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JR of SOP.. hot or not?

He was once believed courting the RnB Princess, Kyla, and was rumored using the artist's name to gain fame. Maybe he has the looks, but does he really have what it takses to be a stAr? What do you think PEXers? Does he really posses some talents or not?


  • Napanuod ko siya sa Mel and Jay. He sings well naman.
  • Naked_SalvationNaked_Salvation Moderator PEx Moderator
    i think he's ok...

    mas maganda pa nga yung boses nya kay Malic (tama ba spelling???)

    and bagay sila ni Kyla...

  • crush ko sha, i like his voice! he's hot! hehehe :D
  • he's got very good voice. i particularly like his version of one last cry! :)
  • bagay nga sila ki kyla. hehehe!

    i saw them (kyla & jr) nagduet nung launching ng album ni kyla sa SOP... galing! :)
  • delphic_oracledelphic_oracle PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I like his voice. Very smooth. I love it when he does a duet with Kyla... It doesn't hurt that he's kinda cute too. :hiya:
  • JR? Cno sha? JR? hindi ba RJ Rosales ng ASAP? RJ is really good!!
  • Originally posted by freexone123
    JR? Cno sha? JR?

    Fine, fine, he sings well. But I hope when he guests at Talk Shows, he would explore another dimension of him other than...Geleen's nephew and THE GUY who has a crush on Kyla...Kelan ba siya napansin...when he "surprised" Kyla at STARTALK last April...and when he sang LAUNDROMAT with Kyla on SOP. Now they are a loveteam? I think he will benefit more from the loveteam than her. He only gets talked about in reference to her. Even the starter post of this topic has reference to her.

    I dunno if they are an item in real life...hell, they could be married for all i care...but I think it would be wise for Kyla to stick solo and not be identified with ONE GUY lang.

    JAY-R does sing well...although sometimes medyo OA...and parang attention/limelight grabber... yun na lang ang i-showcase niya...tutal may talent naman siya....although i saw his vid on MYX...mala-egoy-egoy...i'm not impressed...mababaw ang song...like any other hiphop artist, it has touches of SEX in it...mala Nelly na walang laman ang songs kundi sex, cars, drugs and hiphop....

    And i know cute is a relative term. I respect that some folks find him cute. But for me he looks like Pong-- as in Pong Pagong.
  • galing niya kumanta, he goes well with kyla... cute pa siya!!!

  • hot.

    magaling to. bilib pa nga ako dahil lumaki siya sa states pero marunong magtagalog. hehe.

    good voice talaga.

    ps: ganda ni kyla! :love:
  • CKCK PExer
    i like his voice...okay din cya when he dances...

    his voice blends well with kyla...kaso ayoko yung loveteam thing :lol:
  • jayr.. yeah, he's got a good voice... and he's really down to earth.. met him once... and heard him sang live too.. hmm.. he was with a girl then.. matangkad.. so hindi si kyla yun..
  • the way he sings and the way he moves.
  • asungot.darossiasungot.darossi PEx Rookie ⭐
    HOT. Definitely!
  • Originally posted by freexone123
    JR? Cno sha? JR? hindi ba RJ Rosales ng ASAP? RJ is really good!!

    kung di alam ang pinagsasabi, pwede wag magcomment ...
  • Hottah Hottah :cool:
  • kung di alam ang pinagsasabi, pwede wag magcomment ...

    Eh bat ka pa nag-comment? Manahimk na lang pwede??!!!
  • he sings and dance well, pero parang walang syang dating :D
  • si jay-r? hay naku....wag na yan!!! ang yabang yabang, ang pangit pangit......get get aw!!! hehe...joke, actually di ko siya trip, kasi ginamit niya si kyla para magkaroon ng pangalan...pero magaling na rin siya....if i will rate him from 1-10....(1 highest, 10 lowest)....siguro mga 11....hehehe, di, mga 4 siguro.....saka sana wag niya ligawan si kyla...na-he-jealous ako eh!:yum:
  • eyaneyan PExer
    maganda kung sa maganda yung voice nya..but i don't like him!!!
    and for me, HINDI SILA BAGAY NI KYLA!:mad:
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