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Where in Virra can I buy CD-ROM Manga's?

Where in Virra can I buy CD-ROM Manga's? or if not in Virra, where in Metro Manila? I'm Looking for the "Jinchuu" Manga of Rurouni Kenshin, the whole set, on CD. Sankyu!


  • saan ba makakabili ng manga scanslations?? :D
  • LesLes PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I haven't seen any store selling manga scanslations so far. One reason is that they aren't as popular as anime, and second, there are very few series that have been completely scanslated. You'll have more luck with individuals since I've seen a couple of people advertising manga CD-ROMs one time or another (however, I didn't take down any contact numbers).

    Alternatively, you can just download the series. Manga chapters or volumes are much smaller than anime episodes so they're far easier to download. For example, the 14 volumes of Love Hina is only 483 Mb, Ranma 670 Mb and Ah! My Goddess up to Vol 25 (the latest), 1.27 Gb.
  • hey thanks for the tip.. pero slow lang ang connection ko eh! kaya di ako makadownload :( im not yet lucky to afford cable...
    but thanks anyway! :D
  • smeagolsmeagol PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    visit www.mangacity.net, it's a free service. not only does it translate jap manga, it offers downloads of them for free! the titles they do are quite limited though, tipong mga lima o anim lang ba yun. :o see for yourselves. and i think the site is recommended for manga fans.
  • sa University Mall sa Taft(vito cruz) nakabili ako dun ng I's manga scans CD-Rom. Meron din silang Ghost in the shell,Macross, DNA2,Video Girl Ai manga pero ewan ko lang kung meron pa ngayon
  • magkano yung manga CDs sold at U-mall?
  • P 80.00 dati, ewan ko ngayon
  • You could also download mangas here at this site Pinoy-Manga. You could find someone to trade manga cds in the forum at that site.
  • guys salamat!!! BIG help!! :D
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