How would Taulava do in the NBA?

intrigueintrigue inexplicably calm PExer
What do you think? The guy is built like a horse, and knows how to play the post.

He's a scoring and rebounding machine.

But what do you think? Do you think this guy has what it takes to even make it into the NBA (doesn't have to be a starter or even a 6th man).

@ 6-9, 207 lbs. he's a little lighter than most PF in the NBA and may get pushed around...

on the other hand...

is he fast enough to play the SF position?

What do you guys have to say about this?


  • Amuro_RayAmuro_Ray Member PExer
    Baka mapagod lang sya sa takbuhan ng fast paced na laro ng NBA :lol:
  • ateneo10ateneo10 buying Magic cards PM me PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    he played in the aba, as a SMALL FORWARD when he was there. remember the time he came back in the philippines looking like a beanpole? well, he decided to see if he could play in the ABA. he damn sure as hell could! he led the team in rebounding, 15 per night, but that's it... not scoring in heavy digits, no big numbers in assists, long tongs, nothing. he can run, we know that, even if he weighs as much as he does now, (and that's a good thing) but he can't push people around when he plays three. did you see him? like wesley gonzalez/ four years ago enrico villanueva thin! as a power player, i know he can't coz ali peek can push him around, and if ANYBODY standing 6,4?/6'3 can push you around like that, well, you're 6'8! you got a problem!

    plus, he doesn't have a perimeter game at all! three point shooting, puede, if unguarded, but the perimeter is 0 because he's just too strong, but a lot is lacking in his control of his fingers, to follow through properly.

    just to give you an idea: tyson chandler is 7'1, 20 years old, and shoots 60% in his sophomore season from the free throw line. that's a 2nd year man! 60% as compared to what? 50?

    then, there's footwork. it's not bad, but again, if you're 6'8 and can't find a way to pivot around and legally push off a 6'4 guy who is just coming off an injury and not known for his on-ball defense at all, you got a problem.

    theoretically, maybe, but he has a lot of work ahead of him.
  • MelfanMelfan Ovation PExer
    I dont think so. he will be having a hard time even in College Tournaments. He is to slow to play as SF.
  • sixxxsixxx PExer
    --->Can you say Brian Scalabrine?:glee:
  • intrigueintrigue inexplicably calm PExer
    except scalabrine weighs 33 lbs. more than taulava.

  • sixxxsixxx PExer
    Brian Scalabrine = bench warmer

    Asi Taulava + NBA = bench warmer

    Therefore, Asi Taulava = Brian Scalabrine :lol:

    On the lighter side, Asi could probably be the "next" Malik Rose at best. His game quite resembles the toughness of Malik in the paint.
  • Cool_EnzCool_Enz The Sports Guy PExer
    Asi Taulava tried out for the Dallas Mavericks two season ago. This was during the time when he was black listed in the country. Of course we all know he never made the cut. :frank:
  • intrigueintrigue inexplicably calm PExer
    He's improved alot in the past two years though, hasn't he?
  • lacroixlacroix Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    he will be a good towel boy :)
  • mintymalonemintymalone The dynamite PExer
    well, he is good
    but no so much as an NBA pro
    I don't think he'll make it
  • doctor_doomdoctor_doom master of disaster PExer
    If I was playing against skinny midgets, I'd be Michael Jordan.

    Taulava? Pleeeeaaaase. A semi-talented wanna-be basketball pro. They call him The Rock. Is it because he's got the intelligence of a boulder, or is it because he likes sniffing rock crystals?
  • caprisccaprisc Member PExer
    He would never make the cut even for the worst team. He just doesn't have nothing to offer. There's so many players like his size that is more skilled, stronger, faster, and way better player than he can ever be and they naver made it on the NBA.
  • josecuervo888josecuervo888 Lick, Suck & Swallow PExer
    shaquille o'neal has finally met his match in asi in the free throw line dept.!:D
  • lech0n 420lech0n 420 Banned by Adm|n PExer
    forget it. :no:

    asi taulava in the pba is like lech0n 420 playing for a grade 4 intramural basketball team.

    asi taulava in the nba is like lech0n 420 playing in the PEx basketball league.

    0.8 PPG, 0.8 RPG, 0.2 APG, 0.2 SPG, 15 MPG

    :yuck: those happen to be my stats from the inaugural season...

  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus PEx Legend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I think he would do well in the NBA front office's marketing department. As seen during the PBA fashion show, Asi Taulava can carry a business suit.

    If ever Taulava does make it to the NBA, it will be another source of pride for the Filipino people. :rolleyes:
  • School_boy29School_boy29 kills ugly germs PExer
    at 6"9, 270lbs, taulava has the BODY to be in the nba, but the question is, does he have the talent?Well, he may be a star here in the pba but the nba is a totally different arena, not that pba players are lacking i talent but,let's face it, to be in the nba, you must have the TALENT. imagine these scenarios:

    a)taulava might be placed in the smallforward or power forward position in the nba and have to be matched up with guys like KG,Novitzki, malone or webber who has the bulk and the jumping ability. can he match uo against those guys?fat chance

    b)taulava in the center position-its like paying to see someone like mike tyson go up against lewis (same power, different heights)

    c)Taulava in any guard position-no comment

    bottomline:taulava is GOOD here because his size, in our standards, fits well with the way he plays (he is the shaq of the pba as one of the columinsts of a certain newspaper once wrote) but the nba is a totally different story.

    If i would choose a pba player who has what it takes to be in the nba, i would choose:

    danny s.-speed, style of play, jumping ability, and height (at 6"6, he could be a good shooting or off guard or even a point guard)

    V.meneses and K.duremdes-just add a couple of inches (I think they stand at 6"4 and 6"3 respectively)and they can be a good shooting, off or pointguard.

    feihl-height and bulk (at 7"0, 260lbs, can bang bodies with the center in the nba)he could ba the 3rd center of a lowly nba team and his syle of play is proper for his height, not much sign of any talent but his size says it all.

    just my opinions
  • School_boy29School_boy29 kills ugly germs PExer
    should have been "good shooting, off or pointguards".
    sorry for the error.......:D
  • golkargolkar Member PExer
    in my mind, the philippines has produced only one player of recent vintage who could have played in the nba -- allan caidic. he wasn't much of a defender but he could have easily filled in for a steve kerr type, a guy who could step in during crucial stretches of the game and drop 2-3 three point bombs (or even 8-10 on a good night :eek: ) on unwary opponents and get out of the game before the enemy knew what hit them.

  • unashamedusherunashamedusher now known as paolylo PExer
    i think Taulava would be gun shy in the NBA... no one needs to double team him in the post... he wont be able to post up or face up any player of his position in the NBA... he may be able to grab a few rebounds...
  • Brad PittBrad Pitt Registered User PExer
    The level of play sa PBA is way behind the US level of play. Si Taulava bangko sa ABA team sa San Diego, he wasn't even starting. Plus he played the no. 4 position, PF siya. Their best player and highest scorer was Stevie Thompson. There is no way Taulava will make it to the NBA he was given the opportunity, he did not even make it to camp. He did not even go to a division one college team BYU Hawaii, hindi BYU Provo, UT. A PBA team will not even beat a section A high school team in a major city.

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