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I bumped into Cher Calvin the other day at the Bruno’s barbershop (Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City). I was there for my regular trimming and Cher to fetch her boyfriend (of eight months) Troy Montero who was getting an "overall" treatment (massage, etc.).

I asked Cher if it’s true that she and Troy got married in Las Vegas (why in Las Vegas of all places!?!) when they were there in December last year and Cher gave a sweet "no" as an answer and a wide, wide smile that seemed to say, "Troy and I are okay as we are – simply going steady."

What’s true, confirmed Cher, is that she has resigned from ABS-CBN effective Jan. 20, the day her four-year contract expired. She could have renewed it but Cher begged off – for a good reason. You see, she has passed auditions at Fox News (with main offices in New York) and she’ll start work first week of February, doing the news as usual and hosting a new morning show (ala Today) with Robin Leach. A good career move, you might say.

Cher spent the Christmas holidays in New York with her dad, former actor Roger Calvin. While there, she and Troy took a trip to Seattle to visit Troy’s folks before proceeding to Las Vegas to, that’s it, audition for Fox News. She passed – with flying colors! – and so Cher decided to say goodbye to her local shows (F with Angel Aquino and Daphne Oseña-Paez, and Dateline: Philippines and News Central on ANC, ABS-CBN’s sister channel).

"It was my (US) agent who clinched the Fox News deal for me," said Cher. "You know what my agent submitted to Fox News? A videotape of the News Central, the same edition that won for News Central the Best Newscast award at last year’s Golden Dove Awards (of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas). So last December, I went to Las Vegas (with Troy) for the final interview," adding with a little laugh, "we didn’t go there to get married."

Cher will miss not only her local TV work but the Philippines, that’s for sure.

"I’ve made lots of friends here," said Cher who’s transplanting herself back to the US. "I enjoyed my five years here." (She came in 1998 and worked as co-host of [email protected] for eight months before moving to ABS-CBN.)

The sad thing is that Cher, who will be based in Las Vegas, will not be seen by local cable subscribers. Her portions will be beamed only to US audiences. But do stay tuned. Who knows, she might crop up on your screen every now and then.

Meanwhile, what will happen to her romance with Troy (who’s staying behind)?

"We’ll keep in touch," said Cher, sure of herself. "It will go on."

Despite the distance, that is.


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