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ilang beses niyo na nabasa ang HPotter books?

ilang beses niyo na nabasa yung harry potter books?
answer in this format..

SS-W times
CoS-X times
PoA-Y times
GoF-Z times where W,X,Y and Z are numbers.. if u cant remember..u cant estimate..


pati na rin yung movies..ilang beses niyo na napanuod ung dalawang movies..

lets see kung cno ang magiging record holder..hehe..kung cno tlga yung harry potter 'freak' dito :)


  • *keyah**keyah* PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I read all the Harry Potter books once.

    I'm more of an LOTR freak. Read the books before and after I watched the film.

    I also collect quotable LOTR quotes.

  • zerozero PExer
    6 times HP and the sorcerer's stone
    4 times HP and the chamber of secrets
    3 times HP and the prisoner of azkaban
    2 times HP and the goblet of fire

    hehehe!!! i read kasi lahat before i read a new one. hmmm for the movies...once lang don sa dalawa...didnt really like the movies...was disappointed with the first one so i didnt expect that much for the second one.

    ako rin i like LOTR! but twice ko lang na-read (plus the hobbit) mahirap kasi basahin ng paulit ulit. super haba kasi! :D
  • i read chamber of secrets twice (i read it again before the second movie premiered). i've got paperback copies of all four books, but PoA and PS are still wrapped in plastic. :p
  • Books 1 & 2 - twice. 2nd time was before movies were released.

    will re-read Book 3 before movie 3 comes out.

    at least that's my plan right now. :)

  • the 1st book about 6 times
    the 2nd book 5 times
    the 3rd book about 10 times
    the 4th book about 8 times
  • zer0 times! :D:D:D
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