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cd-writer......to buy or not to buy?

that is my question...

i need some info on this...please help :)


  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Are you talking about a stand alone CD burner or one for your computer? Either way, the answer is yes. Don't buy an external one for your computer though connected via parallel port. Too slow and glitchy.
  • it depends if your IDEs are already occupied then you should buy an external one otherwise its probably okey to buy an internal..
  • Of course para may pagkakakitaan. May sideline job na ako using my CD Writer.
  • Well I suggest you gear up with the 12x/4x/32x drives.
  • Of course its to buy. Almost everything is too big for floppies these days. Not everybody has ZIP or LS-120 drives. So if you plan to be able transfer an ample size file to another computer, it would have to be on a CD-R. I also agree with the previous post about not buying external USB / Parallel Port drives, unless you want to waste money on bad burns a.k.a. coasters. You can still go external with SCSI / Firewire burners, but they cost a lot more than internal IDE burners.
  • mas maigi na 'yung merong kang ever-dependable na back-up esp. the rewritable CDs...

  • if your looking for brands:

    for internal and home use, get Yamaha its around 8k lang sa Galleria.

    for professional and heavy duty, get HP. Check out http://www.villman.com.ph for prices.

    for portability and external, get the HP 8230e that has USB support. it is around 16k dito sa manila. outside (say hongkong/singapore/taiwan) less than 12k lang.

    for beginners, just get yamaha. i have a friend who uses the drive for more than 500 discs burns na and wala pa ring problema.
  • kerbkerb PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    to buy! :)
    kesa bumili ng zip drive.. out na yun.. mahal pa ng media storage esp the 1 gig'er. bili din ako pag me ca$$$h :P
  • I'm more inclined to say yes, go get one if you can (or are) willing to afford one.

    CD-Recorders or CD-ReWriters are becoming more and more practical these days, with the CD-R/CD-RW media becoming cheaper as well. Just recently, there has been a flourishing of 700MB/80 minute CD-Rs, and I've seen some CD-RW media selling for only P100.00.

    The internal ATA/IDE model will suit most of your needs. They come in a variety of recording speeds. I find CD-Rs or CD-RWs with record speeds of at least 4X to be good enough. It will depend on you if you want to get faster ones, though. :)

    Aside from simply backing up data for your personal use, you could also make some money with it by offering to back-up files to CDs for your friends, or offer to make them a customized line-up of [free :D] MP3s, convert certain MP3s to make an audio CD playable in Audio CD players, and the like. Some of the more creative means I've seen are people making digital yearbooks/albums for their school in addition to the printed material.

    The possibilities are numerous, and you could also make some money with it.

    I'll grabe one soon myself, if I have the money. :)
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