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juddah paolo

im doing this as a favor to my friend (haha whatever!) who's really into juddah..

reasons why we think he's ok--

1) he's a dead ringer for paul tan chi (but then of course, paul's better looking and a whole lot fairer)

2) he's a virgin! (or so he claims..)

3) he reads!! not a lot of guys are into reading-- definitely a plus!

4) so-so body.. yknow, not too lanky nor too 'big'

5) and he's not barok! haha

so.. any info?!?! :) and please, not the obvious details like he's the hotta hotta guy-- you guys get the idea..

zero --> im waiting... hehe


  • When I first saw the Coke "Hotta Hotta" commercial some months back, I didn't give the guy a second glance...then I saw him on Conversations with Boy Abunda with the other Star Circle 11 boys (sans Paolo Paraiso, but who cares about him? he should just stick to modeling :evil: ). He seemed to be the only person who spoke with sense, and he didn't seem pretentious (like another guy there whose name I don't recall, the Atenista) or mahangin (like the UST grad) or plain dumb (like one of the Barretto Boyz...not Cholo, the other one :throwup: ).

    I was struck by his sensitivity and the fact that he BLOODY READS POETRY. And it doesn't hurt that he's CUTE (in the kind, gentle, take-him-home-to-mommy sort of way) with a fairly good physique. :naughty:

    The name may be a bit of a turn-off, but Juddha Paolo seems to be the Guy To Watch Out For. I'm getting tired of seeing the same bunch of young performers being rotated on ABS-CBN shows (except for a select few whom I will NEVER get tired of watching, like Philly and Lloydy :love: ), and this fresh roster of talents should be interesting to watch.

    I saw Tabing Ilog this afternoon and found him there. His acting was (Ender's Girl furrows her brow objectively :hmm: ) ...pretty good for a newcomer, I must say. And even though I don't like his partner, Camille Pratts, I guess we'll have to settle for her...for now. :glee:

    So here's to Juddha...I hope he doesn't let us down! :cheers:
  • Ender's Girl, you're so cute, talagang pinangatawanan mo itong si Juddha Paolo ha (weird ng parents niya -- what kind of name is that?! or screen name lang ba?) :toofunny:

    I did think he was cute in the Hotta Hotta TVC -- sayang I didn't get to see the Boy Abunda interview. OMG, he reads poetry? :eek: Well well well. If he's smart, then I'm all for him, lalo na ang daming airheads sa showbiz 'no. A smart actor would be a welcome change. Ang tanong: can he act ba talaga? In fairness, bago pa lang naman siya... But Camille Pratts is his partner? :rolleyes:

    I doubt though that I'm gonna start watching TI for him lang (new format or not) kase Rovic is my kryptonite... when I see him, I just go :bigvomit:

    Btw, my uncle saw Juddha sa GB3 -- he's maputi daw and VERY cute (coming from another guy, that's high praise indeed :laugh: )

    So sige, tingnan na lang natin if this boy fulfills his potential and doesn't just fade into oblivion like the countless Star Circle wannabes who came before him...

    Juddha, hmm... :yum:
  • ya he's cute! also the first I noticed sa latest batch ng Star Circle.. nung nag-guest sila sa Morning Girls. like melusine said, sana nga di siya mabigo sa pag-aartista, and kung maging successful naman siya sana di ma-over expose or ma-cheapen ng mga roles na ibibigay sa kanya.
  • i agree ang cute2 nya and he has a face like an angel.mukhang mganda ung character nya sa t.i. i like him and paolo paraiso... i hope both of them will suceed.
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ooh yeah... he's something. he's not really gooooooood gooooood looking (patpatin pa nga e hehe) but he's really charming in his own way, yung tipong mapapansin mo siya in a crowd. plus i find him to be really articulate and sensible. :)
  • I got this interesting tidbit from Ricky Lo...

    His first name combines the names Jesus and Buddha. He’s a half-Spanish and half-Filipino who lived in the States for 14 years. An admirer of macho Hollywood actor Russell Crowe, Juddha is athletic, being a training member of the Philippine Boxing Team. He loves rummaging through ukay-ukay and was on the best-dressed list in junior high school. He’d love to try all kinds of roles – comedy, action or drama – although showbiz-watchers will agree that he’ll shine as a bold-drama actor.

    So that's where the funny name came from! :belat:

    But please oh please don't make him go the boldie route!
    :throwup: It will cheapen him (doh, obvious ba?) :no:

    oops mysti_12...didn't know you liked paolo paraiso! heehee! :D i like him too...as a mowdl! :lol:
  • para sakin......

    HE'S THE MAN!!!!!

  • At first, sabi ko pa nga...hnde naman cute ung nasa COKE commercial....and I'm wonderin bakit naman knuha sya for STAR CIRCLE...cguro kse commercial model ng COKE...hehehehehe...:evil:

    Pero when I watched ASAP last Sunday, dba kmanta sya together with Camille Pratts, grabeeee...parang iba na dating nya...ang cute nga nya noh...:inluv:

    Nakita ko rin nga ung some scenes nila ni Camille sa Tabing Ilog, cute nya talga...i lolook forward ko na talga ung mga next episodes ng T.I especially now na regular na sya dun....:love:

    Cute rin ung parang chinese, BRIAN ba ung name nya cguro kse gusto ko rin ung MG...hehehehehe:sunny:

    Sana nga, me mangyari sa mga careers nila noh especially ke JUDDHA...wag sana cla matulad dun sa iba na sa una lang meron shows tapos mawawala rin....

    And in the first place, me ibubuga naman sya kso dapat i train pa sya ng kaunti and sana matuto na syang magtagalog....:smokehead: :blush2: :spectator:
  • Cute! Lakas ng dating.
    Sa pagkaalam ko he's only 1/4 Spanish, not half.:shrug:
  • He's a hotta hotta guy! :yum: :D
    Any pics of him? Share naman! ;)
    Kaso, I heard he's taken already. Sayang! :shy:
  • :grinroll:


  • he's a kickboxer..

    from what i heard he's not officially taken..

    go grab him.
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I say he's cool!! :cool:
  • he's not yet taken???

    well, then.. that would b changed now.. coz am gonna grab him :love: :love:

    joke lang po.. peace out!!! *pinkcheer*
  • ang cute nya.. may potential sya maging big star.
    hay ang cute nya sobra. ibang iba ang dating nakakakilig
  • He's cuter in person. That much I can say. And he looks like he has a great sense of humor. :) He's also taller than he looks on TV.

    If you want to see him in person, drop by Aposento at Valero St. Makati on Friday, July 18. He'll be there for the Cosmo Bachelor Bash Bar Tour with a lot of other cuties! :) Open bar for Cosmopolitans from 9pm-12mn. *okay*
  • Guwapo! :*) He's got the looks and the charm.
  • hei.. c camille ba partner nia?? bagay b cla??!!
  • tingin ko hindi sila bagay ni camille... :shakehead: sowee... hehehe

    think he's hot... nice bod! :naughty2: sexy ung skin head nya!:blush2:
  • pakita ng pic
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