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for those who love zaizai

hello!!!! post naman kyo ng picture ni lei!! thanks!! :)


  • Sorry wala me uploaded na pictures ni ZZ eh.. tinatamad ako.. hehehe. News na lang.

    News about ZZ

    Vic Caught Flu, Filming Crew Scared

    Vic caught a flu because of Vivian, CTS’s "Love Typhoon" cast went to Yang Ming Shan for on-location shoot, a scene of Vic giving a ride to Vivian to visit a client met with heavy rain on the mountain and both were drenched to the skin, also little Miguel isn't cooperative, a scene of him biting a shoe took a whole day to shoot, Vivian & Vic these two "Humor Two Team" kept laughing during takes, Vic got a flu the very moment he reaches home. Now is the sensitive period for SARS, director Huang Ke Yi clarified "We were not beaten by SARS but were beaten by the dog."

    The filming crew prepared a water sprinkler car for a scene of Vic giving Vivian a ride, and unexpectedly Yang Ming Shan was raining heavily and the water sprinkler car was not used and Vic & Vivian were both drenched and when the director called "Cut", the crew members immediately brought out big towels and ginger soup for them, and blow dry their hair, however, Vic was down with flu the very next day.

    During this sensitive time of the SARS outbreak, news of Vic catching a flu made the filming crew very nervous and yesterday immediately clarified that "it's only a flu, go back & rest for a day and he's fine now." The filming crew said that, they were filming Vic and Vivian visiting a client, the worst part was that Miguel wasn't cooperative and a scene of him biting Vivian's shoe, was completed only at 5pm in the afternoon when filming started at 5am in the morning. Vic was kept in the rain for 3-4 hours, filming ended at 12 midnight and he was totally exhausted when he reached home.
  • hi this is kewl!!!

  • Vic Chow

    Age: 21
    DOB: June 9 1981
    Born: Taiwan

    English name: Vic Chow
    Real name: -
    Chinese Names:
    -Pinyin: Zhou Yu Min
    -Cantonese: Chau Yi Man
    Nick names: Zai zai

    Zodiac sign: Gemini
    Blood type: O
    Religion: Buddhist

    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 66cm
    Vital Statistic: 37/29/36

    Spoken Languages: Unspecified
    Hobbies: Collecting photos (pictures) and decorative items (accessories) & slow jogging
    -Animal: Dogs
    -Artist: Andy Lau and A-Mei
    -Body Part: His eyes and think eyebrows
    -Clothes: Simple and comfy
    -Color: Grey, black and dark colors
    -Country: Taiwan
    -Drink: Guava juice and Shi Liu Green Tea
    -Food: Fried chicken chop
    -Movie: Goster Park
    -Music: Synthesized music
    -Musical Instrument: Guitar
    -Sport: Jogging

    Would like to visit: Canada
    Is good at... Singing and dancing
    Wishes: Being able to do things well easily
    Unforgettable Moment: When his grandpa passed-away
    Ideal partner: Someone who isn't too pretty because he wouldn't want to fight over her! (Mary: Me, me!)
    Dislikes: Being forced to do things he doesn't really want to do
    Ideal type of lifestyle: Living away from the rest of the world (?!)

    Character in reality: Well-mannered/polite, optimistic, courteous, shy, cheerful, modest/humble, quiet and funny!
    Character in Meteor Garden: Quiet, a thinker, sleepy-looking, gloomy, expressionless, shy.

    + Before F4, Vic was an engineering student at a Technical Institute in Taiwan.
    + His previous jobs were working at 2 different night clubs
    + Likes playing games and going to Internet Cafes (Mary: Zai-zai, please email me! I promise I won't publicize your email addy! ^_^)
    + He got the role of Hua Zhe Lei while accompanying his friend to an audition (Mary: How clich?!)
    + He let the offer of playing in Meteor Garden down before Chai Zhi Ping, the MG producer had to beg him!
  • Here are some facts about him:

