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Honda City versus Toyota Vios

tidus1203 star of the abes!
I dont know if this topic belongs here, but I cant find a more suitable place to discuss it. So Mr. Moderator, feel free to move this thread if you deem it inapporpriate here.

Guys, bili ako kotse ngayon pero limited budget so pinagpipilian ko ang dalwang ito. Ano ba mas maganda?? Advantages and Disadvantages?? Thanks!


  • [JZ] Nightmare
    [JZ] Nightmare Like No Other
    I don't know much bout vios but i think honda city 2k3 is probably worse.

    single cam (i think)
    8 spark plugs, vs 4 on other cars including vios ,multispark
    priced bout 570 - 660 (i think again, since no price was released yet)

    available in M/T and 7 speed CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) meaning u don't feel the "*****" unlike older A/T cars, smooth yung change gear.
  • tidus1203
    tidus1203 star of the abes!
    Damn, punta ako kanina sa Toyota pero wala pa rin silang Vios! Pero astig yung nakita ko sa brochures nila, digital yung speedometer.
  • jumptheshark
    jumptheshark all we like sheep
    I prefer the Honda City. Some of its plusses:

    1. CVT
    The CVT provides a smoother transmission between gears, not the other way around. There's no shock. It's an IMPROVEMENT from the older A/T -- don't you figure that since Honda came out with this just know, it's gotta be an innovation of sorts?? Plus their CVT has steermatic which means having gear shift buttons right on the steering wheel like they have in F1 cars.

    2. i-DSI Engine
    This is Honda's latest engine. It has two spark plugs per cylinder, with separate ignition control - meaning the car utilizes every last drop of fuel to save on gas.

    3. Collapsible Seats
    You can store big bulky stuff in this car!

    Plus it has that sporty, not forced to be sporty look.

    Price ranges from 550-669K. Go to Glorietta, they have a display there til Sunday.

    But I just might be biased coz I can't stand Brittney! To be fair, check out:

    just to compare. :):);)
  • gUy^
    gUy^ MagKaKaHoY
    i go for toyota vios;)
  • tidus1203
    tidus1203 star of the abes!
    They still cant release prices dhil hinihintay nila yiung announcement ng government regarding taxes. Sana mas mura pa!
  • Honda City all the way!! ganda ng interior ng City compared to the crappy Vios... and Vios looks like a Squished Altis. Atleast the City has an original look
  • ziek
    ziek Member
    I like the toyota vios better than the honda city!
    It is more stylish to and of course toyota means quality for me!
  • toyota vios on looks

    city on trasmission

    but basically go for the car thats worth the price your looking for

    and then drop all that crap

    becouse you know what really matters is getting the car you look cool in :D
  • City siempre! Honda is relaiabl over-all plus sa kanilang after sales.
    At kung ayaw mong may makasabay na Taxi o Police Car,
    mag-Honda ka na!
    Need I say more?!:D
  • tidus1203
    tidus1203 star of the abes!
    Please no biased opinions. Lets really look into the strenghts of both cars ok.

    Considering that their prices are the same or close we know this:

    Vios has a stronger engine, but the city more fuel economical.

    City has a little and I mean very little advantage over Vios in terms of compartment space.

    You just gotta love Vios speedometer. Nasa center and digital pa. The City same old thing pa rin.

    Medyo malabo na gawing taxi Toyota ngayon. Quality sales na sila ngayon against quanitity. Seen a taxi or police Altis, well ako wala pa ako nakita.

    Toyota as we know, easier and cheaper parts, but Honda da daw (hindi ako sure) mas reliable.

    Sige keem thhose info coming!
  • jumptheshark
    jumptheshark all we like sheep
    Medyo malabo na gawing taxi Toyota ngayon. Quality sales na sila ngayon against quanitity. Seen a taxi or police Altis, well ako wala pa ako nakita.

