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Cindy Kurleto

JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
she's pretty!



  • Yeah! i agree with Johnston.she's sooo pretty,kahit di siya ganun kagaling magtagalog.
  • This will be a contoversial thread like the previous one.

    All I know is I like her. I like her for all that charm,wit and beauty. Most of all, I find her very strong-willed. She should work on her hosting skills though but I do see some improvement.:)
  • she dont have the talent. Ordinary look for half. Most of all BADUY!
  • westwest PExer
    Linagawan ng friend ko yan. Nung hindi pa siya ganun ka sikat (wait, sikat nga ba siya? ;)) She's mabait naman :D
  • I agre O_K..have you seen her? She's improving na...even Ai-Ai commented na she's doin better.. =)
  • Okay naman sya, kaso kulang pa nga sa practice lalo na sa pagsayaw medyo matigas pa katawan nya. Mas magaling pa rin talaga si Vanessa del Bianco.
  • O_K, mukhang we like the same people...

    I like Cindy. Maganda siya. I saw this feature on her sa Pipol and was impressed sa dami ng dinaanan niya sa buhay niya -- she IS strong-willed. Plus from the way the interview went, she seemed like a smart person. Mukha pang mabait. Am glad that her hosting skills have improved. Basta, I like her :)
  • in my opinion, she's very pretty. and she seems down to earth --yung hindi mukhang maarte. i hope she makes it good in showbiz. :)
  • Hay naku just a pretty face. Marami pang mas maganda at mas may talent kay Cindy, di sumikat.

    Ito pa kayang si Cindy, baluktot ang tagalog. May sumikat na bang half-half ang blodd sa showbiz.

    mainit lang ng 1 o 2 taon. Tapos wala na.

    ganyan din yang si Cindy.

    Ilusyon na lang ang pagsikat nyan unless magbold siya. Puede pa.
  • She still needs to improve when it comes to hosting. I find her awkward and always unsure of herself.
  • I'd hit her...

    Oh come on, her tagalogs fine because she has a reason why she's like that. Unlike alot of people in showbiz, who can't speak a single tagalog thing, yet they were born and raised here.

    She is beautiful, by my standards and she has nice body.I would be lucky to be graced by her presence.

    and when does a host do dancing and singing(Only in the Philippines).

    jhen_nny There is a flaw in your logic. As long as someone somewhere remembers Cindy Kurleto, she wouldn't fail.

    And would she care if she fail to make it to showbiz? She could do other stints... I would want her to be an actress. Since less than half of Philippines actors(actresses) can't do ***** about acting.

    Cindy is pretty... and all those who find her unpretty are either gay or just plain jealous.


  • she! is! HOT! WHOO!

    seriously, she's damn gorgeous...i mean with the mestiza features, the body, and the way she dresses herself; who would make a pass on her?

    i was a bit disappointed when she backed-out from the FHM bikini competition...pero okay lang; she's still the same CINDY :drool:
  • No talent at all! Just riding on the propensity of showbiz to hire half-breeds. Eye candy but can't even speak Tagalog! To think that she's been here for 2 years already.
  • she's bad in hosting!!! She's alright in dancing pero she so BADUY, she needs a fashion consultant badly...
  • she's soooo pretty kaya! sobra naman yung iba jan kung makapagsabi na walang talent at panget si cindy...
  • Uuuy si melusine and i_love_blue ....

    Yes,she's a bit eccentric with her style,huh? I guess she's a bit of a geek,hehe.:D

    But seriously, the girl can speak Tagalog when the conversation is rather spontaneous. e.g. interviews in Morning Girls or Pipol. But when it comes to hosting that is reading on cue cards, she's having an extremely difficult time. I don't think it's her tongue or anything...usually she just comes off very nervous or awkward. But I appreciate her efforts. At least she tries and you know she wants to. Not like other balikbayans who are obviously cruising on good looks alone, some of them have been in the Philippines for five years, and couldn't even speak a lick of Tagalog because they're not as interested.

    As for her dancing, she should stick to belly dancing and hiphop...the rest she needs more practice.
  • Originally posted by kane_warhead

    Cindy is pretty... and all those who find her unpretty are either gay or just plain jealous.


    You are perfectly right....She is so damn pretty....people who finds her unattractive need their eyes checked, and yes jealous. Look at her, she is so gorgeous, classy and vey sexy.
  • Bea_Bea_ PExer
    This girl is very pretty! Kinda reminds me of Joey Mead...a prettier version.
    And I don't think she has a bad fashion sense, she just have her own style. It may look ugly for others but hey, she can carry her clothes with confidence and style.
  • vp18vp18 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sa physical maganda talaga siya although kulang sa boobs
  • i find her real pretty but im sorry i CAN'T STAND HER VOICE!!!! theres seriously something wrong w/ it...like its squeeky tapos mababa, parang nagbibinata or something. ahaha...but other than that...shes pretty...but THE VOICE!!!!
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