    In actual fact, ZaiZai is a very simple person, his secrets are very innocent and beautiful, those who like ZZ definitely must know.
    1. Actually, ZZ was never a good student, but only an average student. Saying hello to his classmates, having meals, dozing off during lessons and laughing at the teacher’s seriousness together, at times will even draw out his teacher’s appearance. Being punished is common thing, and because of his height, he’ll feel a little embarrassed, therefore, he’ll lower his head and hunchback, this leads to the way he is today.
    2. ZZ greatest wish is to be able to attend classes regularly (although his results are not very excellent), end classes normally and after that, return home play dian4 dong4, sleep and eat delicious food.
    3. ZZ likes yi2 lan2, although it’s simple, it always keeps his feelings calm. He can wear shorts there, showing off his spareribs (pai2 gu3) physique.
    4. When facing the camera, ZZ will be the more nervous one compared to the other F3. Ken said among F4, his expression is the most dai1, and just as ZZ is about to pout, Jerry added it’s him, not zz. In actual fact, we know they are just humouring themselves.
    5. Everyday, before ZZ attend classes, his classmates will always help to keep a lookout first to see if it’s safe, then he’ll sneak into the classroom juz like a thief.
    6. By helping his fans signing autographs (which gives ZZ slight satisfaction), he’s afraid that he’ll disturb his classmates studying. Student vs artise, these 2 roles gives zz different feelings. Student life lets him preserve his purity whereas life as an artise allows him to mature rapidly.
    7. ZZ understands that there are many things in this world, u can achieve only through yr own hard work. Therefore, he no longer repel being an artise, work hard and give his best.
    8. At first, when zz left F4 he felt miserable (can3), but now he can du2 dang1 yi1 mian4 already.
    9. There will always be some fans in school asking for ZZ autograph, taking photos. ZZ will also do his best to satisfy them, after all without them, ZZ & F4 will not what they are today.
    10. Because ZZ and his fans are overly close, it makes ZZ elder brother unhappy. At times he’ll scold zz when he spend too much time signing autographs for fans, ZZ “forced to” get angry, sacrificing his brother.
    11. As his school is afraid that fans will affect ZZ’s study, his classroom windows are closed during lessons and even the only glass window is covered with paper. Therefore, classmates say that ZZ’s starlight (xing1 guang1) made the room willingly change to night (hei1 ye4).
  • 12. ZZ classmates comments on him: ZZ’s really a very good classmate, very shy, often tells cold jokes, even gives us F4 autographs, treats us very well and does not put on airs at all. ZZ is very adorable, very hardworking, only that perhaps due to exhaustion from work, he’ll be a little li4 bu4 cong2 xin1 at times.
    13. ZZ always feels that he’s not Hua Ze Lei, but Qing He in real life because ZZ is very gao3 xiao4, but ZZ has both HZL’s shuai4 and Qing He’s cuteness. If there’s a role that combines these 2 feelings, ZZ can definitely act with high proficiency. (Who hit ZZ? So… it’s Vanness. He’s jealous that ZZ is more handsome than him.)
    14. Lately, ZZ is seen with a gal called XiaoYan, hired by ZZ’s mother as ZZ assistant, monthly salary of $25000 (taiwan currency), paid out of ZZ’s own pocket. But when photographed together, she’s said to be his girlfriend. It’s said that they started dating after ZZ returned from Hong Kong. They were seen walking out of the house, went to shop to choose vcd, then went to the Mac near his school to takeaway and left together. Even said that ZZ skipped classes to accompany his girlfriend. ZZ is someone who places love above other things, he’ll not bear to let his girlfriend endure the pressure with him, and he’ll only take good care of her.
    15. ZZ greatest wish now is to sleep till zi4 ran2 xing3 but in fact, ZZ treasures his career very much after all he’s only 20 years old (21 now). Before everything has been given its best shot, ZZ will not quit.
    16. ZZ hopes to sleep in a room with the rest of F3, the 4 of them chatting till daybreak. Because with them, ZZ will not be nervous and can tou1 lan3, in addition, Ken always makes delicious food (saliva dripping…)
    17. If he has a month’s holiday, ZZ hopes to go to somewhere where no one knows him, the best with the company of F3 so that he will not be lonely. They can accompany him play dian4 dong4 and listen to him sing.
    18. ZZ’s birthday wish? Hope MG2 will be even more successful than MG and that Xu, Vanness n Ken’s album will have good results.
    19. F4 will be going to China on 19 May and may arrive earlier. Must remember to go to the airport and receive us, best if bring along flowers (this wish has been fulfilled).
    20. ZZ’s eyesight is exceptionally good, convenient for him to look at beautiful girls.
    21. ZZ hope to develop more talents on stage, such as for musical instruments, he had learnt drums before but his teacher said that ZZ’s hands & feet movements can’t coordinate very well, so asked him to consider learning guitar instead. Hope that by the end of 2002, ZZ can display his guitar achievements in concerts.
    22. ZZ’s physique is indeed not as ‘man’ as Bao Long, but he’s still very pleased with it.
  • 23. Ever since he became famous, there are more and more fans following him around. ZZ is actually quite shocked in the no of fans (xia de pi gu niao liu), but he is still happy for their efforts.
    24. ZZ prefers girls who are not too thin. A-ya (Liu Han Ya) ever asked him if he gets a different feeling from hugging her (in PQGGZ) compared to Da S? ZZ answered, “Don’t feel any different, both of you are too thin. Next time, my future partner cannot be too thin, or not will look too xin ku, also cannot be too pretty, cute is enough.”
