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Clay Aiken

This is for you hanna17smb. :D :laugh:

I'm not really a Clay Aiken fan. I like Ruben more. But I have to admit, if you're on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, you must be doing something right. :) Well, and the fact that you're outsellling the actual American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard.

All of Clay's fans... This thread is for you. :bookish: :cheese: :teehee:


  • my sister is a die hard Clay Aiken fan. Would u guys happen to know where I can get the Clay fronted RS magazine? I'd like to get my sis a copy.
  • isn't he -uhm- happy?
  • he's so gay! yun lang

    Ruben is da man!
  • lagi ko shang nakikita sa posts ni hannah17smb!:glee:
  • tnx to kat for telling me that there's a clay thread now. i wasn't on PEx but i'm here now. :bungi:

    f0r5aK3n omfg!!! thanks for this thread! i was already thinking of making one but i was just lazy! heehee.

    and for chrissake...the guy ISN'T gay! :rolleyes: if he looks like it that doesn't necessarily mean that he is. he answered questions about that before so don't fret it.

    soulthird try walmart, jewel or barnes and noble?!?! :bungi: i bought 2 last week! one's on my wall since then! and so i'm keeping the other copy! heehee.




  • soyasoya PExer
    dang! tsk! he's not gay??? shucks...too bad.

    ey hannah nice pics. he's sexy!
  • soya yeah, he isn't gay. :) he said that on rolling stone magazine...i wanna posts like tons of pictures here but i'm taking things s.l.o.w ... so here's another one... :heart:



    and watch ET 6:30CST it'll have his video shoot! :bounce: i can't wait...

  • yeah clay aiken is NOT gay .... he just wants to be one ...... damn look at those pictures that you posted ... he posed so manly ... hahaha!
  • Originally posted by DIECAST
    yeah clay aiken is NOT gay .... he just wants to be one ...... damn look at those pictures that you posted ... he posed so manly ... hahaha!

    oh yeah?! wasn't this thread supposed to be for his F-A-N-S in the first place?!?!?! if he wants to be G-A-Y as to what you just S-A-I-D then does that make him much L-E-S-S of a P-E-R-S-O-N?!?! oh common, stereotyping people is an old school crap and i don't stand people doing stuff like that. i just D-O N-O-T. :rolleyes: and i know that clay isn't gay and so i'm also speaking for those peeps who are that you are merely affecting as well. tsk tsk! :shakehead:

  • cool down Hannah Banana :stolenkiss:

    baka it takes one to know one *peace*

    Though I voted for Ruben Studdard, I admire Clay and his powerful voice :handsdown: This sexuality issue ain't got nothing on him *okay*
  • i like him better than ruben. ruben is so predictable. clay can sing n he does it effortlessly kaya ang ganda tignan. he seems so confident
  • et4.gif


    Clay's album will be out end of August or early September at the earliest. His album won't be out on the same time as Ruben. :)

  • Hey! Jon !!

    Hannah: dipa ako nakakabili ng cd ni clay!!!probably this weekend.

  • as a guy, i don't see him act manly enough to prove his true gender.

    it's ok for you to argue with us because he's your true A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N- I-D-O-L. I really don't care for them. I just received my Rolling Stone subscription with his face on it and I would like to shred it. He can sing but I dont like his gestures after all.

    i agree with diecast, a true man doesn't pose like that.

    I believe Clay is gay and Simon is not.

    We respect your opinion and i hope you respect other's opinion.

  • Ralph Lauren but I think the Rolling Stone people made him post like that. :confused3:

    if you believe then go ahead...

    it still doesn't change anything. so what if he's gay?! tho he's not...

    i don't like to say that simon is gay but he's last appearance on conan, he's stroking the hairs on his arms bcoz they're going the wrong direction [that's what he said] i like him and i don't care if he's gay or whatever. being gay doesn't change anything. for me coz i admire him...

    oh well. nobody could please everyone. so i won't f-r-e-t anymore. no harm done. the end. :D


  • i like clay...he has a great voice...and he's kinda geeky:D
  • Clay's Album on Amazon

    Product Details
    Audio CD (August 19, 2003) i'm not sure about that!
    Label: Rca
    ASIN: B0000AGWEC
    Amazon.com Sales Rank: 1




    haha, now...beat that. the album doesn't have a title yet. now...beat that again. <3

  • -=CLAY AIKEN=-

    galing naman nya, wala pang title ung album nya no. 1 agad :handsdown:

    at hindi po sya GAY *okay*
  • American Idol 2 concert starts tomorrow. :bawling: I'm so sad that I couldn't go...oh well. Maybe next time. :)

    I've heard that Clay's singing this song iNViSiBLE in their tour, which is also in his album. I couldn't wait. :up:

  • We don't have American Idol here in the Philippines :~( but I saw Clay Aiken in the Oprah Winfrey show and he is so cute! Plus I love his song "This is the Night" :D
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