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Neo Soul Discussion

For all of us who are Neo Soul fans. This is the thread for it.

From D'Angelo to Kelly Price... :)

Would you classify Neo Soul as a brand new genre? Or is this just another fusion of Jazz and R&B and a little bit of Rock?


  • hmmm.. No Neo Soul fans???

    and I thought ya'll love Maxwell and D'angelo?
  • theres a new breed now..

    goapele, amel, res(dunno bout this one though), anthony hamilton, bilal, musiq, angie stone..Akeys is at least to some magazines spearheading the neo soul phenom..
  • raphael saadiq (formerly of tony toni tone) released an album called instant vintage. great album!
  • have you heard of the new neosoul sensation? his name is van hunt. his album is currently earning raves from music critics all over.
  • tnx im a check it out..
  • Maxwell lover over here :)

    Hey Jon, what have you heard of Dwele's album? I'm thinkin' of buying is.

    anyone here have a review about Remy Shand?
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yeah... neo soul is a new sub genre of soul which would fall under black music which has blues, r&b, soul and the like...
  • how bout anthony hamilton? comin from wer im from..i got me clips of his songs..this ones tight..
  • my co-worker just recommended Anthony Hamilton, she's been playing his album at work - sounds good!

    What about Donell Jones? Is he Neo-Soul? :hmm:
  • remy shand aint he white? he got the goods first single i think is take a message very reminiscent of maxwells earlier produce..
  • candyappleredcandyapplered PEx Rookie ⭐
    "neo soul" sounds like a cool sub-genre, but i don't think any artist would want to be labeled...look what happened to grunge.

    i read an earlier reply that neo soul could be a fusion of jazz, R&B and rock---nothing "neo" with that. the artist's skin color or racial leanings should not interfere with musical expression, so as long as he/she plays the music with conviction.
  • we always say it dont matter..the color of ones skin but it does..when whites come out wit their borrowed influences and outshines the black ones.. and tis just a shame..it only then becomes just a norm..black ones give the roots while the white ones comes for the sun and outshines hu gave it life..
  • Neo soul intrigues me... I've never really been a huge fan of r&b, and neo soul is actually at the risk of being branded as just another r&b rehash. City Lite 88.3 was the first to dish out neo soul here in pinas... they had a weekly show called Smooth Soul Revue which was all neo soul. Sayang wala na. Anyway, the genre is promising and I hope it gets a bigger following here (but not to the point that it crosses over to mainstream).

    I have a track of Goapele's and it's called Closer... mood music :p Has anyone here heard of Maktub? I think their music can also be classified as neo soul... please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • muhaha... I thought this thread wouldn't survive! Thanx guys...

    Reena: I'll get back with you on those... ;)

    Right now, my Neo Soul artist of the month is Floetry. They hail from The UK.
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