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Where is Cheryl Cosim?

First it was Julius Babao. Then Erwin Tulfo. Now its Cheryl Cosim who seems to have been taken out of M.U.B. What gives? Di ba sila un original cast? Now sila pa iyon nawala...

Pero I also heard that Tin2 Bersola will join the show very soon. Is this true?


  • I think this might be a case of too many talents and too little shows. Some even have multiple shows like Korina Sanchez and Kris Aquino which does not leave room for the others. Some talents I think get paid a lot no matter what so even though they're not popular anymore, pinipilit pa rin kasi binabayaran nang malaki.

    Maybe ABS will realize that Julius Babao is laos na since they've tried him him TalkTV, MUB, and now TV patrol and wala pa rin may gusto. But they're paying him big bucks which forces them to put him on air.
  • Sa alam ko she's just taking a much deserved vacation 'coz narinig ko dati na binanggit na nya yun.
  • she's in abs' morning show kapag weekends.. i see her sa tv patrol minsan..
  • smartysmarty PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    she's in anc too... she's co-hosting kumusta kabayan w/ cito beltran...
  • cheryl_cosim.jpg

    Like robots even newscasters conduct themselves onscreen with cool precision-minimal gestures, clear eyes staring straight at the camera, lines delivered in a monotone. It is almost as if they aren't human, it is probably this air of seriousness inherent in newscasters that commands respect from viewers. But once 30-year old Cheryl Cosim, host of ABS-CBN's Magandang Umaga Bayan, steps out of the newsroom, the story someone who is more casual and candid. She discusses matters both professional and personal without hesitation. She speaks (without a teleprompter this time) her mind, with expression. She is more animated. More like a "regular" person than a newscaster.

    On air, she is Ms. Cheryl Cosim. But close friends and family call her "Yeng." Her career as a newscaster began in 1996. She shared, "I was here for a vacation, since my family and I were then based in the US, I saw an ad being aired on TV that said Channel 23 was looking reporters so I decided to give it a shot. I wanted to see myself on TV at least once in my life!" Getting the job was not exactly a walk in the park for Cheryl. In fact, it was more like a shot in the dark for her. "During the final audition, I felt that I did really bad. My pitch wasn't right, I hardly had any makeup on, plus I was conscious about my weight."

    As luck would have it, Cheryl soon found herself being launched as one of the new faces of Studio 23's News and Current Affairs department. "I was so thankful that I got the job. I knew that it was going to be hard but I was thankful nonetheless. I was getting over a bad break at that time and when this job came along, I found something that I could focus on," she declared. Cheryl did not have a degree in journalism or communication when she began in the business.

    In fact, she confessed that it was precisely because she had not graduated from college that she worked extra-hard to meet the demands of her new job.

    "At first, I thought, 'Anong malay ko dito?' I would go into one corner and try to start on my story. Panic. I was just so intimidated," she recalled. However, Cheryl was not the type to give up easily. She polished up on current events, read at least five papers everyday, studied every single published editorial and took in a new best friend, a pocket dictionary. "At night I would really watch the news and then come to work early so that I could take down notes. It really felt like I was a student trying to learn the ropes of newscasting, going through it by the day," added Cheryl.

    Her first year in the newsroom was "something between terrible and funny." Despite that, she admits that it was during that year that she learned how to handle rather uncomfortable situations on air. She recalls, "In 1997, I did the weather report situations on air. She recalls, "In 1997, the weather report for Alas Singko Y Medya. I had no idea how I was going to handle that but I took the job because it was my chance to be with ABS-CBN. During my segment. I would get on-the-spot questions and though I was always at PAG-ASA learning everything there is to learn about the weather, there were times when I would get inquiries that I just couldn't answer." Cheryl somehow managed to wiggle her way out of those tight situations. "I would say, 'Mamaya sa aming pagbabalik,' and then consult with PAGASA over the phone during the commercial break!" she remembers.

    Cheryl's serious as she may seem on air, is very candid. Clad in a pair jeans, she was very relaxed during the interview and was more animated as she chatted. Her bloopers in the past have not only been learning experiences for her, they also make for stories that are even more interesting. For one, knowing that she can tell a tale without the teleprompter reminds one that this newsroom beauty is human after all. It is also inspiring to know that there's more to Cheryl Cosim than just her pretty face. Her determination and hard work have taken her to where she is now and she plans to reach higher goals.

    "I would like to go back to school within the year. It really matters to me that I get to finish my studies. Besides my career and family, that would be my priority." And there is one news piece Cheryl dreams of bringing to the people. "It would have to be: I FOUND SADDAM!"

    * * *
  • XerophytesXerophytes PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I like her as a newscaster.

    I remember nung pumunta kami ng ABS, she is very accomodating... mabait.
  • Why is she now the weather reporter?
  • i'd rather watch her report bout the weather than that so-called genius ernie baron..
  • she still hosts the morning weekend show in abs. salamat dok na yung title instead of mub weekends
  • XerophytesXerophytes PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    And now she is in Kumusta, Doc! :)

    Ang aga! di ko napapanood! :(
  • she should be given more exposures coz she has the potential. put her in tvp world!! :)
  • XerophytesXerophytes PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

  • James Ty IIIJames Ty III PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Cheryl hosts Isyu Ngayon on DZMM every Monday to Friday at 5:30 pm before TV Patrol, which is simulcast with Channel 2.

    She is also pinch-hitting for Alvin Elchico in Magandang Gabi Dok on MM at 7:45 to 8:30 pm.

    She has Salamat Dok on ABS-CBN every Saturday and Sunday mornings.
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