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And the winner is ...

nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
After the first week of our KFC contest, a number of topics and posts were generated outside of the UAAP corner. We would like to thank you for all your points of view, but there can only be one winner. But first, the top five ...

#5 Songs Worst to the Ear by Archerguy
From the Music Forum
10 Different people who posted

#4 Favorite OPM Band by Gerbsdecastro
From the Music Forum
11 Different people who posted

#3 Who's the best radio station? by Clawed_Out
From the Music Forum
12 Different people who posted

#2 What Fil traits would keep us from true
and complete progress? by Aragorn
From the Pinoy Culture Forum
24 Different people who posted

#1 Is Liberalization a good idea for our country right now? by Aragorn
From Isyu ng Bayan Forum
27 Different people who posted

Congrats to Aragorn who was the runaway winner for this week!!! Libre!!!

Just a reminder, the tally is based on the number of people who replied (not counting the person who posted of course) and not the number of replies. Let's see who will take home the chicken next week!!!


  • This week's winner of the KFC bucket is ...

    MACKYMACK for his topic "How do you heal a broken heart?" in the Pinoy Culture Forum. There were 8 different people (no duplicates) who posted under his topic during the week.

    Wait for nix's email to coordinate your free chicken.


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