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How do you prepare your adobo? [Merged]



  • There are lots of ways on how to prepare this good 'ol Filipino dish. But I like the one with more sauce.
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    We tried cooking pork adobo flakes :lol: Cooked in pressure cooker until the meat falls apart, then fried it.

    1. 1 kg chicken, cut into serving portions 
    2. 1 pack (180 mL) DATU PUTI  Adobo Series  Classic Adobo Sauce 
    3. 1 cup water


    • 1. In a pan, combine chicken and Datu Puti Adobo Series Classic Adobo Sauce.  Stir.  
    • 2. Add water.  Cover and simmer for 20 minutes or   until chicken is tender. Serve .
  • I think that I should try all these recipes!
    Adobo ang favorite meal namin.
    I usually have the pork & chicken combine para mas masarap.
    Before cooking, hahaluin ko muna ang pork and chicken sa toyo, pepper and gaya ng iba, lots and lots of garlic. Then I will let it simmer in low fire until kumulo.
    Once na mag boil na ito, I would add little hot water then boil again and add vinegar, once boil again, I would bay leaf and set aside.
    On separate pan, I would fry some potatoes and set aside.
    Boil some itlog ng pugo and set aside.
    I would saute garlic and take some of it and set aside. Add onions and pork and chicken and fry.
    As soon as maging golden brown na siya, I would add the remaining sauce, add a little sugar in it para maging manamis namis....
    Konting garlic powder and tapos na.
    Ilagay ko as toppings ang potatoes, egg and fried garlic....
    Just try and believe me, sobrang sarap niya...

  • Try niyo na adobo cut ng The GOOD MEAT shop, the best ito produkto namin. 
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