    25. ZZ is very good in drawing. He used to practice drawing himself by sitting in front of the mirror. Also, ZZ’s writing is the nicest among F4, no matter if it is by mao bi or pen.
    26. He was only 146cm tall when he was 12 years old (Primary 6). Because of his small frame, he always get bullied (in Primary school). His bullies will either slap his face or hit his head, causing him to have a horrid memory of his childhood.
    27. ZZ is very scared of ghosts. There was once he was recording a section Taozi’s program. Taozi made some excuse to leave the room, and upon her departure, the TV suddenly showed a ghost movie, ZZ was scared to death. He tried to leave the room, but the door was locked. He dare not look at the TV, he even used the pillow (with his pillow case) to cover his face! He did not expect the whole episode was secretly filmed by Taozi, hao qiu3!
    28. ZZ gets easily distracted. He likes to day dream a lot. Although most of the time, he doesn’t pay attention in class, he will never sleep in class. Cos if he is discovered, he will be paiseh.
    29. This is how ZZ likes to eat his bao. Take a small bite of the skin, then slowly suck the bao and eat it along with a drizzle of soya sauce.
    30. There is a reason behind ZZ’s inaccurate pronunciation. His paternal grandfather is shan dong ren, grandmother is hu nan ren. His maternal grandfather is from Shanghai, grandmother is Taiwan yan zhu ming. So it is nan mian that his pronunciation is not accurate!
    31. ZZ does not know how to sweet talk, cos he thinks it is too rou ma! He will also cry or laugh out loud in these situations, which will just spoil the mood.
    32. ZZ likes performing in concerts because he gets to hu dong more with his fans. He likes to see fans shouting his name, carrying flash cards bearing his name. The feeling is simply great. When he hears or sees it, he will try even harder to perform even better.
    33. When he first saw those crazy star chasing fans, he felt… “hehehee…bu cuo…seeing that they are willing to give so much for their idols.” But now, he feels that they should study more or do other more meaningful things with the time. If they are chasing him while he is attending those public events/activities, then it is ok, but to trail after him in private is a bit too much.
    34. What impression does ZZ’s fans of him? ZZ thinks it is most probably….unclear speech pattern! Hahahaa…
    35. Gou zai dui used to follow ZZ for a whole month and they did not get any exclusive pics worthy for publication. In the end, they gave up. ZZ’s daily schedule involves filming, attending classes and going home, GZD won’ be able to get any ‘good’ pics out of this routine
  • 36. ZZ’s arm looks much more toned and macho now, toned enough to be compared with Vanness…ermmm…maybe still lacking a bit more…a couple more inches perhaps...hehee
    37. ZZ had 5 relationships, 3 times he got dumped. Now, learning from experiences, he is afraid of pretty girls, cos pretty girls are not safe, not very dependable.
    38. Cai Jie told F4 before that she will not restrict them to have relationships, it is up to them to make the decision. But if they get in trouble because of it, they have bear the responsibilities and solve the problem themselves.
    39. 1st gf – His primary school friend, very cute-looking. ZZ even tou qin her once, bit only managed to kiss her face. At that time, he said that he was very nervous, his heart was beating real fast! But they were not together for very long. That’s how ZZ’s first love passed.
    40. 2nd gf – Very beautiful, has long hair, but was together for only 1 month. The reason that she broke up with him is that he is too boring! ZZ said, “I am boring? I am boring?….But I am really quite a boring person!” ><|||
    41. 3rd gf – 149cm tall, very ordinary-looking girl. ZZ don’t really like her, but his classmates say that ZZ and her are very compatible and ZZ bu hao yi si, so he was together with her for a while. They went and left school together, but soon realized that they are not good for each other. ZZ suggested to break up, the girl did not even have second thoughts and agreed to it. ZZ later asked himself, “Aren’t I attractive enough? Good think that I was the one who brought up the break up!”
    42. 4th gf – plump girl, around 120 kg. But ZZ liked her a lot because she is always happy and cheerful. ZZ treasures their relationship a lot. He even day dream about the day he was going to marry her! But before he even woke up from his dream, they broke off.
    43. 5th gf – Very cute-looking. After ZZ went to Taipei to study, they met less frequent and spent lesser time with each other, their love starts to fade. Ever since ZZ becomes a star, he does not have any other gfs.
    44. ZZ very much wants to have a relationship. According to him, if a guy does not have any love life, he gets old even faster. This is what he learn from his past experiences. But ZZ being the youngest amongst F4 got to wait for his turn. (He has to let the elders go first or they will not fang guo him!) ZZ ever mentioned that he wants to get married by the time he is 25 years old, looks like it is mission impossible!
    45. Jerry ever mentioned in his XZJ that in future, he sees Ken as a ying yue ren, ZZ as a father and Vanness as a tian wang. ZZ is the most mei chu xi, but this is really ZZ’s life’s biggest dream come true! Do you believe?
    46. There was a discussion going on what to give to Hua Ze Lei on his birthday, HZL’s birthday is on 30 March. ZZ expressed, “This is unfair, Lei is a comic character, Lei is me, how come no one discussed what to give me on my birthday?? I~~...*sob sob*” (pretends to cry).
    47. So, everyone must remember that ZZ’s birthday is on 9 June 1981, as for what present to give for his birthday…errmm…

