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Generation Revival

Have they gone to your school?

this group, consisting of teenagers go to different schools and hold concerts..pero kakaiba kasi they sing religious songs rock-style..

nung una akala ko sobrang corny pero after awhile we were on our feet jumping to the words like Jesus, Holy Spirit and Lord our God. Sobrang natuwa ako.:D

if you guys wnt to watch them they have concerts every fourth friday of the month... di ko nga lang alam kung saan!hehe, sablay!:*) tanong ko po ulit, ill post it here:D


  • i've been to one gen rev but hindi sa school namin.. its from the ELIM community. they have a place in quezon city. its a huge place its prolly bigger than our school auditorium. i met some of the singers. Its actually a great way of letting the youth know more about God's love and Jesus Christ. through this kind of presentation/songs the youth will finally know that Praising God is boring. it can be heart pumpin action as well..peace :)
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