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Bing-Janno uncouple?!

tomtomtomtom t(",)t PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Sayang marriage nila kung totoo. I hope the kids are taking it well.

Janno Gibbs' Marriage Collapses

By Alex Brosas

TIS the season to separate from one's spouse, at least for some showbiz folk. The latest marriage casualty belongs to Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga.

The Gibbs marriage has long been punctuated by spats, separations and reconciliations. Many reasons were cited for all of these, all of it pointing to Janno.s rumored romantic dalliances with his leading ladies. Through it all, the marriage survived, until now.

Jealousy, financial matters, and miscommunication, also finished the marriage. We were also told that Bing has been urging her husband to move on to ABS-CBN, the network she works with. It couldn't happen. Janno's manager Malou Choa Fagar reportedly turned down the network's offer.

Well, we know Janno and Bing will weather this storm and we hope they make up, as they had done in the past.


  • pinkrosepinkrose Member PExer
    Matagal nang dapat hiniwalayan ni Bing Loyzaga si Janno Gibbs. Di ba nangaliwa si Janno Gibbs with Jackie Forster dati? Kaya nagalit si Jackie Forster kay Victoria London, dahil si Victoria London ang nagsumbong kay Bing Loyzaga. Hehe, kalat na kalat yan sa news dati :glee:

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