    Taxis are usually in the 1.3 liter category -- there's no 1.3 li Altis, that's why you haven't seen an Altis taxi. The Vios has a 1.3 version. So, malamang gagawing taxi din yan.

    Honda City is also 1.3 but they still have that no-taxi policy.

    City has a little and I mean very little advantage over Vios in terms of compartment space.

    You can't collapse the seats in the Vios. The City has 500 liters of trunk space, the Vios 400 liters lang. And that's when you haven't collapsed the seats yet.

    The Vios has a 1.5 li version -- DOHC engine. That's its edge over the City bec. the City is only available in 1.3. Definitely talo ang City sa 1.5 Vios in terms of engine power. But if you pit the 1.3 Vios vs. the 1.3 City, the City is still your best bet.
  • If quality is the benchmark Honda has it above Toyota in many levels. Between the VIOS or the City, the City is more ergonomic, more packed with technology, and definitely better styled.

    Baka nadadala lang kayo kay Britney. Everytime a car has to be endorsed not based on its features but by a celebrity, I tend to frown upon it.
  • tidus1203
    tidus1203 star of the abes!
    Originally posted by jumptheshark
    Taxis are usually in the 1.3 liter category -- there's no 1.3 li Altis, that's why you haven't seen an Altis taxi. The Vios has a 1.3 version. So, malamang gagawing taxi din yan.

    Not true at all. Toyota didnt want to sell taxi sedans anymore. Pero Revo tuloy pa rin! Bakit yung lumang Corolla, 1.6 din yung mga yun. Lancer also 1.6, as well as Sentra. Ayaw na nila ngayon! Kung pansinin mo nagmahal na Toyota ngayon, dati cheap lang!
  • lasallista
    lasallista tunay na lasalyano
    I've always been loyal to Honda, in fact most of our cars are Hondas but this is the first time that I'll consider another make; its rival in this category (which is Toyota's Vios).
    I've been researching and making a study about these two cars. Actually, it's confusing but I find the Vios more appealing.
    In terms of safety features I think it is the Honda City. Engine wise, I think it's Toyota's Vios.
    Aesthectics, I'd go for the Vios.
    Although, I've not got the complete specs and information, in my opinion it's Toyota. I'll further research on these two cars and when I get the complete specs and info, that's the time I'll decide what to buy. :)
  • tidus1203
    tidus1203 star of the abes!
    Remember price as well will play a significant role! That guy above me sounds familiar!
  • gUy^
    gUy^ MagKaKaHoY
    i vote for vios.. i think there's taxi company dat acquire altis as taxi nde ko pa alam kung kelan i release to.. badtrip nga eh cz may altis kami hehehe... the company is EMP taxi.. too bad.. but its true
  • May Altis na taxi akong nakita sa Pampanga!Hahahahaha!!!! :lol:
  • tidus1203
    tidus1203 star of the abes!
    taxi or no taxi, wala sa akin yon. Perfromance ang importante sa akin. Humble naman ako no! We have a Lancer right now, and even if our car is side-by-side witha taxi lancer, I feel no shame.

    So balik na tayo sa important issue at hand: PERFORMANCE AND VALUE FOR MONEY!
  • gUy^
    gUy^ MagKaKaHoY
    tama ka tidus!! ako naka altis kahit na may nakita akong pulis car na altis ayus lang.. haharurutin ko pa sya.. kse low end lang naman yung mga altis na gnagamit ng mga pulis and ng mga taxi eh hehehe..
  • (Honda and Toyota initially launched their entry level sedans in Thailand late last year... here's the comparative road test by one of their leading english newspapers)

    SEDAN SHOOTOUT: Balancing the wheels

    Published on Mar 3, 2003

    Two small sedans that are likely to be top sellers this year go head to head in competition – both on public roads and a private race track

    The Honda City and the Toyota Soluna Vios are destined to become the two most popular cars this year. These are small cars that re-define the compact segment with modern technology and stylish design.