  • (June 09, 2003 1am)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC!!! :bday:

    Mwah!Mwah!Mwah! :stolenkiss:
  • Happy Birthday ZAI-ZAI :bdayblow:
  • happy bday zaizai! :*)
  • PLEASE paki sabi naman kung ikakasal na ba siya :( Basta kung ano man may gf ba siya? Gusto ko lang malaman. PLEASE! Kasama na ko sa mga loka-lokang may gusto kay Zaizai :eek: SALAMAT
  • :*) :*) :*) :*) :*)
  • guys napanood niyo na ba yung video niya? forgot the title eh... basta meron behind the scenes, tapos one scene pinapa-smile ata siya nung director, eh pagod na ata siya mag-smile, so he gave this pilit smile that was so cute!!!! as in.

    tapos sobrang kilig ako dun sa Can't Help nilang video... nung iniinterview si Vaness, tapos from the side may Teddy Bear na nangugulit sa kanya, nung pinakita sa cam si Lei pala yon! hayyy.... :D
  • Magandang Araw po sa inyong lahat..

    nakakabitin ang pinapalabas na Meteor Garden sa ABS-CBN kaya nag decide ako na maghanap ng full set ng Meteor Garden na may English Sub title at naisipan kong e-share ito sa inyo..

    hmm... binebenta ko ng Php 999.00(dvd) per copy ng buong set ng Meteor Garden I(dvd) at kung interesado kayo ay mag email lang kayo sa [email protected] or mag text sa 0917-4843425 o PM niyo lang ako or mag post lang kayo dito.. pero mas ok pa rin kung text niyo ako para I can anwswer your inquiries asap.

    meron din vcd. pag dvd 10 discs and vcd is 19 CDs(80min CD-R) / 21 CDs(74min CD-R)


  • love ko talaga sya!!!!


  • princemon how much yung vcd set?
  • Originally posted by mvergara
    PLEASE paki sabi naman kung ikakasal na ba siya :( Basta kung ano man may gf ba siya? Gusto ko lang malaman. PLEASE! Kasama na ko sa mga loka-lokang may gusto kay Zaizai :eek: SALAMAT
    Grabe mvergara kung ikakasal na sya. Wala pa syang gf. Pero may mga natsi tsismis sa kanya. Ayaw ko nang sabihin kung sino sya... :(
  • pictures nung gimik nya with his friends last Thursday ata yon. Naginuman and karaoke sila ng barkada nya for his bday.
    Ang gwapo nya noh? Hay..

  • hi guyz...ziazia is the bomb..hehehe mag join in ako sa thread d2 kapamilyaz..hehehe
  • hi takeout4chinese! Yes, ZZ is the best :)
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