3 albino Corydoras:
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i got the generic live bearers (2 yellow sunburst guppies, 1 sunset platy, 1 orange mickey mouse platy, 1 red tuxedo platy, 1 black lyretail molly), 3 zebra danios which keeps on propagating but they serve as dinner for the rest of the fishes in the 'hood, 2 jarponica someting shrimp....
  • mine is a knife fish, malaki na sya... sept 2001 pa namin sya binili from the store. ang galing nga eh, kahit walang ka-mate na lalakeng knife fish nangingitlog sya pero di nabubuhay. kailangan raw kasi ng lalake dahil yun daw yung magtatago hanggang sa mahatch na.
  • arowana close to 1 feet na rin cguro kaya lang namatay kelan lang tumalon raw sa aquarium it was able to move the lid malaki na rin kasi tapos alang tao sa bahay...pagdating nila patay na :( saka snakefish lumaki na cguro mga 14 inches na yun last time na umuwi ako sa min yr 2001 un na lang fish ko...
  • jw44jw44 PExer
    school of neon tetras

    2 male & 1 female bettas
  • There's tons of similar threads...but here it goes:

    This is a 75 gallon tank (divided into 2) with a jebo 955 OHF, crushed corals used as a substrate with a DIY rain bar and DIY cave.


    Here are the occupants.

    Fat *****: I don't know what type of male LH this is. Perhaps some of you can identify him.




    Blackbeauty: This LH cannot seem to get the color black out of it's system. I'm guessing its a female. Again, I don't know the variety.




    This next Lou Han was given to me.

  • This is my 85 gallon community tank. It has a DIY overhead towerfilter and mixed black and white gravel as substrate. A portion (the right side) of it has sand as substrate. I used skullrocks and a big clay pot as decor.


    Here are my fishes playing in the rocks


    The juvenile frontosas:



    I think this will turn out to be the alpha male

    One of the two stripped catfish

    One of the three blue jewels

    2 of which paired off and had fries.

    and my three stooges (clown loaches)

    The community also has three plecos...of which I do not have pictures.
  • Here is my oscar tank. 50 gallons with a OHF and another biological filter in the tank with a powerhead. Contains two albino blood red and 2 tiger oscars. So far they get along fine.


    This is what it looks like during the day:


    Here are the occupants:

    Pig: the biggest oscar in the tank. I don't know why he grows faster than the others considering they are all approximately of the same age.


    Scarface: named so because he got a terrible beating from a LH when he somehow traversed the divider in their old tank. Magaling na ngayon. Pero you should have seen his gills.


    and the two tiger oscars:


  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i have this yellow guppy (F) for almost three months now pero hinid pa rin nanganganak..

    she always has her tummy full ( the gravid spot isn't black at all) its just plain silver, i can see the internal organs but not sure if there are eggs.

    i'm thinking of getting another male guppy (which i fear is sterile, why? i dunno just a guess cause of his weird leopardy yellow & clearwhite patterns parang sunburst din & medyo maliit siya sa female) should i do this or wait another month ?
  • hey shifixto... may tanong ako... gaano kaliit yung lh mo nung binili mo sya??? yung akin kasi parang ayaw lumabas ng natural na kulay... sabi nila baguhin ko daw yung wall paper ko or maglagay daw ako ng mga paso sa aquarium... parang mag-aadapt daw yung kulay nya sa surrounding... maliit pa kasi mga lh ko e... pero sa tingin ko dapat lumalabas na yung colors nya by now e... tnx...
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