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One Piece

This is one very interesting anime to watch...very entertaining. I like the way they adopted the "swashbuckling pirate" - genre of old and made an anime where we can relate to all the characters, whether they be villains or heroes.

Granted, the art and the storylines are mediocre to average at best (I mean, how many variations of "pirate stories" can you have?), but it's the very well-developed characters which draw you to this series. You can see each of the character's motivations, Luffy's ambition, Suron/Zorro's determination, Nami's cunning, Boo's hidden courage, and Sanji's sense of honor as a cook (whatever that is!) :)

Sure, with this much character development the episode count really soars, as it's on to the hundreds and still ongoing. But unlike the "marathoners" such as DBZ, you won't get bored with the pacing of this series and will want to watch all story arcs to their conclusion.

For ye other landlubbers out there...post your comments/rants/raves to this anime. Har har har! :cool:


  • I have all 49 episode releases of Kaizoku-Fansubs, the best and probably the only one fansubbing it on the net right now. Plus the First Movie.... galing.... pero I know episode 150+ na ang One Piece sa Japan... -_-;

    Haba... pero logical naman, since nasa East Blue pa lang sila, they still have to conquer North/South and The Grand Line...
  • One piece is my current favorite anime. I'd describe it as a cross between dragon ball z and naruto, the pirate version.

    Bravoexo, willing to trade one piece for anything else? I only have 1 - 25, still getting the rest from a dump site.
  • You're half way there, Consortium... ep 50 just came out about 8 hours ago... he he he

    I don't know about trading...I'm pretty much up to date naman kasi eh...

    If you have You Are Under Arrest TV Series Season 1 then I might consider it.
  • hehe, i know i'm halfway, was in the channel when they released ep 50. we were even talking bout what leechers would get first, naruto 38 or op 50. my vote goes to op 50.

    just too lazy to dl the rest. actually, i'm on ep 29 now, might as well get the rest :)

    happen to have an anime list? i'm bound to have something you don't.
  • Does anyone have the complete listing of the Opening and Ending Themes for "One Piece", as in song title and artist? So far I have We Are (1OP), Memories(1ED), and Believe(2OP).
  • I bought a bootleg dvd so I'm up to 50 to 52 eps. Naaasar ako kasi di ko alam san makakakuha ng other eps nun, specially the dvd versions. Kahit mahal basta bawi.
  • ang tagal tagal mag sub ng kaizoku fansubs neto, wala pa sila sa ep60... pero buti na lang at narelease na nila ang movie 2
  • i'm more of the One Piece manga fan than the anime one. technically though, i haven't touched much the anime yet. only watched the first 5 eps and those didn't appeal to me. yeah... i love the manga better. anyway, nag-stick ba yung anime sa manga? just curious.

    and btw, who's Boo? all i know the people in the Straw Hat Pirates crew are Luffy, Zoro :lovealot:, Ussopp, Nami, Sanji :lovealot: and Chopper.
  • rinoa: Boo would be Ussopp. Depending on the fansub you watch, they either keep the original names (which is good), or if you're unlucky like me, you'll get translations of names such as:

    Luffy = Roofy
    Zoro = Suron
    Ussopp = Liar Boo (or Liar Bu)
    Sanji = Sunkist

  • ahh! a bootleg dvd watcher like me! Anyway, I read some of the manga and the series was true to the manga format. Think Ranma except Ranma weren't able to end the animated series properly
  • You must watch the Kaizoku-Fansub translations.... excellent work there...!!! Update na ako, up to ep 59!!!! yeaha!!! of course, I even have last week in japan episode 166... raw nga lang. ^_^
  • may plano yatang talunin and sailormoon sa kahabaan (200 eps na yun dba) unless gusto niyang tapatan ang fist of the northstar o dragonball sa dami ng eps. Malas mo kung fan ka sa japan. 3 eps per dvd tapos 2700yen each.
  • There are rumors about ABS-CBN interested in getting and showing One Piece here...
  • If ever that happens it would be their third 'bitin' anime, the others would be Inuyasha and Yugioh. They'll be showing chunks of seasons kasi hindi pa tapos sa Japan...

    Anyone know about the manga? I think it's in Volume 30+. How far is the anime compared to the manga? That maybe is the only way to estimate the episode count, long anime BTW. Only seen 1/3 of what's shown so far.

    I'm fer fer behind my mateys... maybe ABS got a diggin' of Pirates of the Carribean movie lol.
  • currently nasa episode 168 na cla :*)
  • Di nyo ba alam na gawa ng Toei Animation Philippines ang One Piece.
  • ows! galing naman!

    Nway, yung CCHQ sa Katipunan have lots of one piece manga but mahina ang popularity ratings niya compared to other titles kaya di nila gaano ina-update.
  • tama si jeremy. talked to Kat when we last went there looking for colorwalk and she said that ngayon lang nagiging popular yung manga kahit last year pa nila carry yung title. ngayon, sabi ni subukan nila kunin yung colorwalk artbook ^_______^ wheee!!!
  • >Di nyo ba alam na gawa ng Toei Animation Philippines ang One >Piece.

    oo nga, nag-field trip kami dun dati! super cool!
    dito pin-paint sa pinas lahat nung backgrounds, dito ginagawa yung in-betwens (paggalaw ng characters), painting (sa computer pin-paint) tsaka special effects (hit marks, speedlines, etc)

    galing! makes me proud to be a pinoy!
  • wish our country can sponsor our own well-made animation series. We got lots of potential storylines, even talents and artists. Wala lang capital.

    Check mo ad ng wonderful days, looks great but I have a feeling it has a mediocre storyline. Generally based on my experience, magaling ang koreans in telenovelas, fashion (3 days late raw sa Japan) and dishing out overly sentimental songs or hyper-epileptic techno music.

    BAck to one piece, argh hangang 109 eps ang available on bootleg vcd, and I guess ang source nun e from those guys who translates everything literally, even the names of the characters.
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