    I drove both cars extensively – both on public roads in everyday use and at the Bira Circuit in Pattaya, which is a great place for testing the cars to their limits.

    At the conclusion I will deliver a verdict based on the criteria of engine and transmission, handling and road holding, brakes, convenience and comfort and equipment level.

    Design is not included, since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some cars that look good to you might look terrible to others. Nevertheless, the City seems to be slightly more stylish and detailed, although not as sporty-looking as the Soluna.

    The models tested are the top-of-the-line versions offered by both manufacturers – the City 1.5E automatic and the Soluna Vios 1.5E automatic.

    Engine and transmission

    Both come with modern power plants, but the Soluna Vios clearly has the advantage here with its twin-cam 16-valve VVT-i engine capable of developing 109 horsepower and 14.5kg of torque, compared to the City's mere 88 horsepower and 13.4kg of torque from its single-cam eight-valve engine.

    With its four-speed automatic transmission, the Soluna is quicker in acceleration, especially from a standstill.

    The City comes with a seven-speed CVT (continuously variable transmission) that features shift buttons on the steering wheel.

    That contributes much to lower fuel consumption, but it is quite confusing to use in manual mode because of the large number of ratios.

    The City offers better fuel economy, with a claimed 28km/litre at a constant 60kph while the Soluna's figure is 22km/litre – but then there's a significant sacrifice in engine output, perhaps just too much.

    Handling and road holding

    Again the Soluna is the clear winner here, with its superior steering response and finely-tuned chassis. The strut-torsion beam suspension, with anti-roll bars both front and rear as well as sporty 185/55R15 tyres, offers surprisingly good behaviour for a car in this class.

    Meanwhile, the City suffers from electrically-powered steering that's lifeless while the suspension, also struts in front and a torsion beam at the rear (anti-roll bar is offered only in front), lags behind in demanding situations such as high-speed cornering or sudden lane changes. The 175/65R14 tyres offer good comfort, but don't offer as much grip and are slower-reacting than the Soluna's.


    The City comes with discs in front and drums at the rear, as well as ABS, EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) and BA (brake assist), which is quite satisfactory for a car with this much power.

    However the Soluna betters that with discs all-round with ABS and EBD. Even without brake assist, the Soluna's brakes have more bite and better pedal feel.

    Convenience and comfort

    Now the limelight is on the City, which has a highly comfortable as well as versatile interior.

    The City's "Ultra Seats" are wonderful, offering several different configurations that make life easier for everyone of us, given our different shapes. The console and controls are where they should be, while the 500-litre trunk space is also exceptional.

    This leads to the Soluna's digital Vacuum Fluorescent Display, which is awkwardly located on the centre console. Toyota says the new location is safer and less stressful, but considering that we've all been used to readouts behind the steering wheel, it's a difficult habit to change.

    The left centre air vent is also located too close to the steering wheel and blows directly onto the driver's left hand.

    The City's interior is also more beautiful and elegant, with the two-tone beige front console offering a clean, luxurious look.

    Equipment level

    Both cars offer about the same level of features (although if you go down the Soluna Vios line-up the equipment level is inferior to the corresponding City model).

    Apart from the additional air bag for the front passenger in the City and the Soluna's fog lamps, other features are similar.

    They include three-point safety belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters, powered windows and mirrors, audio system with CD player (2-DIN for the Soluna), air-conditioning, multi-reflector headlights and other devices one would expect from a modern car.

    As you can see, the Honda City is clearly oriented towards comfort, convenience and fuel economy while the Soluna, which is also an economical car by any measure, is sporty and driver-oriented.

    Personally I would choose the Soluna simply due to its superior performance, but I'm sure many others will go for the City because of its stylish design as well as its practical and comfortable cabin.

    (Pictures courtesy of Grand Prix Group Co Ltd.)

    Kingsley Wijayasinha

    The Nation

    Engine and transmission
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