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Full Moon wo Sagashite

I never thought that I'd enjoy a shoujo anime and put it on my top list of favorites to boot.

Deep story, character involvements, plot twists and those amazing songs really puts this as the best anime series that I saw in a long while.

From AnimeNfo :
The story focuses on 12-years old Mitsuki who loves to sing and wants to become a singer. However she has a tumor on her throat, which might only be cured at the cost of her voice. Her time is running out because she has only one year before she loses her voice.

In order to realize her dream to become a singer, she transforms into a 16-years old girl with help of Shinigami (god of death from japanese mythology) and took a singing audition. Of course she passed the audition and starts singing. But her time is running out as she only has one year before she can’t sing anymore.


  • redwitchredwitch PEx Rookie ⭐
    I am thinking of buying the manga, but I have yet to find a good translation site for this. Don't know how to read Japanese :(
  • I watched all the episodes of the anime and have read a few of the manga. The story is really cute and lovable, but at the same time, tragic. The fact that such a young girl gets a 1-year life sentence is really sad.
  • Heh, and how about that "shocker " in the later part of the series. Although you can already sense that something wasn't right in the previous episodes, it was still quite a heartbreak. :~(

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